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  1. Ahh dang it, thanks for the info! Will go with the Banquet variant in that case
  2. Anyone able to see the UO variant? Doesn't show up on the Australian store
  3. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has had direct experience with the Pro-ject Tube Box S2 compared with the phono box? Currently running a Phonobox with a 2M Bronze and it sounds good, but wondering if I'm getting the most out of the 2m Bronze with my current set-up. Unfortunately there aren't many stores in Perth where you can go in and test, the guy at my local record store says it's warmer which I think would work well with the brightness of the 2M Bronze however was hoping there would be people on here who have experiences both phono stages.
  4. Another pressing, these seem to be the only stores with it so far. https://www.impericon.com/au/architects-daybreaker-clear-white-splattered-vinyl.html https://napalmrecords.com/english/daybreaker-clear-white-splatter-vinyl.html Hopefully these make it to 24hundred
  5. 2 new variants going up at 9am ET for those who missed out to accompany the new single (Atropos)
  6. Nabbed a pink even though it seems to be a US exclusive New song was the weakest of the singles so far but still good, the first 4 were bangers
  7. New single is a little meh, hopefully the rest of the album is more dynamic. Stoked they're bringing Sleep Token to Australia, finally get to see them
  8. Digging the new single, I'm assuming black pressing will be available in retail shops?
  9. Looking for both these releases - hit me up if you're looking to offload!
  10. New solo album from Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor, most Periphery fans would have dived into the Bulb demos at some point in their lives. Expensive LPs and merch here: https://store.3dotrecordings.com/ New song:
  11. Ohh damn just stumbled across this thread! Fucking stoked to finally have this in the collection, only pressing left was the pinwheel which I like better anyway
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good upgrade on the Project phono box? I think this is the first thing I'd upgrade
  13. The latest single popped up on my feed and had to check multiple times to make sure it was the same band 😅 Never listened to Rare so wasn't expecting it. Kinda like the new stuff, a little bit turnovery
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to improve my setup and I'm hoping to get some guidance from the community on where the bottleneck in my system is. I've been researching new cartridges and new phono stages but I want to make sure I'm upgrading the right area. My setup: Turntable: Project debut carbon esprit Cartridge: Ortofon 2m Red Phono stage: Project phono box Amp: Onkyo TX-NR575E Speakers: Onkyo SKF 4800, SFC 4800, SKR 4800, SKW-770 Thanks!
  15. New song was better than stop the clocks. This might be a wait to find in store situation
  16. I hope it was always the plan, I'd hate to think that they thought they had to come up with something just to appease a few fans. FWIW, I love weather
  17. Oh, I was saying that "It's not PV" is a perfectly reasonable argument for not liking altogether. All good

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