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  1. Neither will I. Some records belong on black vinyl. This is one of them.
  2. What other titles fall under the Warner umbrella?
  3. I was surprised last night I couldn't pick up what I needed on Discogs or eBay. Last several years there were always the "nice" sellers or shop owners who'd throw it up at list price. In the end Plaid and 1234 came through as always.
  4. In the US, looking for this...
  5. He was on the up and up. Bought several and always responded promptly to questions.
  6. It’s going to be easy to find for a while. Glad I can coast in and get this, but I just think they over estimated the demand. And I’m a huge Frank Black fan.
  7. NEW, SEALED (except where noted). All NRMT or better Faith No More - Album of the Year 2LP NEW : $20 Bob Marley - Legend Target Exclusive Gold : $20 Luna - Penthouse 2LP Reissue : $20 Khalid - American Teen Blue Target Exclusive : $15 The 5th Dimension : Reflections (original still sealed old stock) $4 Babes in Toyland : Fontanelle (black 180g): $15 Traveling Wilburys : Vol 1 (180 gram repress, open and played once, in shrink) $15 All VG+ sleeve and vinyl Elton John : Caribou $3 Johnny Van Zant Band : No More Dirty Deals $7 Triumph : Allied Forces (in shrink) $4 Paul McCartney : Choba B CCP (NRMT) $5 Billy Joel : Songs in the Attic $4 Asia : Self Titled (In shrink with hype sticker) $4 Rick Springfield : Beautiful Feelings (In shrink w/ hype) $5 George Harrison : Gone Troppo $4 George Harrison : Somewhere in England $4 BUNDLES Tom Cruise Bundle : Top Gun & Color of Money Soundtrack $10 Peter Gabriel : So & Plays Live $10 Cars : S/T & Panorama : $8
  8. I used to think like this. Now I leave her home and go to shows by myself. Do it once, and you’ll realize it’s best for everyone.
  9. What other bands do you recommend? Charly is great and so is All Dogs.
  10. Do other stores pick these up? Everyone seems to shit on SRC, and if I can get this elsewhere I will.