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  1. I went to my local store today and found Arcade Fire - Everything Now and Queens of the Stone Age - Villains on clearance for $9.99 a piece.
  2. Grabbed the hello Rockview to pair with my losing streak I got last time they went up.
  3. Would like to grab that beach slang and dads lps
  4. It's a very solid album, much more enjoyable than the nate reuss solo album.
  5. http://uselessstaterecords.bigcartel.com
  6. So means is giving me free shipping... Regardless of speed . free 2 day priority shipping. It also makes your entire cart ship free. I threw in you me and the mountain by maps and atlases and I still was eligible for free shipping.
  7. Just got him again. This time on Discogs as onemorechance11