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  1. Pre-order Shy Girls first* album Salt. Available in standard, black for $18 or limited edition (25 copies) red, which include "high-quality photographs" for $45. Release date is January 20th. Available through: Hit City USA Bandcamp (Same item costs, but Bandcamp's shipping is $1 cheaper) *The record lists Salt as a debut album, but Shy Girls' 4WZ should be considered his first full length.
  2. Awesome. Just yesterday I was looking through bookmarked 'to-buys,' which included some NOS of Donuts, but had since sold out. Thanks for the post.
  3. $45 at Music Direct. Shipping is a little pricey, free if over $99: http://www.musicdirect.com/p-347683-phish-rift-limited-edition-180g-vinyl-2lp.aspx
  4. I'm looking too! I read that the JEMP store would carry some of the other pressings too. Having no Phish in my collection: Lawn Boy, Nectar, and Junta — any and all — would be stellar.
  5. dyllaaan

    PO: DangerDOOM reissue

    180g...split across 2 LPs.
  6. dyllaaan

    PO: DangerDOOM reissue

    Just got shipping confirmation. STOKED
  7. dyllaaan

    PO: DangerDOOM reissue

    I didn't receive an e-mail either. I have an order confirmation; hopefully I'm still being sent one... EDIT: I was.
  8. Try and flatten them? What do you have to lose?
  9. Anyone else pick up the clear limited variant? Lot's of surface noise. Otherwise, awesome sounding album.
  10. MF'ing FJM's botched I Love You, Honeybear release and trying to figure out WTF was going on.
  11. Sub Pop took 6 days to respond with an official: You're on the list. Hang in there if you're still waiting.
  12. And just like many Loser Editions, they sold out before the release date. I don't know that the fuck you're talking about.
  13. Wow, where'd you hear that? Haven't all Loser Editions been available for preorder only — once the release date hit, it was no longer available; just like the deluxe edition?
  14. The deluxe edition was in lieu of SP's typical Loser Edition. Preorder or bust. I would reckon leftovers would be sent back to retailers, but we'll have to see. Haha, for real. What a turd sandwich.