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  1.  Here there...is there anyway that you could grab me a copy of the DJ Shadow / De La Soul  7 inch?  I could paypal you for the cost, postage and time.




    Mike Cameron

    1. pmlevine


      sure, I will swing by when they open

  2. I live like 3 min from here if anyone needs help (if not one per person), will definitely be scooping this up.
  3. I saw somewhere it was /500, but can't remember where
  4. The MGS record at 79.99 or best offer isn't terrible if you really really want the exclusive variant. The record is $35 plus tax, and if you have a VB a tip is usually appreciated, which puts you closer to $50-$60 depending on how much you tip. You also have the couple extra bucks for shipping. Factor in how much tickets to SDCC cost and how much of a pain in the ass the Mondo line is...IMO, not a bad deal if you really really want this version. I'd say just wait it out for the standard version from Mondo later this summer.
  5. I tend to sell what I can on here for below discogs prices median , but not super low. Have a few good buds who I definitely hook up when I can. If stuff doesn't sell here I throw it on the bay for a bit cheaper than what the highest current price is and drop weekly if it doesn't sell.
  6. I sold mine for $90 on April 27th. Didn't take long, but I have seen some linger. Glad I cashed in. Definitely agree.
  7. Dan posted on IG, should be landing in New Jersey in 2-3 weeks. I would expect orders to be shipped in about 4 weeks from now.
  8. bump, the rest of the stuff I am willing to let go for pretty cheap... make some offers
  9. This has happened a lot recently. I had about 4-5 packages from them do this recently.