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  1. Good thing they already took my money for this album! Blue looks good though
  2. Definitely, and more power to them. This is just my reason for not buying this. They deserve to sell as many copies as they will.
  3. There isn't anything that indicates it is a different master, unless I missed that part...
  4. I love these guys. Kinda seems like a cash grab though - alt. artwork and a single unreleased demo on flexi? And since when has a 5 year anniversary been a big deal?
  5. My Clear signed copy showed up in time for actual release date, which was an unexpected treat - Loving the album!
  6. New Tape Deck Mountain is worth checking out! https://tapedeckmountain.bandcamp.com/album/true-deceiver
  7. That is an insane amount of money to drop on 40 minutes of music, no matter how glorious the music
  8. Glad that I am happy with my clear with Black cover from a couple years ago, because otherwise I'd be really bummed I missed those
  9. Anyone in Canada have recommendations?
  10. That happened to me once - same deal, I relisted automatically after cancelling a best-offer who flaked. I can't remember how long ago, but I don't think this is a 'new' new thing.
  11. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to give it a listen - really liked the last one edit: First song in. . . I hear what you mean, I think. It sounds like Rivers Cuomo on vocals... I dig the guitar sound though
  12. I collaborations are different than splits though, and if memory serves, both Vampillia as well as Pyramids were collaborations - which worked well for sure. the one with Uochi Toki, on the other hand, didn't work with me. The Bungled & the Botched is definitely one of my favs., as is Under the Jaguar Sun. The experimentation of the separate tracks designed to be combined was neat, but the band's mix is where it is at: https://brokenspineprods.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-jaguar-sun-chalchiuhtlicue-rain-pwyc. My first exposure to Nadja was Skin Turns to Glass, which is going wayy
  13. I struggle with splits. I like the artwork though More of the sound and tones of Tangled (and Sv... (ish). Vocals are more pronounced than usual . Queller and Dagdrom are great. I need to spend more time with Sonnborner though
  14. They also released a digital only album last week: https://nadja.bandcamp.com/album/seemannsgarn ...And in January there was a split with Disrotted, if anyone missed it: https://nadja.bandcamp.com/album/split-2
  15. https://anopendoor.bandcamp.com/merch/live-at-crystal-ballroom?fbclid=IwAR1caIiqQEphnwt-qi8ONk8gjZqfi0sXLY5h2ki4-rYzxJBK0jyIJjtHC3c
  16. My records arrived (thankfully) unscathed. Everything looks good (flat, clean), but I haven't had the chance to spin them yet.

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