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  1. Warning: APPRECIATION POST I just want to take this opportunity to thank whoever posted the Spotlights link in here a month or so ago. You deserve a gold star for it because it is wicked awesome. I've been listening to it a lot and I think it has staying power for me.It strikes the perfect balance between heavy (guitar) and gaze (vocals). It's recommendations like these that keep me coming back, because there is no way I would have found it otherwise. So, a general thanks for all those who post and continue to post new bands.
  2. This is exactly how I have felt but never knew how to articulate it. Thanks for that.
  3. One of their best I think. I'm always scared they are going to go in a direction that I can't get behind, but this is alway unfounded. The end of the record is simply incredible, those riffs!!
  4. Only a minute in, but that change from quiet to chord, so good. Sign me up! Shivers! I got shivers while listening. God I hope I'm not overly hyped about this record and the rest is just as good.
  5. Not asking me, but i think it freakin' slays. Easy buy for me.
  6. Spotlights, huh? Why is this my first time hearing about this record? Well, just pressed play because "Thicccccc dense heavy riffage for days" is right up my alley.
  7. Cranial gets an official thumbs up from me. Thanks for posting!
  8. Ain't this the truth. Geneva is 2nd to last for me. And top two are Guidance and Empros.
  9. Missed the splatter, but nabbed the colour in colour. Happy with that.
  10. They played that track in Sydney. Was pretty great live, particularly when you know it is a new song and you are on the edge of your seat not knowing what riff is coming next. Probably in for both. I mean, its RC! Am I right?