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  1. Cranial gets an official thumbs up from me. Thanks for posting!
  2. Ain't this the truth. Geneva is 2nd to last for me. And top two are Guidance and Empros.
  3. Missed the splatter, but nabbed the colour in colour. Happy with that.
  4. They played that track in Sydney. Was pretty great live, particularly when you know it is a new song and you are on the edge of your seat not knowing what riff is coming next. Probably in for both. I mean, its RC! Am I right?
  5. Pretty good turn out in Australia when they were here last, at least in Sydney.
  6. Unpopular opinion: I like the mix. To me the vocals are part of the band and not necessarily the focal point. And I think it works. Also, this album is a banger.
  7. Frack. Looks like they are out of /100 variant.
  8. I can confirm all of this. The new Russian Circles song was spectacular too, they played at least one song from each record and they tended to be the bangers. Oh boy, I really like the new We Lost the Sea stuff.
  9. I love latitudes. Still getting used to teh new digs. I've listened to it through 5 times or so now, I think It'll continue to grow on me. But i was disappointed my first time through. Crimea isn't comparable to Departure Songs. But I'd put on Crimea before Departure songs everyday and I like Departure Songs. Although when I reach for We Lost the Sea, it is 95% of the time for TQPOE or Crimea, as I started listening to We Lost the Sea before Departure songs and has probably deluded my opinion, so take it with lots of salt.
  10. Thought I was in. Then saw it was 173 euros, that's like $275 Aussie bucks. Can't justify that at all.
  11. Now I want to listen because you like it so much. But that description just doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Will give it a spin this weekend.