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  1. As a consumer, I like Pirates Press. All my favorite ska and punk bands use them. my friend is releasing his music and is using cdbaby to get on the streaming service and press his vinyl.
  2. Thought I was strange this one was shrink wrapped while the other two PN came in those perforated bags.
  3. About 110 left of the blue 250 repress. https://levitation.fm/collections/levitation-editions/products/amyl-and-the-sniffers-comfort-to-me-levitation-edition-1?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=morning-jacket-conversion&utm_content=paid-media&fbclid=PAAaZFvsnYrk_0VDAE8vg1pIe-7HQQZnBxle_g4UQegxenLDsXxROoOSm-sJI_aem_AYyH0i4YwF2FG9Cd5rH0V5vvnV--BtGzjHeJOAeSG1HNgby15LIHp8_ktAW_iaKGnUV0Kswrq4RhipVR6yk6_rK143kbjbntLOmIH0kmockxYaIc9tuwSTx-AlRAdZczFQ4
  4. Finally a shipping notice for the 500 pressed orange Brooklyn Vegan edition.
  5. Take unscented baby wipes and wipe down the covers when you get to your new place.
  6. I'm looking for band recommendations from the past 10 years that have a male singer. I realized that any "newer" bands I like I'm gravitating towards women. Which is fine, I like it. But I'm deep in that swim lane and figure I'm missing out other bands. For instances, heavy in my rotation is Tristen, Chvrches, Snarls, Jetty Bones, L.A. Witch, Sonder Bombs, Squirrel Flower, Snail Mail, Bully, Spiritbox. The only semi-new band that has a male vocalist that I bought in the last six months is Bleachers. Anyone else is a legacy act from the 80s and 90s.
  7. An update! Just posted on Facebook: Hello, friends. Downward is Heavenward vinyl is now available through our Polyvinyl Records webstore along with Inlet. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/store/hum We hope to have Electra 2000 and You’d Prefer an Astronaut available there in the not so distant future. That project is taking a little longer than expected, but both of those records are moving forward and we will share more information when it’s available. We hope you all are healthy and well. Thank you.
  8. Did anyone get a pre-sale code they only partially used (or not at all)? If so, please DM me. Looking to buy tickets.
  9. When the Souls stopped doing things themselves and outsourced, the cost went up. Took a little shine off new releases but I still love them.
  10. No notification for me yet. Ordered S/T and RFL Punknote versions. Maybe RFL is holding up my order. Any thoughts when the other Punknote editions will be for sale?
  11. Pandemic live spoiled me for RSD online. Any sites still doing on-line sales early, and not afternoon sales after in person sales?