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  1. If only I had the funds + friends to experience Roadburn 2020... Maybe someday 😢
  2. Mine showed up yesterday. Everyone seems to be getting them this week, so just hold out for another few days! Ended up being #17/250. Jacket is fine other than a really small seam split on the top (due to the LP not being shipped outside the jacket.) The LP is a bit rough in spots on the outer edge of the wax, it was just cut that way. Center hole is also a bit messy, but these are just nitpicks. Typical signs of a self-released record where they probably used a cheaper pressing plant. As for the sound, I'll be spinning it immediately after work tonight, so I'll report back on that.
  3. Still waiting on my blood red variant from Nuclear Blast. Last I emailed them, they hadn't arrived at the warehouse yet. This isn't a good final half of the year for mailed records lol. Also been waiting 4 months for an order from Gilead due to manufacturing delays.
  4. Sheesh. I really hope mine isn't warped/scratched. I have bad luck with that sorta thing. Fingers crossed.
  5. Whitehead's artwork is always top tier. I'd love to get tatted by him someday!
  6. Also waiting for the LP to arrive to listen. Order #19 and still no shipping label/confirmation. I don't use MyUSPS, but I haven't received an email regardless.
  7. I saw them at a very small venue/room where Adventures opened up for them. They filled the ENTIRE place with fog, you couldn’t see 2 people in front of you. The organizers tried stopping the show one song early, turning the lights on and saying “shows over! Thanks everyone!” because of all the fog, but Whirr ignored it and played the final song lol. It was packed. I have some great video from it. I had good earplugs in, so the sound didn’t bother me, but it was LOUD, the vocals were definitely low, almost nonexistent. It’s still one of the most memorable shows I’ve been to, the atmosphere was great. The instruments weren’t terrible sounding, but it was all so loud that if you didn’t have earplugs, there’s no way you’d be able to decipher what was going on.
  8. I haven’t heard the album yet but someone else said it was from the end of EWS. Whereas Distressor was a clip from the beginning of EWS. See the movie, it’s so atmospheric and the vibes just fit so well with Whirr’s aesthetic and vibes. They played a whole ass monologue from a scene in the film at the end of their set years ago.
  9. According to a source on Reddit, all profits from the vinyl are being donated to the Horizons Foundation for LGBTQ causes. Kinda neat, all things considered. I'll probably wait until the vinyl arrives for my first listen. At least I tell myself that right now. Wish they'd release lyrics too.
  10. Maybe this is the right place to ask... anyone ever get anything signed by the band? They signed my copies of Distressor and Sway at a show, and I’m honestly curious what Nick’s ‘signature’ actually says. “(Something) #1” ??? https://imgur.com/y2lApZ7
  11. My bad, it was Run For Cover who removed their merch (including the flag/banner.)
  12. Exactly! I was so tempted to get it tatted there, but it would've been my first tattoo (I've gotten 2 since then) and I was too nervous haha. The flag they had for sale was 46"x46"!