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  1. Hopefully you can look forward to being $600 poorer! And if tours ever come back, $1000 poorer!
  2. for this amount of money I hope they didn't because I'm going to need to sell my OPs to make rent
  3. $500 and it doesn't have the Deloused version of Concertina? I haven't been this disappointed by the Mars Volta since the Mars Volta was a band.
  4. I’d be more excited over expanded reissues than a new record but either way, my body is ready. Unless this falls apart like the last 5 labels Omar has been on/started
  5. Interestingly Omar owns the vinyl rights to the full Mars Volta discography as discovered in the 2015 MOV fiasco. Hopefully the remasters will sound better than the Nadie "remaster" of Tremulant.... Although I give it 50/50 that this ever happens or gets mentioned ever again
  6. new song is low key amazing, time to do some yoga to avoid the headbanging nosebleed I got at the Magma tour 1 million years ago.
  7. My memory is not what it used to be I stand corrected. But I do know for sure there are track splits before and after Burn It Down, plus back in the day I used to rip and compare waveforms
  8. Anybody have an opinion on how this sounds? I have the 1LP and it's horrible, wondering if it's worth picking up the 2LP. The one I have has audible track splits
  9. Bandcamp’s reputation makes this and their livestreaming platform a good fit imo. Better them than some third party nonsense. As for overpriced vinyl, that ship sailed last decade. If a $45 1LP makes 250 vaporwave people happy, glory to em
  10. Bull Moose has the Metal Blade orange splatter variant, it looks like
  11. Cult of Luna are Swedish and do get arts endowments from their government, even before COVID. I think they funded Mariner or something. Forget where I heard that, maybe in Johannes’s Saint Vitus interview
  12. Or it could be the start of the quarantine albums? When two years of tours get wiped off the books, the "album cycle" might be dead

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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