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  1. Nice. Will have to listen. Sold my copy of Home Alone and regret it.
  2. Was just about to post that in the AGBPOL thread. So funny that they’re shipping from his backyard. Hope they are able to burn through those today and/or have a plan for rain though lol.
  3. It should be fine. APET is what's used in plastic soda bottles. If we've learned anything, that stuff is never breaking down and we're doomed with it on the earth forever. So it sounds more like "black soda bottle sleeve around my record jacket". Think of like, the recent Underoath Deluxe editions.
  4. Sigh. Of all the trends out there, this is the most annoying. Pure Noise and New Found Glory have both been doing this forever. Would I have bought the deluxe edition on launch day? Yes. Will I buy it now? No. I already have the album, probably in a variant I like, and I don't want to bother selling my other one just to not have two copies of every record I buy from the label.
  5. I mean... it's better than them not testing it right? They at least know if theirs major static, skips, etc. I feel like a lot of labels stopped checking, or only listen to 1/10, which is how we got a million records from the ETID Parts Unknown press that have 1-3 skips depending on your luck.
  6. yeah I hope that’s not true. I don’t think we ever got positive confirmation on that. It’d honestly be pretty lame to have all the new represses as 12” and then a 2x10”. I generally sort by size so this would be upsetting either way I put them.
  7. Just got an email with an update on 1st press. They confirmed they were able to intercept it at the port before it got to Awesome, so it’s going to them in Portland. Besides having limited mail order staff, sounds positive.
  8. Got an ad for them on IG a month or so back with the lead single. Listened to and while plenty of other bands sound like them, something still sets them apart. Been waiting for the whole album to drop, but otherwise enjoying every album they've put out thus far.
  9. Well yeah, this is a big factor in releases these days. Not to bring it up again, but I got kicked from the Holy Fawn discord for sharing the pressing info (not images). The band responded to me saying the labels all wanted it that way. My conjecture: All the other dealers (Hard Times, Indies, whatever) have it in their contract to not reveal before hand. 1) To increase FOMO, to increase the chance you'll just buy the first variant that you see or gets dropped on VC. If all the links are right there nice and tidy in front of you, you're willing to take the time to get the prettier/cheaper one. 2) To make it less clear how easy it is to get the record. Here we are, all begging friends with tickets to pick us up a copy, all by guaranteeing that it will sell out at FF. Then when the announce for any others come later, we'll both be happy that there are options and they'll have 1-2 less variants to sell through. 3) Reinforces the "go visit the label IG/FB/Twitter", that's where you get the information, not through some random VC forum post that's better put together than what the Intern did in 2 days.
  10. Real estate. Unless you sell out of every record and every variant, you’re going to have lots of back inventory, which requires space. As mentioned in the Topshelf announce, they had their own place but realtors wanted to gouge them and increase rent 32%. Mike Park does it out of his Moms house and does small presses because he can’t have 5K records floating around at a time. Other labels like Lauren Records do it out of their houses. It’s basically one of two methods. House or gamble on renting a place. The other factor is staffing. You might have days where you get 5 orders, so you’d have to have multi-discipline staff that can then go spend the other 7 hours of their day doing something else label related. Otherwise you’re either paying too much orrr you end up bringing in people just for a new pre-order rush, which leads to people not knowing how to pack records, etc. Then you get complaints and no one buys from you anymore, etc. Hard balance.
  11. Oof. No offense, but No Sleep seems like it's been having a hard time, so this could make it even worse for them.
  12. Dude.... I've seen a couple companies go through this process, it's never clean. The acquisition company will fight tooth and nail to keep everything in limbo. Best case scenario, Topshelf will burn a bunch of legal fees showing documentation that the records/merch was theirs and simply located at the facility. I'll definitely be donating. Question is how much. Total side note, was @whoathe only one to get Pono? Wasn't that in transit to them right now? I can wait though....
  13. So really that variant is out of 3,200 now. This is still going to be a crap show my guess. Some might not try again, flippers sure will.
  14. But is it a 2x10”? The same thing happened last week for SF Still Searching. Zia listed it as 2x10” and then quietly adjusted it when everyone else mentioned it to them.
  15. Yeah people would just make a “For Sale” section on their DF. Or show off variant collections publicly, etc Honestly I just want to Discogs to also be more searchable by their base metadata, without me having to put stuff in folders. For example, sometimes when I’m really lazy I’ll look for more 45RPM records in my collection because I don’t want to swap back and forth between speeds. Despite being a field on the release itself, you can’t filter by it. I’d have to create a whole seperate folder or label for “45RPM”. Kinda silly.
  16. As above, it was more of a “collection manager”. For example: You could just have a solid block that was “here’s every record I have” a la Discogs. Or you could go “Here’s the 7s, here’s the 10s, here’s the 12s”. Or a lot of people that variant collect would create a list of every variant they knew of, Color the ones they didn’t have with one color/shade and everyone they did with another. Basically a glorified public spreadsheet, but it had its niche when people wanted control.
  17. Only $400 for the green on eBay. A steal! https://www.ebay.com/itm/314135759974?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=9ecxp3i8sd2&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=rlBo2vERS4G&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  18. I mean we’ve had worse. I lost an hour of my day for both the Fall of Troy and Glassjaw represses.
  19. Lol we hard crashed this one.... I've been able to get the page to come up, but all the checkout pages spin forever. EDIT: Refresh because it failed twice and now I just have a SOMETHING WENT WRONG page.
  20. Why are people still screen recording things? Use a browser extension or command line tool like hlsdl to grab the files from the HLS manifest.
  21. I’d have to look. I don’t use a credit card for online buys. I use an app that generates cards locked to a specific vendor.
  22. Lol I just found out about Mondo’s No Cancellation policy. Honestly kinda lame, but I guess if anyones gonna have one, it’d be them. can imagine a bunch of flippers were just grabbing everything from them without reading descriptions, quantities, etc and then just hoping they could get it cancelled. So anyways, if you want the 2xLP Dune at cost when it ships, let me know. While it’s a great score for the film, I couldn’t connect with it outside of the film.
  23. Vinyl for that Live Release “Thank You For Being Here” Black 180g - Epitaph: https://epitaph.store/product/22549/thank-you-for-being-here-live-lp-black-180g Orange - Band Exclusive: https://theworldisabeautifulplace.limitedrun.com/products/730953-thank-you-for-being-here-band-webstore-exclusive-lp
  24. Yeah never used it, but find it interesting when I hear things like how Jeremy from Touche booked their first tour on those forums.