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  1. No surprise, but these have been delayed until July.
  2. Hell I open my records as soon as I get home from work. Gotta make sure they’re not fucked up ya know
  3. Posting this here because I can't seem to find the other RAGC thread because the search function fucking blows. Anyhow it looks like the trilogy is getting individual pressings: Out July 8th https://towerrecords.com/products/great-captain-right-away-church-of-the-good-thief-green-red-marble?variant=39652687249479 https://towerrecords.com/products/great-captain-right-away-bitter-end-bone-green-marble?variant=39652687183943 https://towerrecords.com/products/great-captain-right-away-eventually-home-aqua-white-marble?variant=39652687216711
  4. Yeah my order of Iowa also just shipped. Vol. 3 order is still open but I see where they've stopped taking orders and are only selling in store.
  5. Yeah I got the Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness box set on Amazon for $50 just 4 years ago. Now I’m laying around that price for a standard, no frills 2xLP
  6. Wish they would use the alternate artwork, but yeah I need a copy of it as well.
  7. I missed another pressing of the demos release by a few hours today. Godamnit. Seems like the only way to be notified is if you have Facebook? Lame.
  8. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35409732/smile-a-light-for-attracting-attention-yellow-vinyl
  9. I just remembered I signed up for the newsletter and received a 10% off discount but completely forgot to use it.
  10. Checked like a minute after noon and the /1000 variant was gone. I don’t really like either variant so I didn’t care which one I got. Guess I barely managed to get the /2000 as it was.

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