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  1. That's how I feel about most WWE shows these days. I stopped watching RAW completely and watch half of the PPVs at most. SD! has gotten good again but I still tend to skip a lot of stuff. NXT and 205 are the only consistent products they got. I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with changing my viewing habits. I'm basically Team NJPW now, so that's where my primary focus lies. I'm a big fan of Lucha Underground too and with the G1 coming up, the summer is more than stacked even without WWE's main shows.
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  3. It's a lot but it's totally worth it. BOSJ reached G1 levels of high quality match-ups this year. There's some gems like Ishimori-Ospreay, Flip-Ospreay, Flip-ACH, KUSHIDA-Scurll and all of Hiromu's matches. Also, SHO and YOH had great showings (their solo future is bright) and even Tiger Mask hasn't looked this good in a while. Absolutely watch the finals btw. It's legit one of the greatest matches I've ever seen, up there with Okada-Omega I (and maybe even II) and I'm not exaggerating. It's my personal MOTY (well, until this Saturday, that is). Bummed that I'm not gonna be able to watch Dominion live but I'm hyped nonetheless. That card is unbelievable.
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    The Walking Dead

    Same. It's gotten inexcusably bad and when they got rid of Coral (especially under those rumoured circumstances), I knew it was just a matter of time until the show would die as well. Rick is the heart and soul of The Walking Dead and killing him off is like having Breaking Bad without Heisenberg or House of Cards without Frank Underwood. I used to be a big fan but I don't think I'll even bother with future seasons.
  5. I often watch both shows at the same time and switch from one show to another whenever one feels more important. NJPW's first half is usually just a bunch of multi tag matches (which are usually decent, always fun (and sometimes pretty good) but they're not necessarily must-see, especially when you're out of time) and the majority of WWE's product has little to no meaning or consequences (the past week had 10 hours of WWE content and you can count the must-see matches on one hand - well, excluding NXT since the whole episode was great and usually is)
  6. Definitely watch all the title matches and the Bullet Club singles matches (think some were on the Road To shows but most of those happened at Hinokuni and Dontaku). Especially the IWGP Jr. and IWGP Hv. matches were incredible and the Dominion card is so promising, it could become the greatest fucking wrestling event of all time. On a sidenote, the Best of the Super Juniors tourney starts next weekend and the line-up is stacked.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Infinity War wasn't perfect but it's the best MCU movie by far imo.
  8. Have yet to see the main event but that was such a mixed bag, I don't even know. I can't wait for HHH/Stephanie to take over. This is getting more and more ridiculous.
  9. Mania weekend is so stacked, it's not even funny. For example, iMPACT vs. Lucha Underground happened last night and I only found out about it just now because it was overshadowed by the hype surrounding the Hall of Fame, AJPW and a shitload of other indie shows (it was pretty good btw; sure have missed the LU talent and iMPACT's roster is great too). And tonight, there's Takeover. I think I have to subscribe to the network again.
  10. I'd usually agree but this year's Road To shows all have title matches (Jr. Tag, US, NEVER) as well as Hinokuni (IC). No need to check out the entire shows but each Road To has one major match that's worth checking out.
  11. They don't have a weekly show but they do have a big event every month, with a couple of Road To shows (which can be compared to RAWs/SD!s that build to PPVs). They also have tourneys for the respective divisions as well as for #1 contendership. AXS' weekly show is only shown in the US (I think) and is months behind. I highly suggest subscribing to Real Neat Pro and Showbuckle if you're new to NJPW and want to know more. This video explains the schedule very well.
  12. Just by being more excited, they elevate the entire product. They make you feel like you're watching something important, something you should absolutely not miss. It's like watching sports. They actually and genuinely go apeshit when something crazy happens. For example, they fucking lost it during the Hangman/Switchblade finish, screaming for a solid five seconds when the counter happened. It made the match even better. Not knowing what's going on because of the language barrier is a valid point. I only understand about 20% myself but them hyping up the action is enough reason for me to never switch back to English commentary. That being said, Kelly/Callis are actually quite good from what I've heard, so they're not a bad option at all.
  13. Don't bother, the English commentary was terrible. J.R. barely knows the roster and clearly doesn't care about the product. Barnett is really bad as well. They both sound like buzzkills and drag the enjoyment and quality of the entire show down (although the show was still pretty damn good). They did the same in the G1 Special last summer. I switched pretty quickly to the Japanese commentary and they were infinitely better (as usual). Anyway, that tag main event was something else. I'm surprised they all came out of that alive.
  14. Yeah, I never expected WWE to actually clear him. I was eagerly awaiting his exit later this year, so he could return to the indies but I happily embrace this unexpected development as well. Bryan not wrestling a full-time schedule and having long-awaited rematches and dream matches with the likes of Joe, Owens, Zayn, Strong, Black, Almas, Ohno, Gargano, Styles and Nakamura really is the best case scenario. Actually seeing BROKEN Matt Hardy and the Ultimate Deletion uncensored and in all its glory on RAW was surreal. It's kind of a miracle. The rest of the product may be shit but I gotta give them props for letting the talent do their thing there and handling Bryan's return as well as they did. As far as NJPW goes, I think ZSJ has become my new favorite wrestler (Top 5, at least). I still can't believe NJPW booked him like an absolute machine by having him brutalize top stars like Naito, Ibushi, SANADA and Tana in order to face Okada. I couldn't be happier he and Ibushi didn't sign with WWE. However, it's a shame that Rey won't be able to make it to Strong Style Evolved but at least the Golden Lovers-Bucks match is going to be amazing.
  15. Yeah, NJPW's schedule is pretty much an all-or-nothing kind of thing. I don't think it's necessary to watch the entire show during tourneys like the NJC or the G1 though, especially if there's an event every day. That being said, the NJC matches have all been damn good so far. I never thought Heavyweight Taichi would be this impressive. I've pretty much removed WWE from my viewing schedule. Didn't even bother with Elimination Chamber and will only watch Fastlane's main event if people say it's good. I'm probably gonna give WM the same treatment. I'm only interested in the BROKEN Hardy stuff and Styles-Nakamura (as well as NXT and 205). It's a massive relief and NJPW and Lucha Underground are the perfect replacements.