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  1. I was going to post about this the other day and forgot. I saw the announcement and had to check like three or four times if I had seen the price correctly. I've never even seen just premium/luxury chess sets anywhere close to this kind of pricing. I also don't get what it has to do in any way with the music or anything for a matter of fact. To me it just seems like they're surrounding themselves with pretty things to compensate for the music. It's one of the most absurd things I've seen. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the band and I wish them the best of luck selling these but... why thought?
  2. More good 2023 Post music: https://acheerywaverecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-night-is-for-dreamers
  3. https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-infinite-mirror So good.
  4. Tempted to get this now even though shipping is stupid expensive to the EU
  5. Spotlights related band called Sisters. Released today. Enjoy! https://sistersrock.bandcamp.com/album/leecheater
  6. Wow this is really good. Been listening all day. Really do hope for vinyl one day.
  7. Slow year for Post but this is probably my favourite so far: https://okwait.bandcamp.com/album/signal
  8. Reviving this thread. What are your favorite stoner/doom releases so far this year? So far for me only: Dozer - In The Endless Void Rezn - Solace Nothing else has really caught my attention (or maybe I'm just missing out on a lot of stuff!)
  9. It's been quite a while since this genre had a worthwhile release. I've been listening to this quite a bit: https://itwasagooddream.bandcamp.com/album/rememory
  10. Ordered immediately. Such a great first single.
  11. Looking for someone in the EU who is willing to sell their copy (no preference on variant). Hit me up if have one you want to part with.
  12. I'm based in the EU so managed to get it from Musicfearsatan (France). I also remember seeing it on a Greek website (dirtynoise.gr) and Amazon.co.uk but quite a bit more expensive. Otherwise it seems to be sold out everywhere.
  13. Saw the preorder for the new album. Listened to the song and immediately bought it. Realized I had put Return on a list somewhere and totally forgot about it. Revisited it, loved it and also ordered it. I just wish I had given it more time before.
  14. No idea Ancients had new material coming https://theancientsmusic.bandcamp.com/track/solaris-2
  15. If anyone knows of any EU distro for this it would be great.
  16. Resident also has (had) this in the UK. That's where I got mine from.
  17. Oof I forgot how good this was actually. Might end up picking up both records.
  18. Ahahahah Also, this is an early album of the year contender for me. It's so good and so addictive.

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