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  1. Did anyone get a pre-sale code they only partially used (or not at all)? If so, please DM me. Looking to buy tickets.
  2. When the Souls stopped doing things themselves and outsourced, the cost went up. Took a little shine off new releases but I still love them.
  3. No notification for me yet. Ordered S/T and RFL Punknote versions. Maybe RFL is holding up my order. Any thoughts when the other Punknote editions will be for sale?
  4. Pandemic live spoiled me for RSD online. Any sites still doing on-line sales early, and not afternoon sales after in person sales?
  5. Fuck! I literally checked last night just to see if there was a chance.
  6. They posted on FB couple weeks ago that they just approved the test pressings. Did not mention ship date.
  7. That’s considerate. But it would have netted them an extra $1.50. Buy it now, put some good energy in the world.
  8. There was multiple Instagram teases that Nate is back in the band. Hope that's true.
  9. I ordered 5 books off Facebook Marketplace. Took a month to show up. Thought it was because it was over the holiday. Nope. They were mailed in a McDonalds bag. I got one book and half the bag.
  10. Looking for the vinyl version of Tomahawk's Oddfellows.
  11. The conversation about outgrowing their view is interesting to me. I've had the opposite experience. I did not enjoy them or their views in the 90s/early 00s. I saw them a bunch just by virtue of opening for someone else (Bouncing Souls mostly). I was young. I just wanted to have a good time and not be preached at. I didn't care about politics. I saw them on their last tour twice and realized there was an equilibrium of their views and my awakening (and age). Their albums are hit and miss for me.

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