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  1. Looking to by this title if anyone has a copy. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a copy of: Rescue & Restore - August Burns Red Matriarch - Veil of Maya If anyone is willing to sell a copy, that would be great. Thanks.
  3. Looking for: Of Mice & Men - The Flood Veil of Maya - Matriarch Circa Survive - B-Sides Any variant! Thanks!
  4. Having to sell some records bc i’m short on cash: Hail the Sun - Wake (Picture Disc) 1/1000 We Came As Romans - Understand What We’ve Grown to Be (Red) 1/300 Darkest Hour - Darkest Hour (Blue) 1/250 Shoot me offers if interested in any of them.
  5. Looking for buy any variant of these three records: Of mice & men - The Flood Circa Survive - On Letting Go Hail the Sun - Wake
  6. Looking to sell these LPs: Silverstein - I am In Everything I Touch (Orange) crown the Empire - Retrograde (Blue) Bring me the horizon - Drown (Picture Disc) Matty Mullins - Matty Mullins (Starburt) 1/500 We Came As Romans - We Came As Romans (White/Gray Splatter) 1st Pressing Memphis May Fire - Unconditional (Brown) All have been stored away and have not been played. For more info, PM me. - Chris
  7. Any pressing of this album will do.
  8. Looking for awhile to buy: Suicide Season There is a Hell... Any pressing is fine, just wanting to own a copy of each album on vinyl.
  9. Looking for a copy of There is Hell... by bring me the horizon, any pressing. Willing to trade an original pressing of Count Your Blessings for it.
  10. If anyone has the original white pressing PM me. NOT THE REMIX
  11. If anyone has a copy of Council of the Dead by Famous Last Words on blue vinyl or knows where to get one please PM me! Thanks!