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  1. 100% agree. I don't really care if he does those things. My only concern is that it may be a red flag that he's not doing well if he wasn't doing those things before, put together with the long tour schedule, the divorce, and known anxiety problems.
  2. This really makes me sad. He has some anxiety issues. He told AP that's why he quit in the first place. That could be part of the reason he seems so run down. http://www.altpress.com/news/entry/aaron_gillespie_apologizes_for_leaving_underoath_i_was_mentally_sick I hope he can stick it out.
  3. Also let me know if you can't find Tiny Dots. I saw two copies at a local shop I visited today- I can go back tomorrow.
  4. Zia has some of this stuff too: http://www.ziarecords.com/c/1701/RSD2016
  5. I don't think Prevailer's up anymore, either.
  6. Alright guys... My future inlaws are coming to visit soon and I need some extra cash to recover my dining room chair seats. All prices PPD. I may have some freebies to throw in while supplies last. Thanks for looking! August Burns Red- Leveler (Alt Artwork- Brown/Green/Tan Splatter /1000) VG+/VG+ $45 Couple of corner dings and very slight crease near the bottom right corner. Has a couple of very light surface pops but I haven't cleaned it. August Burns Red- Found in Far Away Places (Oxblood /300) VG+/NM $25 Corner ding, upper right. Never played. Being As An Ocean- Dear G-d... (Brown/Black /500?) VG/NM $16 This arrived with a very banged up cover. One bad corner bend, seam splits along the top center along with a gash about an inch deep, along with a big fold at the bottom center. The records, on the other hand, are totally fine. This is a good play copy. Daisyhead/Have Mercy Split (Red/Cream Haze /500) VG+/NM $12 Very, very light corner ding- upper left. Played once. Defeater- Letters Home (White w/Red Haze /??)- $14 The bottom seam came unglued. Memphis May Fire- Unconditional (Brown /1700) NM/NM- $10 Rescuer- Anxiety Answering (Coffee w/Creamer Sub 31/125) VG+/NM- $12 There was some bubbling on the edge of the B side label when I opened it.
  7. I can't imagine them not honoring it, or at least letting us know quickly and refunding us. Maybe they were just sent a low amount of the green copies and they sold out.
  8. Language Rediscovered is up at Merchnow. http://merchnow.com/products/v2/224451/language-rediscovered-orange-vinyl-2xlp http://merchnow.com/products/v2/224452/language-rediscovered-green-vinyl-2xlp
  9. Gold/silver split available through Sumerian's webstore. http://sumerianrecords.merchdirect.com/products/56895-chon-grow-vinyl
  10. I always saw the song as a political statement, also. Maybe I'm way off base here, but I saw it as an anti-war statement. I'm not sure if the abuse imagery was necessary though and I can 100% understand how it can upset people.
  11. I saw one on Instagram today. Hopefully they're shipping out now.

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