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  1. still waiting for my BSM variants...should be here any. day. now...
  2. On Drain the Swamp Green Audio Side A, Screen-printed Side B vinyl, limited to the exact number of copies we can sell. Includes instant download of MP3 + WAV. The First 100 Songs pays tribute to classic AxCx album titles like The 110 Song CD and 5643 Song EP. Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rob Trump, this boasts a hundred songs in eleven minutes -- their entire recorded output to date. From 2016’s pre-election That Makes Me Smart! EP all the way through the newer material contained in Thoughts, Prayers, and The Golden Age of Willful Ignorance, this truly exhaustive overview covers all the bases. With songs based on actual quotes by the man (“I Like The Soldiers Who DON’T Get Captured”) to creative interpretations (“My Cabinet Is Nuanced As Shit”) to Putnam-esque bon mots (“Renewable Resources Are Gay”), there’s a smorgasbord of Trumpiliciousness! According to Rob, their material has a universal appeal: “One of the things about this stuff is that, since most of it is taken right from his mouth or ideology, a Trumpster should be fine with it as much as a Bernie person would enjoy laughing at it. It's just a mirror and that, in itself, is terrifying.”
  3. The show in Toronto on Sunday night blew me away. So much frantic energy. Aaron referred to 2,459 miles as 4,000 kilometres when he introduced the song. That song coupled with Wendy & Betsy - Wow. I stuck around after and met the guys - all really friendly, and all equally puzzled by the inner sleeve of (A--B) life they signed for me. . . seems none of them had seen it.
  4. When you check out it shows out of stock, which sucks. Tried to pay by PayPal and that took too long, rookie mistake
  5. When you check out it shows out of stock, which sucks. Tried to pay by PayPal and that took too long, rookie mistake
  6. Any idea of time, so I don't have to keep refreshing?
  7. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/qa-mewithoutyou-grew-faced-turmoil-and-made-their-best-album-in-years/ Good interview with Aaron
  8. Awww, I'm just teasing your highness. It's cool if you don't wanna taco 'bout it.
  9. After a first listen, I'm pretty blown away. This album's gonna take a while to really unpack. Stoked to be seeing them live in a week!
  10. First Nothing, now this - next you'll be saying you don't like tacos anymore.
  11. New All Them Witches today... https://allthemwitches.bandcamp.com/
  12. Not bad, but it wasn't worth stopping Holy Fawn for.
  13. Looks like those bundles have already sold out twice yesterday - last chance for what few they have left, apparently.
  14. Just came to post this. Guess I'm selfish, I'm already 4 songs in before coming here to post this
  15. Since I missed this PO thread: Many of you will like this. Reminds me of early Whirr.
  16. I too really enjoy It's All Crazy... Definitely scratches a bit of a different itch, but shows their incredible range as musicians. Also, The King Beetle has an amazing build, and is a brilliant tune all-around. Lyrically many of the songs remind me of fables that I read as a kid. I'd disagree that it is 1 dimensional musically, just quieter, but still with a huge dynamic range.
  17. Really wish they'd just do proper deluxe releases with the album and bonus tracks (both this and ToT), spread over 2lp (ideally 4 sides at 45 rpm, but I'd settle for 3 sides and an etched side d) instead of this picture disc bonus track crap. But maybe that's just me?
  18. thanks, love this band. . .have never been able to classify them, and while I've heard post-rock thrown around, that doesn't really capture it for me, and I feel like some post-rock fans would be off-put by EATW classified as post-rock. The new single is great
  19. I'd appreciate that too, if you can, I'm itching to hear them. Regarding the album's sound - I'm crushing hard on the incredibly warm sense of nostalgia I feel from this album. I'd say the production is very deliberate.