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  1. Enjoying this: https://glaretx.bandcamp.com/album/heavenly
  2. Really hope the UK shop gets some copies. Shipping from the US sucks.
  3. Got a shipping notification from mine yesterday (Kings Road EU). Should be here by Friday!
  4. You're not the only one. I also found it very forgettable unfortunately. Agree with Ranges as well. Very generic and nothing really memorable on there. I loved their first couple of albums but haven't been able to get into the last few. Also a bit disappointed with the new Blak album. Fortunately the new Driving Slow Motion and the new Shy Low (which I've had a chance to listen to) are very good and saving the year in terms of Post Rock releases along with Bruit, Mogwai and Baulta.
  5. Also missed it. Would anyone be able to help out with a DM? Edit: Sorted!
  6. Pictures of Wild Life is quite interesting indeed. Not a ton of new stuff has been grabbing my interest in the post world this year (not counting the classics Godspeed, Mogwai and God is an Astronaut). Just been listening mostly to the new Bruit. New Baulta is growing on me and just found this other band that is sounding quite interesting and giving them a shot (especially the track Wading In): https://hurryupbrothers.bandcamp.com/album/all-is-beautiful-im-okay-to-be-alive-im-okay-to-die
  7. Got mine today! It was a good surprise. Will try to give a spin tonight.
  8. Not picky on the variant. If you have one and want to sell, send me a PM
  9. Still waiting for the same. No notification yet.
  10. Hopefully Evil Greed will have this up for those in the EU/UK. Don't see it up yet.

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