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  1. Missed out on everything. Awesome! Wish I would have remembered a couple hours ago... 😔 Guess the Kicker of Clouds wasn't meant to be part of my collection 🤷‍♂️ Hope the pressings turn out nice though!
  2. Signed options available https://sevendust.com
  3. Not to add to the absurd amount of variants this record already has, but I don't see the record listed that came with the deluxe graphic novel. https://z2comics.com/collections/shop/products/dance-gavin-dance-robots-tale-deluxe However I noticed there are two Orange, Red, Black tri-colors in the list. May be it's mislabeled and supposed to be this variant??
  4. Since it says original recording and packaging, I'm really hoping TOCS will have "I Got Ten Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack" as the final track. My collectors edition copy is nice, but does not have this song like the original pressing did.
  5. Finally got my copies today! The Cyan and Black with white splatter turned out excellent, but the "mustard" splatter on the half red/half orange copy is majorly lacking.
  6. Damn it, didn't check in yesterday and missed any inkling about this being repressed. I'm really starting to hate this record "game" Here's to hoping some more will released 🤞
  7. Received my copy I ordered from Amazon yesterday and am extremely disappointed that those two tracks are remixes. Listening to them as much as I did, the remixes just sound wrong and quite honestly did not improve the songs in any way. Also kinda bummed the records were not green and orange as was listed when I originally purchased, but the packaging and records came out great otherwise. With We're Done missing, the remixes, and re-arrangement of original track list, I'm now kicking myself for not grabbing a bootleg copy way back when they were available. 😩
  8. God Damn It. I don't log in for a few days and of course something I miss something this awesome. Definitely a top album for me when it was released, and one that I still finds itself being replayed on occasion. Hope the splatter turns out great for everyone who was able to grab a copy!
  9. I knew this was going to come up However the copy says it's from March 1987 and had amazon return instructions inside?? I think it's pretty random and strange
  10. Received my "Horizon" variant today, which turned out better than expected. Did anyone else get anything weird with their copies? Mine had a separate package inside containing a small book titled "Weavings, woven together in love. A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life." Volume II, Number 2. I found this very odd... Also, if anyone picked up any extra copies of the "Shooting Star" variant that they are willing to sell or trade for let me know. Thanks!
  11. Because at that time purchasing records wasn't as popular yet. So labels/artists sold records at reasonable cost so that they would actually sell and were STILL able to make money. Now that records are the "In" thing, labels are capitalizing on the demand and prices are skyrocketing. Getting way out of control if you ask me. But if you want the album on vinyl, what other option do you have? Yes, I understand that pressing plants have raised their manufacturing prices due to the high demand of records these days. But it has not increased so much to justify such an exponential rise in what they are charging the customer in the end. Just my opinion
  12. Roughly $10 more with shipping + tax. No in store pick up that I can see
  13. Just ordered a Starburst copy from 3dot. May be they were just having issues with the website when you checked? Looks like there are around 300 copies left. I also think the starburst looks best with the album art. Not to worried about the "super limited" copies. The color choices don't make sense to me.
  14. $155... Jesus Christ It doesn't even include the first four albums, which were the best ones