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  1. Did anyone actually receive their refund? Just wondering cause there's a bit of me that still hopes there's some truth in this email, as I'd still love to own Colour Trip....
  2. Man, I feel this. Unfortunately, I ordered this when I had a different bank and debit card, so I'm not sure it's worth the effort just trying to get 30 dollars back. I'd contact the label and ask if they can just refund me directly if they aren't shipping within the next few weeks, but we've all been shown they aren't very good at communication. Just gonna take this loss, count it as a lesson learned and who knows, maybe some day it'll actually arrive in the mail and that'll be a pleasant surprise. Damn newbie labels.
  3. Anyone had any luck? Tried messaging them again, still nothing :|
  4. got my response from the label on FB: "Hi Eric! Just saw your comment and went to message you. Not sure how your PMs slipped under our radar but I do apologize for that. Anyway long story short, we had to have the RD records remastered for vinyl to sound their best and this regrettably ended up delaying the releases a bit. We hope/expect to be shipping them in late summer. I'm also working up some time of nice freebie to include in every order as a thank you to everyone for sticking it out. Sorry again for the overdue response and a hearty thank you for supporting the label. We are hard at work securing many more nice releases! -David" looks like we're in good hands, bless
  5. yeah I had tweeted at them and messaged their FB page kindly asking for any updates.. no response on either :/ :/
  6. Ride has the text on the cover, bought new and played only 2-3x. $32 shipped OBO. Hatebreed is just a plain black victory press, bought new and spun once $13 shipped. Message me if interested in either!Open to trades as well.
  7. Looking to unload the majority of my collection, starting with these. Check my deadformat list too! Everything is for sale. 7" The Devil Wears Prada - South of the City (Clear, /3000) - $13 Pity Sex - Euclid (Olive/White Split w/ Gold Splatter, /1000) - $11 12" Basement - Colourmeinkindness (Hot Pink Swirl w/ Electric Blue Splatter, /1200) - SOLD Fall Out Boy - Take This to Your Grave (Random Mix, /950) - $100 Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree (Translucent Light Blue 2xLP, /2000) - SOLD Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High (Picture Disc) - $55 Seahaven - Winter Forever (Purple w/ Bone Haze, /200) $20 Prices PPD. Ships in an LP mailer, usually next day. Message me if interested!
  8. Acoustic is on clear vinyl, $14 shipped OBO first class. Vinyl is NM-, cover is VG+ The Things We Think We're Missing is on an opaque red/blue split, $22 shipped OBO media mail. Vinyl and cover are both NM- Willing to bundle both for $31 shipped media mail. Message me any questions or if you need any more info. PayPal only, will ship international if shipping cost is covered (I'm US based). Will ship in LP/7" mailers packed well with records placed outside of the jacket. Can usually ship next day, tracking is always provided
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261895667311 - Diamond Youth - Orange Record Release Cover /50 - $60 http://www.ebay.com/itm/261895673430 - Daylight - Sinking 10" Grey/White /133 - $50
  10. Got the white Unimagine. They have a couple other diff variants of recent releases, Plagues/Dear Love on red and a purpleish SWS ep amongst others.
  11. I already have the pink copy but that LBGT splatter sounds interesting. Might have to grab it whenever they go up