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  1. Lol I got one as well. My wife was like “Do you know what this is?” I cut it half way and saw the paper airplane with words on it and was like “Is this how I die? Some internet stalker mailed me a paper plane?” Guess I gotta buy this now since they payed $0.63 to mail me a plane.
  2. Yeah my A/C are a pretty nice color in color that matches the washed out cover fairly well so not upset. Side B/D are basically just white though because of how the white fades in.
  3. I grabbed a tan of this since I don’t have any copies. All the variants are cool. Also interesting/disappointing that every variant has a different essay by a different band member. Gotta buy them all to read them all? Although TBH I could see why it needs a remaster. I heard about Touché during this album cycle and La Dispute at the same time. I basically chose La Dispute as my preferred sound because TA songs felt cramped or difficult to understand Jeremy. After kinda getting my foot in on the style/genre I went back to TA.
  4. Big oof. Already own the older pressing from a few years back. ~$60 shipped for a 2xLP is not a precedent I want to support.
  5. Nice shout out. Haven’t heard of this game or soundtrack but reading the description I might be interested. Love a decent amount of bands in Warp records and their history. Will load the game up on my Steam Deck and see.
  6. I didn’t report back here? (Edit looks like I did on the last page). It’s good. I had a red SRC copy and I’d put it in my bottom 5 sounding records. Bought the Green Opaque with Black Smoke variant of this repress. Doesn’t look anything like the photo so if that’s a req for you… Otherwise night and day difference. If you look at Discogs, they have different stamps in Deadwax so clearly different plates. Louder, more dynamic. Moderately quiet. I’d give it a 8/10 on Audio.
  7. Absolutely real talk. I’ve ordered a fair number of the Equal Vision represses lately. If they had just announced things together I would have easily saved $40+ in shipping.
  8. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Honestly still like Zia more now though. Have exclusives that aren’t marked up like BV/HardTimes/Newburry, closer to my house so ships faster.
  9. I did the twist. Any idea when The Black Moon gets a drop?
  10. Wondering how big of a release this will be. Set Your Goals “This Will be the Death of Us” got It’s first repress since 2009. Smartpunk has a /500 Blue with Splatter here: https://smartpunkshop.com/products/set-your-goals-this-will-be-the-death-of-us-smartpunk-exclusive I’ve wanted a copy for a while after slacking on eBay copies back in the day.
  11. My guess is the collectors is a 2xLP 45RPM just like all the others. So it doesn't have the appendix the original deluxe was 1xLP at 33RPM + Appendix
  12. Lol. Was curious what the QR code on his guitar was during the video. It just Rick Rolls you saying 'You're welcome -'68". It also has a "Learn More" button that takes you to their IG.
  13. 😪 I've been not looking forward to this day. I like my Deluxe Rainbow Pale Horses. It's got some fun pre-order stories. I couldn't sell that, but I also kinda don't want 2? Yet it's my favorite album. So.....I'm gonna grab this? I wonder if they'll do Untitled. Honestly doesn't make sense other than to put the LP# on the side.
  14. Grabbed the quad, thanks. I had an older Gold pressing and sold it. Lowest price on Discogs right now is $45 for a black copy, and $50 after that. Was patiently waiting for this.
  15. Oh yeah that too. Someone on IG had posted like 3 other new songs that I forgot to list. Good day for music nerds but hot damn, hard to pay attention to it all.
  16. Lol how do I always do this. Forgot about it because I had meetings. Managed to grab the /700 though. Both look kinda meh TBH.
  17. Besides the price of this record, I need to rant about this somewhere. Did every single band agree to release music today? I was pulling an all nighter last night and my YT was flooded. At least just from pure YT, I got: the Callous Daoboys The Word Alive Beartooth Spiritbox DGD Asking Alexandria TDWP has some remix. + All the others bands that already had planned releases today.
  18. Right? That’s the funny part about FoH. They are very much pushing the limits of how much their fans can pay attention to everything between all their side projects and collabs ha. I like it, but get that it might not be for everyone.
  19. Nice. I know I saw that as the second one bouncing around in comments.
  20. I had the same question lol. I hate AM/PM on the 12 numbers. Use 24 Hr codes personally because I'm dumb. I think 12PM EST means noon. So 9AM PST, or whatever timezone you're in.
  21. They did. Recorded right before Roadrunner fest last year or something. Thus the speculation that this is the FOH/Nothing collab.
  22. New Full of Hell release goes live Friday at 12 PM EST. One time pressing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CwS2UxCrTni/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  23. Feel even worse for @N8TRUnow. Just listened to my copy and it sounds pretty good. None of the noticeable hissing he brought up. Actually pretty quiet. I haven’t listened to the original in a long time. Mix sounds alright. C+ to B- quality.
  24. Listening to the green from Sharptone today. Mucccccch better than the src version. Sounds pretty good honestly. Loud parts are loud, quiet parts are quiet. Honestly a good example of what vinyl is supposed to sound like and not just “it’s on par with the digital.”

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