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  1. Anyone got the half/half variants of The Upsides or Suburbia in their possession? I'm seeing a lot of people listing as having it on Discogs, an images are there, which leads me to believe my order is just going to get cancelled.
  2. I have so many records on my spreadsheet right now where the delay email said December 20th. Can't imagine it's actually going to work out for half of them and it's just a placeholder "tell them this date to make it sound like you can get it to customers before the end of the year".
  3. lol yeah they announced a black friday sale on it for 50% of so I went for it. performance was good, but not really "live" since it's clear they did a bunch of takes and stitched it together.
  4. Interesting. I guess this is why I don't use streaming services. I've been paying for Deezer so I can grab releases for my personal server. So I have day 1 downloads of the audio, the video from YouTube, and the vinyl eventually. As God intended.
  5. They're offering refunds to those that want it, honestly ETID could be the one band where this would be cool, assuming people can even perform those parts ha. Updated the post above with links.
  6. Yooo... been reading all the stuff on Twitter and perhaps elsewhere? Timeline-ish: 1. Keith announces on his personal twitter that he'll be taking a hiatus from ETID to prepare for Tid the Season. https://twitter.com/deathoftheparty/status/1466688339009056768?s=20 2. Band announces that they support his mental health break and they'll be performing the setlist without a singer. If you're going to a show, it's basically ETID kareoke now, they posted the setlist and what not. https://twitter.com/everytimeidie/status/1466810079857061889?s=20 3. The juicy parts: Keith said on personal twitter that he overheard they wanted to kick him out of the band? https://twitter.com/deathoftheparty/status/1466831942607851537?s=20 He's been travelling separate from the band in his trailer home, wonder if the band feels like they aren't together. Anyways. Not one to conjecture or gossip beyond what's out there, but can't imagine ETID feeling the same without Keith.
  7. Got mine from purepop. A little sad it's just a thick single jacket with the three records, but otherwise all sound good and colors pop strongly.
  8. I guess since I want a copy of this, I'll have to start watching these sites. I can give one of my secrets away. There's a Chrome extension called Distill that is perfect for this type of situation. The extension can monitor a webpage for changes at a given interval. I just selected to monitor the "SOLD OUT" button on the Rock Bottom page every 3 minutes.
  9. Yeah that song was very background music for me. I honestly couldn't tell you that was a new song or one from an album 8 years ago. They need to evolve, at least a little bit.
  10. None. I listen to everything. I have a separate cube on my shelf of "new records I haven't listened to yet." and work through those first. Eventually everything gets some love.
  11. Didn't sell out. Available below. Don't know why I've held out on buying their records despite being on pretty continuous rotation for me. Didn't realize the colored copies from the first press were so expensive for this ($80+) so grabbed this one. https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13448751/joyce-manor-never-hung-over-again-zia-exclusive-limited-to-300-fruit-punch-colored-vinyl
  12. Reminder that their Flexi deal/winter merch is now available. I was 2 hours late to it, and I'm gonna guess they aren't gonna say when 1,000 orders have been made (since people might not buy the other merch). Hopefully I get one.
  13. Lol my spreadsheet is the cause of me thinking too much about it ha. Have pre-orders going all the way out into August 2022 (Hyper Light Drifter). With these vinyl delays, it's a game of popcorn. I have it sorted by stated release date, but it's anyone's guess as to which records will actually ship. Pretty common to see something way down on my list jump all the way to the top.
  14. Anyone else get an update on their A->B Life Vinyl yet? For It's All Crazy we got the "it's in our warehouse" email on Aug 23, and mine shipped Sep 3. We got the A->B "it's in our warehouse" email on Oct 14 but I've yet to hear anything about my order. Just curious.
  15. Geez. This would be a nice little conspiracy we're uncovering here. I can read the headline now "Nerdy vinyl collectors unknowingly fund drug empire."
  16. Still kinda surprised. Might last another payday for some of you all. 376 splatter, 718 gunsmoke. Anyone hoping to flip a bunch of these is gonna be upset.
  17. lolol. I thought you might have something, added 10 to my cart, but nope. $207 International Courier only, or $487 for 10 records. I'd never be able to sell at that price, despite being $23 cheaper for everyone. Will just have to keep bothering Alcopop.
  18. Sortof surprised as well. Should be easy to get for the next few hours. 823 Smoke, 647 Splatter at the moment.
  19. Oof. Reached out to Alcopop. I was debating ordering this when I saw the email, but that is otherworldly. $73 shipped for a single LP.
  20. To add further info from their IG story, the single is available to stream next Wednesday the 24th. The flexi is /1,000 and will be included for free in any order from their winter merch drop, which is also next Wednesday.
  21. I feel like I need to follow this band more closely. Constantly like their albums, but never bought any. Need to watch that Amperland video. Also glad when Nandi shows up. I liked her early Half Waif material but no so much the recent ones. Love her piano and melody work on Pinegrove stuff though.
  22. This was brought up in the ambient, neoclassical thread. I had never heard of him, and immediately fell in love. I recently had to pull several all nighters to get my masters thesis done, and Pino saved me, allowing me to focus and stay up. The Lost is meh, and now I'm patiently waiting for my ltd record to come in. It shipped about a week ago.
  23. https://www.vulture.com/2021/11/how-to-play-a-vinyl-record-at-45-rpm.html

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