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  1. Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster & Panaiotis // Deep Listening (YouTube) FINALLY pressed on vinyl for the first time ever. One of my favorites... highly recommended! Just found out about this thanks to Discogs. (BUY)
  2. House of Mythology (HOM) and David Tibet just made a phenomenal announcement!
  3. FWIW I used these They're good enough for moving and/or at least storing them safely while you unpack and sort through your collection.
  4. Passing on the subscription as usual for me, but VERY happy to see Jacob's Ladder on the list! I'll be buying the standard variant, that's one of my favorite films of all time!
  5. Lol, classic. I learned to leave them in my car at all times because of that. Next time 🤞
  6. Oh definitely, they're quite loud especially in smaller venues. But yeah, just the standard sized frost colored Ety's are a godsend! Cool to hear other people love them too!
  7. On a serious note... Etymotic earplugs from Amazon ($13) have been with me through every show/loud work environment scenario since I got them years ago. Got me through 3 Sunn O))) shows with ease. Highly recommend everyone invest in a pair. Forget the orange foam crap. These bring the noise down to a very tolerable level without blocking out much detail.
  8. I don't believe so. I don't recall there being any mockup photos of the first press editions, either. I snagged the galaxy editions of both today though.
  9. Second pressing of Blood Incantation's new album go up for preorder tomorrow. 2 new colored variants. Also up for preorder tomorrow - Starspawn reissue. Well shit... looks like I'll be double dipping on Hidden History just to get a colored variant. Wish I would've known this before I ordered the black edition.
  10. If only I had the funds + friends to experience Roadburn 2020... Maybe someday 😢
  11. Mine showed up yesterday. Everyone seems to be getting them this week, so just hold out for another few days! Ended up being #17/250. Jacket is fine other than a really small seam split on the top (due to the LP not being shipped outside the jacket.) The LP is a bit rough in spots on the outer edge of the wax, it was just cut that way. Center hole is also a bit messy, but these are just nitpicks. Typical signs of a self-released record where they probably used a cheaper pressing plant. As for the sound, I'll be spinning it immediately after work tonight, so I'll report back on that.
  12. Still waiting on my blood red variant from Nuclear Blast. Last I emailed them, they hadn't arrived at the warehouse yet. This isn't a good final half of the year for mailed records lol. Also been waiting 4 months for an order from Gilead due to manufacturing delays.
  13. Sheesh. I really hope mine isn't warped/scratched. I have bad luck with that sorta thing. Fingers crossed.