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  1. Still no cancellation email from music madness for the dlx, so I’m hopeful that one secured my copy. Still keeping my standard other edition preorders until I’m sure of it though
  2. Starting to get nervous about that music mania link too. I haven’t gotten a cancellation notice but the deluxe has been ‘in stock’ for a whole day. edit: it’s now showing sold out at that link, no cancellation email so that’s promising
  3. The bottom line seems to be that Loveless and Isn’t Anything will not be sold in US record stores or US online retailers, due to rights/licensing issues. Both the standard and deluxe editions are exclusive to the UK. The band’s site seemed to have had a small amount of these available to US customers when the sale initially went live, but as of now those are sold out. Only MBV is being sold from UK & US retailers. Would have been great to know this from the start. I have friggin 3 copies of Loveless ordered from 3 separate international sites, in case one or more cancels. Idk who
  4. Oh Christ. 😡 Juno cancelled mine too... And I had already cancelled my order from the band's site with the standard loveless and made another order for just mbv deluxe. That's tremendous. Just ordered from some random UK site for the standard since even that one has disappeared virtually everywhere now. Fucking hell.
  5. How much are we actually going to notice the sound difference between the dlx loveless and standard. Can't imagine them sounding night and day. I wanted the dlx too, but I'm not wasting money on shipping since they don't want to allow it for US sale. Stupid rights issues.
  6. edit: I guess the 'loveless deluxe' is UK exclusive. Ended up ordering it from Juno. Got MBV deluxe from the band's site though.
  7. Limited Repress currently up for pre-order at her webstore... for $50. Repress of All Bitches Die is $35, $41 after shipping in the US. Not gonna lie, I wanted ABD but that’s kinda steep. https://linguaignota.net/shop
  8. https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/whirr They dropped a new Eyes Wide Shut t-shirt design today if anyone's interested.
  9. Mine came in perfect condition. Records are slightly off center but it’s not noticeable past the first minute or so. Distressor sounds way better than my old pressing. FLY does have some pops here and there but it’s really not terrible, I’ll clean it and see if that helps.
  10. For anyone not aware: Whirr ‘Distressor’ 10th anniversary red vinyl, and a redux of of last years album Feels Like You on white vinyl are available here https://www.freewhirlrecords.com/shop
  11. Bundle is SOLD OUT. Individual LPs still available with just over 650 of each left at this moment.
  12. https://www.freewhirlrecords.com/ REDUX OF FEELS LIKE YOU AND DISTRESSOR NOW NOW NOW!! Feels Like You - WHITE vinyl x900 Distressor 10th anniversary - RED vinyl x900 Also a ltd x100 bundle of the two, comes with a photobook and enamel pin.
  13. https://linguaignota.bandcamp.com/album/the-caligula-demos CALIGULA Demos available now for Bandcamp Friday.
  14. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/low/christmas-35893c09-fb69-4e4d-938a-07619a0ad4a5 The band reissued this on gold vinyl. 50 copies went up in the USA webstore, sold out! The rest are available from Rough Trade in the UK.

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