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  1. hoping there will be standalone releases of the full lengths after the fact. I just really want Sham Mirrors
  2. Went to buy something but the prices are pretty wild with conversion to CDN dollars. Would cost me a little over $100 CDN for just the Dark Tranquillity album
  3. I'm subbed to it. I personally have liked all the albums so far and they company has been great to deal with. One thing I like is that I can just skip a month if I'm not into the album
  4. https://www.nightshiftmerch.com/collections/i-voidhanger-records I found this. They don't have them all and most are sold out but at least they have some or get them in
  5. Yup it's ridiculous. Then when you look at the breakdown it's only like 5 bucks in tax but the rest it them charging you fees for making them charge you the tax
  6. Every time I order something during the free international shipping promo I get charged enough duty that there's basically no point. Seems to be only when shipped via DHL for me
  7. I'm gonna assume as well since they seem to get almost all Osmose releases. Going to hold out to save a few bucks
  8. I quite enjoyed that single and snagged the patreon exclusive.
  9. Glad I was able to get a Chinese pressing of the Grave album and Secrets of the Black Arts
  10. I'd be down for a Jason Lives soundtrack. Definitely my favorite of the series film wise, don't really remember the score
  11. Shipping to Canada is not great, may have to wait till Mizmor comes out elsewhere. That cover art is great
  12. Dark Descent records is currently having a sale right now www.darkdescentrecords.com/store

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