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  1. You sound like the type of person that eats 90% of their meal and the demands the manager comps the entire bill because it was the wrong order & you think that you're "sticking it to the restaurant" because they underpay their staff. If you said something from the start, hell, even a couple months after getting it and not being happy with is, sure, ask for a replacement or a refund, I totally support that. but waiting years for something better to come out and expecting it to get it for free is bullshit.
  2. Get real. You can't buy pants in 1972 and then return them to sears today because they're itchy (also not sure if sears still exists). Things have a finite warranty and it's ridiculous to think that any business could stay open if they just gave away new product if someone has a complaint and sat on it for a decade. You dropped the ball, the label owes you nothing. Stop being a karen.
  3. I just realized that I could really go for Human Waste Project - E-Lux being pressed
  4. ST finally came in, a little disappointed that early listings showed Purity on the tracklist and of course it isn't. Should have expected that, really.
  5. Lol spotify presale just went live, in Vancouver the absolute nosebleed of nosebleed seats are $70CAD, floor is between $128 at the back to $1280 for the front row. nope.
  6. There was a small amount of tickets reserverd for "charity", but basic public tickets were still about $200CAD before fees.
  7. I fully expect this tour to be like Rage and have tickets around $300
  8. I'm in the same position, I took the copy I grew up with when I raided my parent's collection 20 years ago. I probably don't need this, but I wonder how different it could be.
  9. I've seen and received records that are so far outside of what the mockup was and legit awful looking, all of those look pretty great. it's not like you're saying "transparent blue nebula swirl" and shipping out a solid purple record like some labels do.
  10. up at brooklynvegan along with Iowa, got the email this morning https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/slipknot-slipknot-lp-lemon-colored-vinyl?_pos=1&_sid=3abc599ba&_ss=r https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/slipknot-iowa-lp-coke-bottle-clear-vinyl?variant=41310445895877
  11. totally real, it's a collab with MSCHF, which is a big hypebeast art thing (collective? guy? I don't know). they're the ones that worked with nas X on the "satan shoes", they do weird art drops all the time, it's a mix of hype and shock value to get press.
  12. There are gimmick records, and there are gimmick records... https://vinylblade.com/product https://www.thefader.com/2022/04/07/the-weeknd-out-of-time-single-playable-saw-blade-mschf
  13. agree on smooth criminial, but I think Stranded it probably my favorite track. whole album is super solid though.
  14. my bad, it just went up so I wasn't aware it was old.
  15. Seth Rogen's weed company has a three LP set for smoking weed to. They must be high charging $95 for three records. https://bdgastore.com/collections/houseplant/products/vinyl-box-set Childhood friends and frequent collaborators, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have helped bring cannabis to the forefront of culture and de-stigmatize outdated notions about the plant. Their brand Houseplant is a design-conscious lifestyle company that takes aesthetic principles from the 1970s and 1980s. Houseplant products are designed not only to be functional, but also add beauty to a person’s living space and life for years to come. 3 vinyl records with playlists curated by Seth & Evan to pair with different strains and moods. 3 records in one box set Actual vinyl records that you need a record player to use! 103 minutes of listening enjoyment Upbeat songs for sativa Relaxed songs for indica Songs somewhere in between for hybrid Colorful packaging for each sleeve Comes with a Houseplant branded felt slipmat
  16. It would be nice if Burial got pressed but that's doubtful. I have everything else so whatever is coming would have to be pretty special to buy another copy.
  17. have they had any copies at shows? not that I'm expecting any at the end of april when they finally get out here
  18. I kind of hope that the tracks off of The Black Moon EP are on the full release, or get pressed at some point. I like Death Spells, but their material from 2020 on is so much better, I really like the new track.
  19. Oh I'm sure there's more to it, but stringing the guy along for 12 years and then letting him go when he finally stands up for himself and wants to be recognized as part of the band is pretty shitty.They have continually become more boring and mediocre and both Chino and Steph as people rub me the wrong way so the Sergio thing was kind of just one more on top of the pile.
  20. I'm interested but after the shit with Sergio & Deftones amongst other stuff I don't know if I want to support Chino anymore.
  21. Jesus christ man, there are just some things you don't talk about in public.
  22. Sailorwave III dropped, pretty good, pretty Daft Punk-y IMO. Hopefully there's a vinyl release soon.
  23. god I hate bullmoose. they don't ship to canada, and even if you have a PO box in the US, they don't accept non american credit cards and they don't use paypal or anything else. dinosaurs.

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