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  1. they might tour a lot but they hardly tour the west coast.
  2. i bet it will probably just come in a sleeve. because wouldn't they show the picture of what it would be coming in?
  3. lucky canadians. i really want some cancer bats on wax.
  4. wow. shipping is fucking ridiculous. pfr charges way too much for shipping. i don't even want the free shirt.
  5. same here. its making me select a stupid free shirt that i dont want.
  6. nice. thank you. my friend wants a copy of the blue and yellow but doesn't believe me that those aren't available anymore.
  7. does anyone know where we could get the other color that isnt blue/yellow or the vc color?
  8. if anyone goes to one of their shows, would you mind picking me up a copy?
  9. hopefully no one tries to steal this 7" or else his internet buddies might try to kick some ass.
  10. i didn't even know there were that many presses. i had only thought 3 were pressed.
  11. i picked up another. good gift for my sister.
  12. i thought i saw yellow and white on trustkill for 2nd press.