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  1. Yeah of course I am making this up, Here is my yelp review of the store, dated 4/25/16. Yes I left a few details out like all the phone calls the promise to hold etc. But he did gauge me. My Mind’s Eye $$ Music & DVDs, Vinyl Records 16010 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH 44107 4/25/2016 I spoke to someone on Thursday who told me a particular RSD title would be in either Thursday or Friday, and asked me to call back after 5:00 pm on Thursday. I called, it didn't come in, said it would be there Friday. I explained my work hours, he committed to holding the item until Sunday. I show up Saturday night with my daughter (who it was for) and I ask about the item. The guy looks at me with a straight face, tells me they are gone, sold out. I then reminded him he was suppose to hold one for me, he took my name and number, suddenly he finds one that is on hold for someone else but will give it to me since we drove almost an hour to get it. Then he lays it on me, he wants 3 times what the retail of the item is! It is a new record that just came out, but he wants what "market' is on the item. So I can either fork it over or disappoint my daughter. Unethical and Unscrupulous. Never again will I walk into that record store, he had the opportunity to make a customer for life, instead he wanted a quick, extra dollar. Never Again.
  2. Same store that gouged me for $25 on a Gerard Way 7" a few years ago. Drove an hour to get there and then gouged me because it was for my daughter and she was with me. Haven't stepped foot in that store since.
  3. Oldmusicbidnessguy

    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Thanks @aju2streets ordered this morning as soon as I saw your post. It is now back up to $19 and change.
  4. Oldmusicbidnessguy

    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    I ordered two teals, one has a hype sticker stating teal and the other doesn't, UPC codes match. Should I be concerned? They are Christmas gifts, I shop early, so I can't open.
  5. Anyone get their Banquet orders yet? I ordered on 5/3. On 5/17 they reached out to me telling me 2 of my 3 were on hold and the third was expected any day now. Order details show 2 items picked and 1 waiting an update.
  6. Oldmusicbidnessguy

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I ordered 2 lps and a box set, and they were shipped in a box within a box, arrived perfectly,
  7. Oldmusicbidnessguy

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Has anyone had issues with Deep Discount? I've only placed 2 orders this year, the first one I ordered only sleeves, and they shipped me 3 blu-ray discs, and the last order everything was correct, but they added in an extra lp. Last company that did that to/for me was Hastings and well, they aren't around anymore. Just wondering.
  8. just the issue that they don't ship their RSD product. Call them at the store. some people have had luck getting some of their orders shipped that way, my suggestion would to be not order from them based off my experience, they rank up their with SRC in my opinion.
  9. http://catalog.1234gorecords.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=96&products_id=22598 There you go.
  10. I hope so, i got my credit card statement today and I have already been charged in full. I did get one of those update emails yesterday or the day before. Hope it all works out.
  11. I hope so, i got my credit card statement today and I have already been charged in full. I did get one of those update emails yesterday or the day before. Hope it all works out.
  12. Did they follow up with you on 05/7? I placed an order on 5/3 and haven't heard a thing yet.
  13. Thanks @freezeflash, I had just about given up hope, this is the thing I wanted the most this RSD. Also picked up the Cars, and the Lenny Kravitz. Hope they ship, I have had nothing but problems for the most part with canceled orders, etc. Thanks again!
  14. I finally had to call the Record Exchange in Idaho, since I haven't received a shipping confirmation from them, They don't fill orders based on first in first out or any type of retail method, my order was still sitting there untouched from 3 days ago and they were sold out on all 3 items, Sundays, Wombats and U2. He apologized, told me he would get them removed from the site. DO NOT order from them.
  15. Very confused on the deluxe version, I ordered it through Best Buy, does it exist outside of the Gorillaz store or not? Strangely, the item is no longer available on their website, but my order is still open/not cancelled. I did read through a lot of this thread, but can't find a concrete answer. So Thanks!