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  1. Robyn now has the RSD edition of Body Talk up on her site, but its damn expensive as usual https://store.robyn.com/products/body-talk-limited-edition-white-lp-record-store-day-2019
  2. grabbed the limited for the hell of it, I'll give the album a proper listen to it tomorrow, but all I can think of while clicking through is this tweet (the second half): especially Running Out of Time and A Boy is a Gun
  3. i just talked to the guys in the band and they said that the Max Payne 3 soundtrack is coming out on vinyl later this year, they’re just waiting on Rockstar to get things finalized.
  4. I mean, if you were born in BC everything east of Nelson or Cranbrook is the east coast
  5. I'm not a massive Thrush Hermit fan, but The Day We Hit the Coast is total classic 90s Canadiana, one of my favourites. I'd def pick up the LP just for that track.
  6. When did these guys go stoner rock? I stopped listening to the around Crisis, I was just sick of Dallas taking over most of the vocals. This track sounds like Red Fang or something.
  7. I've only listened to the album once completely so far. I dug the singles, and I like the album as a whole, but it's pretty same-y throughout. I think I still like Death Magic more. As for where to start with Health? The singles. That includes the recent collabs, Euphoria off of Disco3 (which may be my favourite track), and some of their remixes (like stuff for Crystal Castles). There are a lot and they're all over the place, plus they generally have great videos. Then I'd say work backwards on actual albums, from this one to the first album, and then do Disco 3/3+/2/1. **oh yeah, I got the download code for the album last night (glad that they're finally including FLAC), and the shipping notification for the red version came today.
  8. Picked up my DIY W&S today. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but Jonah wrote everything on the sleeve upside-down (if you go with the usual opening on the right). I know that's nothing but it's going to bug me a little every time I see it.
  9. I bought one of the DIY WS records last night and this morning it was changed to a bundle with the USB drive, guess they're almost sold out.
  10. they lost me after There is a Hell... but I'm interested to see what they did with Grimes on this album
  11. and vinyl is up on https://thehyv.shop/collections/health !
  12. Same. Unless they renamed the tracks, none of the collabs are on the track listing given. I have a feeling if they do release it it’ll prob just be digital only (I still want them to put out pt2 of DISCO3 on vinyl and FLAC). I bet if someone calls their number to ask they’ll probably say if they’re going to release those tracks.
  13. Announcement and new track/promo went up just over an hour ago, along with a tour announcement. http://www.youwillloveeachother.com The album (which is NOT the collab tracks they've been posting the last few months, which really needs it's own release) is on red vinyl or black vinyl, on cassette, and bundles with a shirt. Releases Feb 8th 2019. https://thehyv.shop/collections/health As usual, call the number to talk to the band.
  14. Saw the show last night, it was pretty great (although I wish Julien would step up the the mic. it's great hearing her belt out loud from a few feet from the mic, but the girl is a mouse and gets lost in the mix for the quiet parts). They had vinyl available when I came in but everything was $30 (CAD), even the EP. I couldn't pull the trigger on that.
  15. I totally slept on RSD this year and had no idea that Gravediggaz had a repress. Despite it being a pic disc I had to get it, placed an order with your store.
  16. Anyone check out Deadwax? Seems tailor made for me, i’m gonna go home and download it if i can find it: Directed by Graham Reznick, the sound designer for horror features like Stake Land, The House Of The Devil, and The Sacrament whose credits also include co-writing the video game Until Dawn and the Dave Bautista action-thriller Bushwick, Deadwax follows Etta (Hannah Gross from Mindhunter), a young woman with a talent for procuring rare records for rich collectors. The story takes a turn for the gruesome when Etta gets her hands on a legendary “key” record from master sound engineer Lyle M. Lytton, one of only three in existence, identified by the “strange, ominous” marks in its dead wax. After police discover that one of these records is linked to the death of another record collector, Etta sets out to unravel the mystery. It also has Ted Rami in some episodes so it should be fun. https://www.stereogum.com/2014973/killer-vinyl-record-horrow-series-deadwax/video/
  17. https://www.discogs.com/user/SNEAKORDS/collection About ~450 records (that's including 10" and 7"). I found it a pain in the ass to have two different logins for vinyl vs CD so it's all in one collection now.
  18. anyone else listen to the album yet? I'm a bit disappointed. No real hooks, the production is a bit boring, those last couple tracks they finished off for him are pretty lame, and an entire album about doing drugs and dying is a little too on-brand right now. PT.1 was way better, but too short.
  19. listened to the full album on the way into work this morning. it’s... ok. it’s def her slowburn “dim the lights and make out” album, there are no anthems, nothing to sing at the top of your lungs while dancing. it’s pretty stripped back as i mentioned above about the singles, lots of disco and mid 90s style production. maybe it’ll take multiple plays to really grow on me, or maybe it’s a specific mood album, but it’s nowhere near Body Talk quality (excluding You Should Know Better).
  20. I have ST on baby blue but i need them to repress Canada Songs and Hell songs, i only have those in CD. I’m trying to get through the new album while i’m at work. It’s great, but it’s pretty fucking intense. Maybe too intense to listen to while i’m perpetually angry. While i wish it was a little more erratic and uptempo, it’s really good.
  21. that’s awesome. i’m a massive fan, but i’ve only been able to see him one time (he doesn’t come to vancouver often and i wasn’t legal age in the 90s when he did). truely one of the most slept on canadian artists.
  22. 20 years after it's first release, and probably 4 years since Spookey did crowdfunding to get it pressed, Modes of Transportation vol. 1 is finally getting released on vinyl in its 20th anniversary edition form. Available for the first time ever on vinyl. Rare vinyl pressing of this terrific first Spookey Ruben album. Campaign funded and previously only available as part of the *Mega Modes Mania* on Indiegogo, we managed to get some copies exclusively from the label and are very excited about it. The LP features all regular album tracks plus three bonus tracks. His hit "These Days Are Old" became the theme song of the German Television show "Zimmer Frei" and a show in Japan. "Running Away", "Wendy McDonald" and "It's Not What You Do It's You" are indie classics. Don't miss out on this rare vinyl gem and check Modes III, the newest album by Spookey, also for the first time on vinyl and very limited.. https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/spookey-ruben-modes-of-transportation-volume-1-20th-anniversary-edition-614235?p=p8SKtn Also Modes III is available for preorder as well. Rare vinyl pressing of the newest Spookey Ruben album. Featuring Geneva Jacuzi and Esthero, mastered by Daddy Kev. Includes the should-be hits "Mr. Everywhere" and "Headlock" as well as "When Your Heart Says Yes (Don't Ever Let It Go) featuring Geneva Jacuzi. Don't miss out on this. https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/spookey-ruben-modes-iii-614237?p=p8SKtn So far only available on hhv.de. Shipping is pretty brutal but this may be the only time it is available, I've been waiting for 20 years so I went for it. Release date is tomorrow supposedly, no other info on pressing amounts or anything else that I could see. if it goes up on his bandcamp I'll update with links.
  23. same. shipping is kinda brutal but since i’m in canada bullmoose doesn’t let me order, even when i’m shipping to a US address, it’s the only option.
  24. nope, it’s the UK store. i don’t see any way to change it either but i’m on my phone so maybe that’s why. I’ll wait til i get home and check it out there/maybe check the other site mentioned.