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  1. Just got a shipping notification for Heartbreaker from Amazon UK.
  2. I was recently listening to some of her older stuff and thought I'd look at how much they cost on vinyl. Surprisingly found out that Daydream (her best album, I think) goes for A LOT. Like +USD100 levels.
  3. Thanks for both of your great answers (and everybody else too!). And yes, I agree with everybody, 180g records merely prevent warping and only ever make a negligible contribution to improving sound quality. I'm pretty undecided between a near mind UK original pressing and reissue remastered with the original analog tapes. Am I right in assuming, these would pretty much be on the same level, sound quality-wise?
  4. Yeah, I was a little deterred from Steve Hoffman because of my relative inexperience but I'll look on there for a specific thread for the releases I want to buy. I've got great sounding OG UK presses of Blue and Court & Spark (lucked out on finding these for cheap!) and more worn Hejira but was wondering which would sound better for Hissing of Summer Lawns. Plus a new Hejira wouldn't hurt.
  5. Hi all, I've been meaning to complete my Joni Mitchell collection for some time now and I was wondering, for older records, which sounded better: the original pressing or a 180g remastered reissue? I've read around that original UK pressings sound great which from my experience really depends on the condition. I've got OG presses that sound stellar when they're NM but my OG's that are scratched, naturally, sound crappier. Plus being UK-based, it's pretty easy to get my hands on an OG UK pressing. Would the remastered 180g sound better? Perhaps if it was mastered from the original analogue tapes? I know the weight has little to do with it - only adding to the durability. Just wanted to round up some VC opinions on this. Cheers!
  6. Just got home and RSD London was pretty good actually - great atmosphere and more fun than last year's. Got to my store 2 hours before opening, and though it was freezing outside and I was 80th in line, got everything I wanted - including Chvrches, Slowdive and other stuff for some US VC'ers. You really can't fault Sister Ray - such a solid record store. Visit them if you're ever in London! (and no this isn't a sponsored post)
  7. Everybody's going crazy about that Brand New. This is the only Deja Anything I dig right now. Man, I dig this so hard. Giorgio Moroder's new song with Sia: Deja Vu - http://www.stereogum.com/1795069/giorgio-moroder-deja-vu-feat-sia/mp3s/ I've probably posted on this thread only twice but I didn't know where to make a Deja What? post without being hounded by Brand New stans. What a tune.
  8. Hi everybody, Still relatively new on here, and this is my first post on the Want/Sell/Trade board. I'm looking to track down a copy of this soundtrack on pink vinyl. Wouldn't mind paying a bit more than cost value for this. And of course, as I'm UK-based, I'm more than happy to pay a reasonable price for overseas shipping - though I know it can be costly. Would be fantastic if someone UK-based too was looking to sell their copy. Cheers everybody!
  9. Just started listening to this today and it's pretty neat. Keep it up guys!
  10. New song up, sounds preeeetty sweet: https://soundcloud.com/active-child/never-far-away
  11. For all my sleeve/mailer needs, I've always bought from either Covers33 or www.soundswholesaleltd.co.uk Both are really great and do free delivery. I much prefer Sounds Wholesale. They've got excellent customer service and delivery is always next day and signed for. Plus it's a bit cheaper too . (And they do 450g polyvinyl sleeves - thickest Covers33 do are 400g,) As for your gatefold sleeves that open up, Cover33 has a few. £15 for 10 or £24 for 20. From the photos, they look like they've got slits on both ends for easy access. However, they're a bit pricey and made of PVC though.
  12. Yep, it can be pretty chill on quieter days. I used to go quite often but I haven't been since late 2014.
  13. Sister Ray in Soho is a brilliant place to start: centrally-located, friendly staff and a neat selection. They also opened up a new vinyl-only store in Shoreditch (which I've yet to go to - though I'm sure it's just as great). They're separately managed (because of different investors) but both look good. Rough Trade is also another big name: one in Brick Lane (very large space, tons of stuff with coffee books, merchandise and other music ephemera) and another smaller one in Notting Hill just off Portobello Road. There's also Flashback with their main branch in Islington and another one in Shoreditch. Lovely staff and some great stuff in there. Not been to their third store in Crouch End though. Then of course there are the larger chain stores: HMV near Bond Street, Fopp by Shaftesbury Ave. There's also the regular record market at Old Spitalfields: every first & third Friday and second Saturday of the month. It's usually second-hand records but some great finds for good low prices. This Saturday they're running the Independent Label Market (usually twice a year) which is brilliant. A lot of great releases (some exclusives) sold really cheaply. Plus you get to meet with the guys who run the labels like 4AD and Domino, wonderful atmosphere.