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  1. It took me 30 minutes to remember my password, but I had to show solidarity in refusing to forget 12/18.
  2. Band was good on record, but I saw them twice and they were one of the worst live bands.
  3. I own a huge chunk of the No Idea discography but did this because there was no reason not to. If I get things I already own I'll just give them away as gifts. And I also traded Var a life-sized Yoda once. I love seeing the ol' guy pop up on their Twitter/Facebook occasionally.
  4. If I end up going I'll try to snag them for someone on here. Will keep y'all posted.
  5. Slim chance I may go to the TITR show if I am feeling up to dropping $43. If I do, maybe I could help. What all does the set entail?
  6. If for some reason one you guys ended up with an extra please let me know. I missed this and would love to have it. I'm getting a "Shit Twins"-inspired tattoo in a couple weeks, so it would mean a lot.
  7. Jumping in because a friend of mine bought the $50 copy and Flannel Gurl refunded them $30 almost immediately. They said they put it up as $50 as a joke and someone jumped on it too quickly before they could lower it back to $20. So no one actually paid $50 for this.
  8. Since this topic is pertinent to my interests I might as well weigh in. The show last night was great. They focused pretty heavily on Up In Them Guts, and only played a a few songs from the earlier records ("End Me In Richmond," "Copper and Stars"). They finished the set, left the stage, the house lights came up and music started blaring through the PA but no one left. The band was starting break down but people just kept clapping so they decided to play a couple more. The cries of "We Ride to Fight" and they ended up finishing with "Spring Divorce." You would have thought these guys never s
  9. Against my better judgment, I ordered this EP (the cheapest shipping option was over $11). Thankfully these songs are really good. I just wish the download was higher quality.
  10. If anyone wants to unload their Bridge and Tunnel 7" please hit me up. I adore that band.
  11. Awesome! I actually wrote a piece for this music journalism website about how badly I'd want to see this record get pressed. So stoked it's happening!

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