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  1. On 12/7/2019 at 1:35 AM, dantheriver said:

    A lifetime of off key MW emo dudes sets you up to not be turned off by bad vocals I guess. Shit’s tight.



    just read the Ian Cohen p4k review and it’s pretty good. He really does GET why the two different vocal styles work and vocalized it in a way that I wouldn’t have. 
    All I know is my first play though i was for sure thinking to myself “wait who TF is this guy?” when nasaly dude jumps in after digging the first vocalist (that second song slaps btw). But when he comes back in on You’re Gonna Hate it all makes sense.

    Link to review? Maybe I'll give this album another listen. . .  so much praise being thrown around.


  2. 18 hours ago, FieldMice said:

    Yep I'm in Blushing, rhythm guitar. Our label gave us an update that the pink vinyl was close to selling out and so I figured I would get the word out here if anyone might be interested. So glad you got one of the 5 that we took over the border, that Toronto show was a blast! Stoked you got a blue galaxy swirl, there are no more of those left, only pink.

    You guys were on fire - great set! Glad to hear that the lp is doing so well.


  3. 20 hours ago, FieldMice said:

    Blushing - Blushing

    Repress on Pink Galaxy Swirl Vinyl:


    Limited Edition of 300

    Label let us know they were running low on this second pressing, sharing the news here. Had an amazing tour and met some great shoegaze / dreampop fans out there. Hope to make it to the UK soon!



    Are you with the band then?

    I managed to grab one of the last band copies of the blue galaxy (and one of only 5 copies of the album they could bring over the border).


  4. 18 hours ago, phantasmatt said:

    On a serious note... Etymotic earplugs from Amazon ($13)


    16 hours ago, jonrawks said:

    I've been using Etymotic earplugs for about 10 years and have been very happy with them.  Second this recommendation.  They also survive trips through the washing machine quite well!


    16 hours ago, dantheriver said:

    Hey! Those are the same ones I use. Welcome to Earplugs Collective.

    okay, ok, I hear you already :)
    maybe I'll order a pair before the Nothing show next week. $13 is do-able.

  5. On 11/5/2019 at 9:07 AM, Mars said:

    ....Pumped for that - and just a week before that Ringo Deathstarr is playing (with Blushing).

    So - this happened last night. My ears are still recovering, they've got that muffled, detached feeling today.

    Excellent show! I'm not sure if Blushing has been mentioned here before, but if not check them out:



    Ringo DS mentioned that they just got the masters for their new album, and they played a few new songs.