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  1. https://themarsvolta.lnk.to/blacklightshine?fbclid=IwAR1Fv2ZZNL4iv-5WE6qJQEy9mJKL3QiL9Tce4GaTf4XbQ00_b7CsVGlnIQk&fs=e&s=cl
  2. https://www.theprp.com/2022/06/17/news/the-mars-volta-appear-to-be-teasing-something-in-los-angeles/ !!!!!
  3. That would explain the fleet of Newbury Comics vans in that garage, TIL. Newbury has been effectively dead since the brand pivot back in 2010 or whenever that email went around, the exclusives are the only reason I still hear about them. PS Whoever was at the board during Caspian's set was having some fun with those line arrays!
  4. Very sad. Taylor Hawkins (and John Frusciante) have always been examples I use for myself and others when talking about life after addiction. Reminds me of Ikey Owens, rest in peace. Going to be very strange seeing their “movie” now. You really never know when your time is up. Some solace in going out doing what you love I guess.
  5. Guess I'm spending a weekend in New Jersey. I wonder which would be more infuriating: when they release Untitled's box set in the same format and it's way less cool than the original, or not releasing it and ruining the uniformity of the reissues. Ten Stories is super underrated
  6. Band drama in which Sergio got dropped from the Deftones roster, Chino makes a flippant comment online about it, and Sergio does an instagram monologue of his side of the story. Flat earth surprisingly not invoked
  7. https://www.monkeytownrecords.com/releases/more-d4ta/ and there was much rejoicing!
  8. I’d sooner go to church than see that information
  9. be careful using external HDD going from PC to Mac, they use different file formats and will NOT always work without being reformatted. Although I'm sure there's some workaround by now
  10. Anybody able to comment on how self titled sounds? Tempting. I think I still have a 4LP Waking the Fallen collecting dust somewhere
  11. Chances the Forum and Demos are released digitally? Haven’t followed this band in awhile but that live show might honestly justify the price alone

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