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  1. Ah damn, I didn't know that. I had kind of assumed since it wasn't announced that long before coming out that his score wasn't going to be in the final film that it was completed. I cynically figured it was a way that they could re-release the film later down the line. Since the original film has so many different versions I thought this would be a way they could have an alternate version.
  2. I watched this last week myself and I actually had a great time with it! Once the reveal happens it looses a bit of steam but the first hour or so I thought it was super fun.
  3. I only went the second night (drove from Toronto) and while it was a great setlist there were more songs the first night I wanted to hear. I'm really bummed I missed The Perfect Drug.
  4. Well it's been an expensive week and I'm glad I don't have to put down more money on Carpenter vinyl right now.
  5. I really hope this is either the Body Bags or In the Mouth of Madness score. Or any other score that hasn't been pressed on vinyl but those are my top two.
  6. The Brown Album is the best Primus album*. I don't think they could improve on the MOV pressing but I'll probably buy it and find out. *I know I'm the only one who thinks it's their best album.
  7. Shit, I missed the limited edition. Either way I'm really excited for this release. The single sounds awesome and I really like the two Thought Gang songs on the Twin Peaks soundtracks.
  8. Whoops missed this. It was $29.99 plus $18 shipping to Canada. Media Mail in the states was $7.50
  9. I got an email from the John Carpenter webstore just before going into a meeting. I bought it right away but didn't have time to post on here. I'm glad the site says that orders that went through will be honored. Hopefully everyone here that wants one gets one.
  10. My wife and I started this on recommendation from the Shock Waves podcast but we couldn't get past the first episode because of how painfully Canadian it is. Although I've heard season two (each season is a self contained story) is much better.
  11. I don't have much to add other than if you frame it make sure you spring for glass that has UV protection so that the colors don't fade.
  12. My wife and I went to see The Endless on the weekend and it was excellent! It's Sci-Fi-ish horror. It kind of has similar themes to Annihilation. It also has some ties to the filmmakers previous film Resolution which I really loved as well.