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  1. There was multiple Instagram teases that Nate is back in the band. Hope that's true.
  2. I ordered 5 books off Facebook Marketplace. Took a month to show up. Thought it was because it was over the holiday. Nope. They were mailed in a McDonalds bag. I got one book and half the bag.
  3. Looking for the vinyl version of Tomahawk's Oddfellows.
  4. The conversation about outgrowing their view is interesting to me. I've had the opposite experience. I did not enjoy them or their views in the 90s/early 00s. I saw them a bunch just by virtue of opening for someone else (Bouncing Souls mostly). I was young. I just wanted to have a good time and not be preached at. I didn't care about politics. I saw them on their last tour twice and realized there was an equilibrium of their views and my awakening (and age). Their albums are hit and miss for me.
  5. I'm helping a friend by auctioning off a record that I have no idea what the value is, if anything. I'm always shocked when there is not a discogs listing. I have links to a sound cloud samples in the auction. So if you collect folk, there is an interesting story behind this : Rare folk record on an independent press from 1964. The record was a fund raiser to support deep south voter registration. In the 60s many musicians lived on North Quarry St. in Ithaca, NY...and groups like supported Cornell projects in civil rights including the voter registration project. The North Quarry Stre
  6. Got my /300 today. No matchbook. But I got a sticker. Should I start a "I want my matches" thread?
  7. If you were a member of the Guided by Voices Facebook group, where ad nauseam people try to rank their top 100 GBV/Robert Pollard albums, you'd be tired of lists too At least she doesn't have that many.
  8. Your teal looks great. I saw some other pictures of it, but it look different (probably bad lighting). Hope mine looks like that.
  9. My favorite is the unreleased album "Can we not do lists here? They belong in the Everything Else message board."
  10. I highly recommend Steady Hands Rude Boys of Bar Rock (Sean Huber of Modern Baseball)
  11. One day I will see a post that isn't about SRC but an official release from somewhere else....one day.
  12. is that still going on today? seems like every time i go to my local walmart some advertised sale doesn't apply.

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