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  1. I'd be down for a Jason Lives soundtrack. Definitely my favorite of the series film wise, don't really remember the score
  2. Shipping to Canada is not great, may have to wait till Mizmor comes out elsewhere. That cover art is great
  3. Dark Descent records is currently having a sale right now www.darkdescentrecords.com/store
  4. Van Records has a color option for pre order on their site
  5. Snagged the neon green when it went up. The preview tracks are great
  6. I picked this one up and think his leads really make the songs come together
  7. Think I either want the merge with splatter or just the green for the Tomb Mold one.
  8. It is actually Season of Mist who is reissuing them but good all the same they are all available again
  9. Went for the splatter myself. Was impressed with the two songs posted. Grabbed the Ossuarium album along with it
  10. I had to pick the green up from the napalm record euro store. Was pretty impressed after hearing the whole album
  11. They should repress In Dreams and Wolves Within on vinyl
  12. I've ordered from them in the past no problem. Lots of distros also seem to get in their stuff