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  1. They must have forgot the package, because my Criterion movies were delivered just fine today. I won’t be around tomorrow either so hopefully they leave it!
  2. WTF! USPS tracking just alerted of "no access to delivery location - will deliver next business day." I live in an apartment complex, never had that issue before! They usually just leave it at the door... Tf. This is why I hate working during mail delivery hours. I even have another package sitting there waiting for me today.
  3. New Liturgy - https://liturgy.bandcamp.com/album/origin-of-the-alimonies-2
  4. https://joerichipsvingers.bandcamp.com/album/de-avonturen-van-joeri-chipsvingers I just discovered this album on Bandcamp and am slightly blown away, this is so cool! Seriously loving it. ”A brain-melter from Belgium’s Joeri Chipsvingers, this album goes full Beefheart on contemporary classical music, turning it inside out.”
  5. Gahhh, I want mine! I may try to create a vinyl rip when it arrives - haven't tried that in a while.
  6. Dylan said FOH will have "special merch - stay tuned" on his IG story
  7. Instead of sand I think it would have been cool to have 'blue wave' liquid inside. Kind of like the blood filled Friday the 13th LP
  8. That's what Dylan from FOH alluded to on instagram. Friday is the announcement/tickets. I sure hope it's a live stream event.
  9. The sand is a cool idea but... that's a lot. I already own the flag, standard CD, and probably won't use the patch, realistically. Might shoot for the blue LP box though.
  10. In case anyone doesn't already have one of the many variants... A Charlie Brown Christmas (Snowball vinyl) ltd to 800
  11. Vinyl up now at https://store.fleetfoxes.co/all-items/
  12. 11.13.20 Boris digital and physical reissues for Amplifier Worship and Absolutego. "Limited edition colored vinyl (opaque red for Absolutego, lime green for Amplifier Worship) will be available at select indie stores and TMR storefronts on release day." Black vinyl only online, I assume.