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  1. Anyone know what is going on with the Studio Ghibli soundtracks (Howl and Spirited Away)? Keep getting emails that the release is delayed by another 2 weeks for like 6 weeks now.
  2. The best one finally came out, only for men who are as strong as a coursing river: https://disneymusic.shop.musictoday.com/product/XVLP85/mulan-picture-vinyl?cp=81712_82104_82047
  3. Didn't someone say the tales remaster was supposed to come out in January? Anyone have any update on the release date?
  4. I just got mine in the mail. Packaging was pretty flimsy, top is a little bent, but nothing bad. It seems to be the original 2007 pressing. At least it says 2007 on the record. Really simple release, just comes with a download code. Vinyl is white/clear. Haven't listened to it yet, I'll post again once I do.
  5. This is super late, but are you still selling? Was interested in Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History.
  6. Finally got Banjo Kazooie. Plus I live in LA, so I can pick up from their store, no shipping cost!
  7. Did anyone actually get one? Seems it might be an error if everyone is posting they didn't get one.
  8. Yea, I would also appreciate it if someone has an extra. I looked at this a minute after 10 and its sold out already? I was so pumped...
  9. You can do what I did and just create a new tumblr account and use that. I still have no idea what tumblr is.
  10. Kind of annoying that you have to register through facebook or one of the other social medias and that it requests access to your friend list. I understand that it's to further promote, but as long as the goal is reached I would figure that would be enough. Also, I would suggesting posting the link on reddit's vinyl page. Would probably help get more supporters.
  11. Sure, I'll sign whatever petition to make that happen.
  12. Nope, I'm guessing there were a lot of messages and just takes a while to go through them all. It's a great list of records so i can see a lot of people being interested.

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