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  1. Hey hey hey ! You know what guys it's amazing that I can post pretty much anything and I'll get a reaction from you. A bad one indeed but at least you remember me ... Oh by the way, the website is totally free now and you can choose your curency... so it's up to you to keep paying commission... Wanna see ? OVER THERE !
  2. I found the album Abbey Road in a garage sale last sunday and I can't find it on the internet. There are no pictures of this sleeve or this label. It's a PCS 7088 pressing from 1969 Can you help me to find the same one or give me information ? PICTURES I know the sleeve is in bad shape. Have you ever seen this sleeve with the "EMI Apple" logo (top left corner) and the "Full dimensional stereo also playable in Mono" logo ? Alright on this side. Do you know a version of this album with a folded sleeve ? Moreover, I noticed that "Printed by Garrod & Lofthouse International Ltd" was blacked out. I can't find a version of this label. There is no Made in U.K or Mfd in U.K written. This version has "Production by GEORGE MARTIN" written before the name of the tracks. Then there is this weird "Stereo & Mono" o.O Finally, it's usualy a circle around the "P" before the date no ? Can you share your information (if you have some) so I'll know if it was worth it to wake up that sunday... Thank you
  3. Audio mart does charge a fee. Plus it doesn't allow you to sell records...
  4. Well it's easily doable actually the same record will most of the time (if not always)?be cheaper on Discogs than Amazon,eBay,cdandlp,musicstack,cdiscount,priceminister and so on. I used to price my records on different sites but I had to stop and refer to Discogs because they were always cheaper on this website. But I mean there is nothing new that's the freedom of competition and the lack of restriction for setting up prices. One of the biggest battlefield of retailers.
  5. I'm aware of this. Does Discogs let you buy/sell/swap turntables - belt - stylus - headphones - speakers - iPods - guitars ... ?
  6. If you don't know what I'm talking about it means that I'm using Discogs more than you do no ?
  7. So don't you think that considering Discogs as the only source to price records leads us to underprice records ?
  8. So let's say my record is VG but I say it VG+ (so it's in the VG+ section ) and I know that you guys are looking for the cheapest one so I under price it ? I'm might sell it but what happen to the seller trying to know how much is copy is worth and take my under price into account to price his/her copy ? Other thing the lack of pictures on Discogs is really striking me. All the records in sellin have at least 6 pictures in the ad.
  9. No no what is interesting with discogs are the variants (label-year-country...) What is confusing is that the same record (with the same variants) can go from $5 to $50. Plus I've seen some duplicates of records (with the same criteria) and again the prices were really different. To me too much information simply kills the information. Because people are forced to put informations but still free to create as many variants as wanted, sometimes it's not accurate (specially with French records, it can be a pain in the butt to find online the copy I have in front of me) And this huge amount of informations that people are asked to put is mostly for Discogs to be on top of the search page (when you look on google directly) thanks to the SEO. But hey it's still the leader so it's still pretty da*n good.
  10. Yes this website is awesome don't get me wrong. But as a buyer there are so many entries that it gets really confusing (for me at least) I suppose you already bought records on Discogs ? Didn't you get confused by all the prices ?