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  1. I would have even been fine without a sticker and just the artwork without the band and title.
  2. It's not a deluxe edition. Just a clear pressing with reflective artwork. But yeah it does seem like quite a bit had to have been pressed considering it's still available.
  3. Ordered from Amazon. isn’t the MOV pressing of The Glass Passenger still readily available?
  4. So are you saying you just have to place the LPs in the slots? Just trying to figure out what you meant when you say they were shoved in the closed book. @lostcrimes can you share that Instagram link with the pictures? Don’t have an account and can’t seem to find it using google.
  5. Song lengths were released on some website and that is the full version of Ohms.
  6. Yeah I’m going back and the images/listings do look different. Bull Moose didn’t have any product details available so wasn’t sure initially.
  7. Do we know the standard black and indie gold don’t also have the same rainbow artwork?
  8. Went with the indie gold from Bull Moose. Can’t wait.
  9. They pulled it. Release date was 9/25. Indie color was something like peach / cream swirl.
  10. There’s also a box set available on Amazon and Bull Moose. Comes with a remix LP, a tape, and the LP is a picture disc. I ended up just ordering the standard black from BM.