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  1. Does anybody here have an OP SFTD to compare the master? I’m still holding off on these until I know how they sound
  2. Anything that sounds too good to be true.... and is from a meme tier scam....
  3. I would not ever bet money that a Kickstarter product will exist within 12 months but I agree with the sentiment. "Limited to one copy" Back to CDs I go
  4. I have the Era Vulgaris 10" and it is complete garbage. I've always skipped the "Rated X" pressing of R because word has always been that it's even worse.
  5. I wonder if these are all Bernie Grundman masters like VMP? Cautiously optimistic on sound quality
  6. I very recently decided to buy fewer records to save money, so for this and Songs for the Deaf you are all welcome. Black retail version for sure. Hope it’s a good master
  7. Century Media had a smoke variant but it looks like it's gone now. I don't know about you other 12 Leprous fans in the world but this new Celine Dion single has really been growing on me throughout the day. What kind of masochist writes vocal lines like this and From the Flame?
  8. I’d like to wait for a US preorder but iirc that never happened for Malina. Oh well white it is! I love that they include CDs too
  9. So there’s a new album by this old band Tool coming out tomorrow with a $45 cd I can’t wait to laugh at the 4LP price. I wonder if it will have a 10x10 screen in the gatefold?
  10. You’ll have to set your turntable’s speed to the Fibonacci Sequence to properly play this back
  11. been thinking about this for the past year or so. Between moving all the time and the insane prices, it's hard to keep up with it all. I've also been rebuilding my CD collection for dirt cheap since I sold most of them years ago. I basically cut back to getting things that are either A. mastered well or B. super important to me. One day maybe the industry will wise up and release dynamic masters digitally ($50 box set each I'm sure) but I'm not interested in waiting for that. "Hi res" digital audio 24/96 etc is more of a scam than digital vinyl masters (except the HDTracks release of Deftone's Koi No Yokan!). At the end of the day, being a music collector is suffering. The big hipster vinyl resurgence is also cool because regular old folks are interested in music again for the first time since Guitar Hero 2 came out.
  12. Brand New fans merely adopted the Tool posting; Tool fans were born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see a positive comment until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding
  13. I have been anticipating this complaining for 13 years! The nostalgia begins! Thank you