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  1. I called the post office, they told me it must have missed the initial scan and won't show up in any systems and that it should be on the way. I don't know if I buy it or not
  2. I got an extra copy of the indie version. Don't know how I ordered 2 but I did. Anyone want it for cost? Shoot me a message
  3. Justin Sane - Life, Love and the Pursuit of Justice Does anyone know why this isn't on vinyl? I would assume A-F records would have the rights to it
  4. I missed out on the black, I really wanted it. Ordered an indie variant of anyone ever wants to trade
  5. I have bought way to many records this year, need to sell some to make up for it. All is PPD to the states. Childish Gambino - because the internet (with script) 130 Bayside - killing time (cream) 80 Can't Swim - this too won't pass (transparent blood red with black and gold splatter. Screen printed alternate cover /100) 45 The Game - L.A.X. - 45 Green Day - international super hits (Orange) 55 Phantom Planet - the guest (orange/white swirl) 60
  6. First time ordering from this site. Been about an hour since I ordered band haven't gotten a confirmation email, is that normal?
  7. Looking for a copy of The Money Pit S/T, either Variant.
  8. Entire collection is for sell. Nothing is off limits. Shipping US is 5 bucks for Media mail. We can talk about multiple records. Will ship international. No holds and must pay within 24 hours. First come, first served. Buyer pays the PayPal fees. https://www.discogs.com/user/cbolling126/collection