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  1. Gives me a Futures vibe. But yeah I dig it.
  2. Bull moose has an indie exclusive variant available. It’s orange. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34621578/dashboard-confessional-the-places-you-have-come-to-fear-the-most-orange-vinyl-indie-exclusive
  3. Did the same. Was too easy and don’t have to worry or think about pressing numbers this way either.
  4. If I didn’t already own DTGL and LITSOS, I’d be all over this. I just can’t listen to TOCS anymore. With that being said, I’m gonna have to pass.
  5. Glad they included both b-sides. Got the /300.
  6. Need this on vinyl so bad. Excited it’s getting pressed.
  7. Have the black / silver on the way now. Hope it doesn’t look like shit.
  8. Yeah the fold out packaging is different for sure.
  9. Ad did I. I was worried they wouldn’t cancel it when I read on their site all sales for vinyl were final, but yeah that was a no brainer.