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  1. Went for the splatter myself. Was impressed with the two songs posted. Grabbed the Ossuarium album along with it
  2. I had to pick the green up from the napalm record euro store. Was pretty impressed after hearing the whole album
  3. They should repress In Dreams and Wolves Within on vinyl
  4. I've ordered from them in the past no problem. Lots of distros also seem to get in their stuff
  5. Hope a north american distro gets that reissue of Immolation - Majesty and Decay. Great album
  6. https://oracularvisions.bigcartel.com/ Saw this posted elsewhere for Xasthur reissues. Though I can't seem to find much on the label but see the titles popping up on other distros
  7. I'm also excited about that Fuck the Universe reissue. I've never listened to Void though, is that one any good?
  8. https://pravakollektivna.bigcartel.com/ Pre orders went up for: ARKHTINN - 最初の災害 LP ARKHTINN - DEMO COMPILATION 3xLP HWWAUOCH - S/T LP MAHR - ANTELUX LP VOIDSPHERE - TO AWAIT | TO EXPECT LP And from Amor Fati in Europe
  9. haha came back to the thread and saw the post right after. But yeah don't think there is any lavish editions of the Sinmara album. I picked up the regular version of that Chapel of Disease album. After listening to it I had to have it with my Sinmara order
  10. May just pick this one up right from them. Don't know of many distros that got the recent represses as I want those as well
  11. There's also a mint colored vinyl at www.cmdistro.de
  12. I got the majority of the reissues now except a night at the opera. Haven't really listened to it before but might have to get it just because now
  13. I'll have to snag that Vanum once it pops up on the Canadian site