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  1. Surprised you don't like it. I've been playing it non stop for a while now and enjoy it quite a lot actually. Doesn't top Old Solar and A Swarm of the Sun as my 2 favorite post rock records this year though.
  2. I thought it was quite "meh". I like both their albums but they took me some time to get into.
  3. I love every single release of theirs and I'm pretty much sure I'll love what they will come up with next. Red > Blue > Yellow & Green > Purple > First & Second > Split w/ Unpersons
  4. This is really good stuff! Didn't know the band at all and now I'm digging into their older stuff.
  5. I've listened to it quite a few times and quite like it. I appreciate the fact it's very energetic and has extremely catchy melodies. I think I still prefer Mourning (their first album) as it is more straight to the point and the songs are shorter. I need to give this more time and listens though. Old Solar is still the best Post Rock album of the year for me so far.
  6. Listened to it this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Honestly can't remember the last pure Post Metal album that landed this well with me. I need to listen to this a few more times, but it definitely has the potential to be one of my favorite Post Metal albums of the year.
  7. I love Wander. The single is actually my least favorite song off this new record. Fortunately I had a chance to listen to the advance promo and loved it. It's in the same lines as the previous release. Lots of energy and melody but the songs are a bit longer.
  8. Yeah I did! It's not for me though. I'm more and more over the blast beats and screeching vocals. I like them on occasion (Deafheaven, Alcest) but it didn't work for me here. It's just not what they're about. There are other bands that can do what you would eventually want RC to do. Again, overhype. Nothing new and not doing anything for me. Glad it works for you though. Basically, yeah. Caspian is a close second. Yes and yes! Very close second though. At least in the genre yes. One of the most solid I've heard. It's just such a complete band overall.
  9. Thanks, I'll keep them! Russian Circles know how to make songs interesting and not just chug away for 8 mins like most instrumental Post Metal bands. Super dynamic, great riffs and the best drumming. While Determinism is great, in my opinion, it's nowhere as good as any of the Isis albums (except for maybe Celestial).
  10. It's quite hard to choose between Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Russian Circles and Rosetta. If I have to pick one, I'd go with Isis. Mostly because Oceanic, Panopticon and Wavering Radiant are such special albums for me.
  11. Ahahahahah. How many are we at right now? I have to say, this new album is pretty decent. Sounds less "forced", predictable and by the numbers than their first album. I remember that every single song in that album had pretty much the same structure and the whole thing was super boring. I also realized I hadn't listened to the new Glasir album that much. I loved their Unborn EP but haven't given this one a decent chance yet. Gave it a go last night and almost fell asleep. Don't know if it was just off pure tiredness or if the album is simply boring. Need to give it another go with another mood. Also, and please don't hate me, but that new The End Of The Ocean album is really growing on me. Didn't do much for me at first but, having listened to it about 5 or 6 times now, I get it.
  12. This made me laugh out loud. So accurate! Finally some solid stuff! Let's not exaggerate though. It's very solid, Seeress are a good band but AOTY?
  13. Love that record. Thanks for reminding me to listen to it!