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  1. I have a Promo Toxicity copy that sounds even better than the original copy I have of it. Would be willing to sell either for the right price.
  2. mfreakloser

    WTB - Spitalfield - Remember Right Now

    You looking for any other Spitalfield albums?
  3. mfreakloser

    WTB: Kanye Graduation Vinyl

    How much you looking to snag it for?
  4. Sold: alkaline trio- self titled alkaline trio- goddamnit passion pit- gossamer the Hotelier- it never goes out Brand New- daisy godspeed- f#
  5. mfreakloser

    WTB: Brand New tour Prints

    I have: Jesse/k Devine signed solo tour poster https://imgur.com/bNai9Ev 2007 spring tour glob shape dude poster 2007 halloween print 2017 Fall tour Philly poster https://www.suburbanavengerart.com/#/sowing-season/ https://www.suburbanavengerart.com/#/137-variant/