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  1. No matter how much I want a record, I will never buy from them. I think SRC stands for Sucker Record Collector I feel bad for all the horrid experiences, but thank you for sharing your stories so I know to avoid them.
  2. Just passing on some good vibes and saying good luck. Took me three years to track it down. There were 500 pressed. My favorite Slacker's album. FYI, Live at Ernesto's will be pressed soon. Keep an eye out on Pirate's Press.
  3. Brand new, never listened to. Verified this is the version that does not have the misprinted song. $26 shipped
  4. How does the newer prints compare to the original? The original is great, the MFSL version I felt wasn’t as good.
  5. https://4ad.com/releases/925 "From distant star to this here bar..."
  6. It's a great album, but I don't want bull testicles in my collection. I worked at a radio station back when this came out and have a promo cd with an alternate cowboy cover, which I much prefer.
  7. Pre-order for Vampire on Titus colored repress is up : https://midheaven.com/item/vampire-on-titus-colored-vinyl-by-guided-by-voices
  8. Springsteen : Live In Dublin 3LP $14.60 https://www.deepdiscount.com/live-in-dublin/190759789612
  9. Oh boy. That will relight the fire. I'm assuming they have an upper limit. 300 was pretty low, but then again, keep it at that, pick a different color and open back up.
  10. I have similar preferences. I laughed when the new split was announced because I thought "went from 3 colors to 2, now to just wait for the single yellow". But, kudos to them to having the tri-color match the colors of the sleeve. I really don't like color-for-color-sake approach when it doesn't match the artwork.
  11. $25 shipped. New, sealed, remastered 2 LP
  12. I'm doing the same thing. The prices are a bit high on these. I'll wait for a sale. I pulled the trigger day 1 on Live at Hammersmith b/c I couldn't wait, and that one was on sale a lot within 6 months.