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  1. what is with all these 10 inch records these days? a record should be 12 or 7 only. no need for 10 or 3. saving 2 inches does not make it cheaper. for the extra 2 inches just make it 12 so every turntable could play it.
  2. looking at the replies no one understands what this thread is about...people are just suppose to post new RIAA certifications of their favorite records.
  3. we pretty much figured it out. the used is a 12 inch. why some sites list a 10 inch we don't know but I guess who cares. all that matters is the used is a 12 inch this year. so we could move on now.
  4. Well we know the answer but the mystery behind why has all the contradictions still exists. And mystery is mystory.
  5. Cool. Makes sense why the used said it was 12. I don’t even have 10 inch sleeves. Only high quality 12. Just not sure why the official USA rsd site says 10 along with some other sites. Either plans changed, a simple mistake, or confussion with the other bands release of the same name. Anyway great news! Thank you!
  6. I have a contact very very close to the band but I try not to over step my boundaries and only use it ever blue moon as I don’t want to be bothersome.
  7. We have a thread for funny USPS stories, release dates, best stores, etc. so why not have a single thread to share gold and platinum album certifications as they get announced. in a world where album sales barely exist, achieving a gold and platinum certification is more impressive then ever. so when an album goes gold and platinum lets share that info with each other. note that this is mainly for new certifications, not albums that have been certified for decades or even years. I will start us off... this week the RIAA announced that: *THE USED album The Used has been certified PLATINUM *THE USED album In Love and Death has been certified PLATINUM *THE USED album Lies for the Liars has been certified GOLD read about it here: The Used RIAA certifications list I think this will be a great way for us to share when our favorite artists achieved greatness and maybe also a way for us to discover some great music that is new to us.
  8. yes. the used and wonder years are on the same record label and are both releasing a 4 track ep under the same name. the wonder years announced it as a 10 and the used announced it as a 12. that is a good theory that theres confusion etween the 2 release and a theory that was previously suggested as well...another possibility there it was an error and confusion by the employee who listed them. another theory is that it was planned to be a 10 but changed to a 12 and some sites didn't get the memo. but the official rsd site should be correct (and the usa official rsd site it diff then the foreign official rsd sites)...I would assume the band knows best but its just on of their employees posted the info so its not like they couldn't of made a mistake. so with half the sites saying 10 and the other half saying 12...some are correct and the others are not. but where did these sites get their info from that it would be different? so many questions. p.s. I don't like non 12 inch. I don't even have good sleeves for LPs that are not 12 inches. and it would just looked awkward in the record storage box not being the same size as all the others. #OCD not all play 10. and I don't have sleeves for a 10. and it wouldn't look good in the record storage box being smaller then all the others. #OCD 4 years ago he didn't mention the used LP and bullmoose is one of the maybe 2 web sites that say both. its listed as a 12 in the title but the description says 10. crazy stuff. see for yourself... https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29261926/the-used-the-used-live-from-maida-vale-rsd-2019-ltd-to-1000 limited to 1000 pieces and considered to be a top must have gem this year. people are going to go crazy for this. nirvana... and I don't mean the band. p.s. imagine... now that would be another cool LP to get with unheard raw versions of john lennon's album.
  9. continuing my investigation into the used release for this years rsd… I tried emailing the official rsd site but it got returned to me saying it was rejected because a bot thought it was spam, so that is strange. the page updated with adding info but it still says 10 inch. so the official usa site for rsd says 10 inch while all others official rsd sites for other countries say 12 inch. the used announced it as a 12 inch on all their social medias. and of the 3rd party websites that list it, half say 10 and the other half say 12 and a couple kind of say both. so this has got to go down as the strangest rsd release conumdrum with all this going on around it with what size it is. this is crazy stuff here. did anyone else find out anything with their investigation that we could compare?
  10. The only pink vinyl record I have a lies for the liars.
  11. of over 500? ...that's slim pickings. I read it is the same guy who did that one too.
  12. The used is listed as a top 30 must have RSD 2019 essential vinyl records according to the Kerrang. https://www.kerrang.com/features/the-30-essential-record-store-day-releases-for-rock-fans/
  13. Maybe they are RSD “first releases” and will be for sale afterward? And that’s why they could sell them?
  14. Fun fact. This is the used 2nd time releasing a RSD record. The first being in 2015 which was a blue colored shallow believer. Now 2019 is a blue colored live at maida vale. So both releases are blue. What is the significance of blue? It made sense for shallow believer but red would of made for sense for this since it’s recorded in London. #funfact