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  1. I have an old Pinegrove tape that contains everything the band has released. it's essentially the "Everything So Far" comp, minus the two newer songs. Hand painted J-card and tape. Also, most of the records on this page are for sale as well. https://deadformat.net/collection/koconnor22 Selling only, no trades, sorry!
  2. Hey guys! I'm selling off all of my collection to afford life! Message me about anything, there's a right price for everything! https://deadformat.net/collection/koconnor22
  3. Assuming you mean the silk screen cover? I'd like, and also not sure about what PBTT/YBI! split you're talking about..
  4. Haha nah man these are more blue than that, like a lighter blue. But thanks anyway! Still a rare boy, I already have it thought http://imgur.com/kEDiQH8(Not my image)
  5. The silk screened cover, I believe should be a lighter color. Could you be able to post a picture of it? Thanks!
  6. Hey y'all, looking for... Mansions - any Pianos Become the Teeth - any Tigers Jaw - Belongs to the Dead, Tiny Empires split (silk screened cover /100), Chumped - Teenage Retirement Foxing - The Albatross Thanks!!!!!
  7. The Tigers Jaw Hum CMJ release isn't black with gray splatter..... I have 65/200, and it's just solid black. There's only four pressings of it, the colored ones that were available online and this. Only an alternate cover, that's all.