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  1. I gave this a listen today and it was great, I'll most likely pick this up if/when I can find it locally.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I ended up ordering on amazon.ca for $20 Canadian.
  3. I'm still waiting on the live recording from the final Bomb the Music Industry show to come out. I listened to this on bandcamp today though and it was great! Even some of the songs from Post (an album that didn't really resonate with me when it came out) were killer. I'm going to have to go back and give that album a few more listens.
  4. I actually loved the second story from episode two. I thought it was super fun and really funny. I hope the trend continues with the first story being more of a classic/creature feature type story and the second being more high concept.
  5. I recently made peace with the fact that I assumed this would never be pressed. This is incredible news! Also I'm curious about the Devo live album, hopefully it's not just a straight re-press of the 6 song Live EP from 1980. Hopefully it's either an expanded version (22 tracks), or the 1996 reunion recording, or something else entirely. **edit** it looks like it's a repress of the promo version of the 1980 recording that was given out to radio stations. 15 songs from. That's exciting. https://www.discogs.com/Devo-Live/release/2738616
  6. They finally put it up on amazon.ca and it's only $154 Canadian so that's not bad either. I'll get this for myself and give my dad the other blu-ray sets I have for Christmas.
  7. I'm a sucker, I'm going to buy it anyway just for those extra special features and the 4k UHD Disc.
  8. Here it is, a complete Twin Peaks set. https://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/twin-peaks-from-z-to-a-collection/
  9. I really don't like Freedom (I don't hate it nearly as much as everyone else does), I haven't listened to it in at least 2 or 3 years. But I will say I saw them the year it came out and thought the songs were quite a bit better live. Then I saw them a year after and thought the 4 songs they played from it were way better live than even the year before. The production on Freedom is what really sucks, and the performances are week and feel rushed and unpracticed. **Edit, also the song writing does feel rushed with just similar riffs and beats from TSOPTC)
  10. I saw them on Friday and they were very good. I flew from Toronto to Boston to see them. They kind of front loaded their set with their more mid tempo less complex songs but then about halfway through they played a lot more of their faster songs and it felt like to giant release. I'm driving down to DC to see them again in a couple of weeks.
  11. I've got a few recommendations for current Canadian Math Rock bands that sound mostly influenced by late 90's early 2000's math rock and not "Math Core" stuff. Baby Labour - from Guelph, Ontario. This album came out last year and is all instrumental. It's my favorite album of last year. I think fans of Piglet and bands like that would like this. It's two guitars and drums, the two guitarists use a lot of effects and when one of them is playing lead the other usually complements it with an octave pedal to play bass type parts. https://babylabour.bandcamp.com/album/full-legal-stop Luge - This is another excellent album from last year. Mathy with a killer rhythm section. This one has some pretty weird moments, very dancy at times and mathy a as well. Great vocals on this as well. https://hugeluge.bandcamp.com/album/tall-is-just-a-feeling Blessed - This is one of my favorite albums of this year. They are from Abbotsford (Vancouver) BC. I'm not sure how to compare this band but this album has some pretty interesting and sneakily technical passages. Sometimes the vocals remind me of Devo. They tour their asses off and are currently touring all over Canada and the US. https://blessedband.bandcamp.com/album/salt