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  1. Thought so. But looking at my order confirmation, it seems I ordered the standard Flesh & Blood edition, it doesn’t say anything about “record release exclusive” on the email. I guess I drunkenly picked the wrong one during the stream, lol.
  2. Was the record release edition $30? My order is listed as ‘UNDERNEATH’ HUMAN FLESH & BLOOD EXCLUSIVE VINYL for $30. Maybe I fucked up. Oops.
  3. So uh, I just got my record release edition in the mail. And it’s just the human flesh and blood variant, with no signed sleeve or anything...? I spent the extra money specifically to have the signed cover sleeve.
  4. God I hope I don't get a picture disc either. No email yet. I'm actually kind of surprised that bands still press them. That gimmick is long worn out. Plus the sound is almost always sub-par.
  5. I have the OG box as well, but knowing it’s a newly designed gatefold for the s/t... damn I kinda want that art on an LP sleeve 😩
  6. Sleep Has His House and Horsey are now available for pre-order! CD and Vinyl variants of each. UK / EU: https://store.houseofmythology.com/ US: https://houseofmythology.indiemerch.com/
  7. Ordered the 1st press black because all other variants were sold out... then they released the 2nd press "Ultra clear with sea blue, green and bone white galaxy effect" so I ordered one of those... and it's literally just a transparent blue record, lol. Would love a splatter, but I don't need 3 damn copies.
  8. I got Gemini I on cassette when I saw her open for Xasthur a few years ago. That one and Numun are so good.
  9. Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster & Panaiotis // Deep Listening (YouTube) FINALLY pressed on vinyl for the first time ever. One of my favorites... highly recommended! Just found out about this thanks to Discogs. (BUY)
  10. House of Mythology (HOM) and David Tibet just made a phenomenal announcement!
  11. FWIW I used these They're good enough for moving and/or at least storing them safely while you unpack and sort through your collection.
  12. Passing on the subscription as usual for me, but VERY happy to see Jacob's Ladder on the list! I'll be buying the standard variant, that's one of my favorite films of all time!
  13. Lol, classic. I learned to leave them in my car at all times because of that. Next time 🤞
  14. Oh definitely, they're quite loud especially in smaller venues. But yeah, just the standard sized frost colored Ety's are a godsend! Cool to hear other people love them too!