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  1. Went to the Touché Amoré 1,000 Shows show. Still think La Dispute technically had a better set than Touché. Sad we didn’t get video of all of it.
  2. Got a blue, but I guess I should’ve been on the lookout earlier. Since I’ve mostly abandoned social media, I just go off a list of releases in Consequence of Sound. They mentioned it was releasing on Saturday but I wasn’t sure if it was a typo.
  3. Lol. So a single fat-finger typo on the keyboard can drastically change a variant. Sounds like the plant needs checks for this ha.
  4. I’ve gotten some mystery boxes from them in the past. Willing to trade if I get duplicates.
  5. Site is super weird. It will sometimes say sold out, sometimes say you can add it but that it’s sold out. Grabbed Flower Boy, hopefully they can combine orders if IGOR comes back in stock.
  6. Nice nice. Grabbed a cloudy red from CCA to keep the FOH collection alive. So many variants though + 4 different covers (3 for vinyl, but alt art for the CD/Digital).
  7. I’ve been avoiding responding to not be the labeled the weirdo. But I’ve listened to this a few times. Once without doing anything and paying attention to everything, and then a couple times while studying/working. It actually plays kinda interesting in the latter context because you get mostly silence but enough small details that you get pricked with attention.
  8. I mean I was watching the bar as well, but I'm wondering if shop owners picked them up to sell later. Selling 8K records when various other variants have already been around seems wild, even for a well known band like Gorillaz.
  9. Wondering if stores will have this in stock 8K seems a lot to sell out to individuals in one day.
  10. Interesting since they just about never do represses.
  11. Still need to have a long sit down with this one. Intended to do it at my PC with my nice headphones and DAC, but had to fix some stuff on it. So my first listen was while doing the dishes and couldn't say anything immediately grabbed me hook or melody wise. But given that Hotelier's "Goodness" is in my top 10, I'm more than fine sitting down with the lyrics and perusing this one.
  12. Damn Alex G fans… that soundtrack was 100% the best part of the movie. The main actress also pulled off some decently disturbing scenes, but it is a slow burn that I’d say 85/100 modern people with decreased patience can’t stand.
  13. Just got back from Vacation so got play my white with pink copy. Sounds good and mine looks 3x cooler than the photos I’ve seen. Splatter is so heavy it almost looks like a color in color/blob.
  14. Right? I’m assuming the only way it will correct is if external market factors (recession) force people to stop buying vinyl. Thus labels reduce their quotas and things eventually correct? They could build more factories but the production capacity would have to pass demand for a bit and then they’d end up with unused capacity, which can’t scale down easily.
  15. Seems fair, but that “f you” does come off super mean ha.
  16. And now I’m gonna have to listen to this guy to know if he’s worth my McChicken money.
  17. Just got my shipping email from Merch Connection, I’ve had the record since the 28th. It took them longer to transmit an email that it did to move a physical record.
  18. Lol. As assumed the white w/ pink is underwhelming. Whatever…
  19. Looks like Parts Unknown sold out and they replaced it with another /500 Light Blue w/ Spring Green Splatter My only question is what plates are these from? I bought an EU copy and it was one of the many that skipped.
  20. What they said ☝️. The interview I found also pointed out that besides just being a friend he particularly came up with the name for that album “Lover the Lord has Left Us”. Thus the heart remembering him on the album he named. It’s cool, but definitely could have been explained so I don’t trash on someone’s “In Memoriam” design.
  21. Just got mine as well. It’s my old address though. I updated it and got confirmation from Awesome Distro, but they must not have shared information that. So heads up, if you’ve changed address, you should let them know.
  22. This too. When I saw the heart one I immediately went “WTH is Gared?” Turns out it was a person, Gared O’Donnell, from a band they toured and were friends with who had passed away in 2021. They posted about it somewhere recently (maybe it was just in the part 4 video?) and I was like “Oh that makes sense.” But if you’re just a casual fan, thats never gonna mean anything to anyone.

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