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  1. Faucet

    PO SOON: Blank Banshee

    first pressing shipping begins july 5th second pressing along with a flash sale featuring limited quantities of overstock, test pressings and more go live july 8th at 9AM PST
  2. Faucet


    nothing here yet
  3. indie available anywhere that ships to canada? let a brotha know
  4. newbury exclusive cassette https://www.newburycomics.com/products/death_grips-year_of_the_snitch_exclusive_cassette?variant=12200004354153
  5. https://shop.kanyewest.com/products/ye-vinyl-album
  6. Faucet


    i just got my regular signed version of decaying parchment 5 minutes ago so maybe there was just a delay because of the tour. not entirely sure. they've also been reluctant to respond to me about the status of the soothsayer live DVDs and the 2 remaining vinyl packages.
  7. Faucet


    roller coaster track repair limited edition package arrived. note included says the VHS will ship "soon".
  8. Faucet

    PO Now - Gorillaz - The Now Now

    i would love a link, cheers
  9. tried 3 times. got 3 error messages. then got 6 emails from paypal. 3 payments, and 3 refunds. so i'm now waiting to get my $240 back. fuck merchbar.
  10. Faucet


    ive received both of these records. the LE editions are delayed probably due to the tour.
  11. every time i click add to cart i get Sorry, but we are sold out of this item. Want to know when we receive more? Submit your email and we’ll send you a note as soon as we get more in stock.
  12. Faucet

    PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    3rd pressing is available now, as well as another cassette pressing with an alternate cover. http://deathbombarc.bigcartel.com/product/jpegmafia-veteran-12-vinyl-edition http://deathbombarc.bigcartel.com/product/jpegmafia-veteran-cassette