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  1. Yes, this is the rarer variant. If either of you are willing to sell, please let me know. I'm down to buy it...but I'm not sure if yours is still in decent condition, brandnew haha. But for real, himynameisjoe, let me know!
  2. Please PLEASE tell me the Anberlin Godspeed 7 inch was the marble Peach color and not that translucent Orange variation... If so, I'll cry because I need it.
  3. You're an Anberlin Demigod if you were able to snag both. How did you come across a Stranger Ways?!
  4. I snagged a FGD a few weeks ago. Definitely a stellar price. Too bad it's not the LE version :/
  5. Is this the Peach marbled one? The listing has it as translucent orange but I personally think it looks like the Peach marbled version I own: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anberlin-Godspeed-b-w-The-Unwinding-Cable-Car-7-45rpm-orange-colored-vinyl-/131439833900?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e9a6cb32c
  6. Thanks! I'm very surprised the band/label isn't aware of that type of info...maybe it's not that major of a deal to them?
  7. I'll be camping out days ahead of time, just to make sure you don't screw me out of my set Shoot, for real? I guess I haven't done all my research. Looks like I have the marble version...I think. The sun doesn't come through it like it does on my Lowborn vinyl. Looks like I need to add another to my list.
  8. I didn't even know there was a normal version of Godspeed. I'll have to look into that.
  9. I stumbled on it with about 30 minutes left on eBay. I was super surprised nobody had jumped on it. How much have you been seeing it? Oooooohh, I'm definitely down to talk! I'll PM you my email, mind sending me pics? Hey no worries, man! I've been a forumer for years, so I understand posting etiquette and such. But ya, being brand new here I was taken back slightly, so I decided to go Alpha and assert my dominance back Let's be friends? <3
  10. You came off pretty much as "STFU, you're wrong...it's DEFINITELY coming." I personally feel it's going to be awhile and could possibly not happen, but if you feel the opposite...no big! You'd be surprised, I picked up the Godspeed 7" for 30 bucks shipped a few weeks back on eBay.
  11. Me too! I've been doing some scouting and have seen some deals but the seller's prices weren't in correlation the grade they were asking for. I managed to snag BFTBM at $27 shipped last month, still stoked about that one! I've been a serious fan since the release of NTFP. I've read interviews, watched videos and have met them in person at many shows, but I suppose I must bow to your expertise in advanced knowledge of "Anberlin Vinyldom".
  12. I'm definitely aware of the incoming box set. However, they've been teasing a box set for many years now with no fruition. I'd rather get first pressings snatched up in case the box set is super far out/doesn't happen. Plus, I highly doubt that New Surrender will be pressed in the same capacity, but here's to hoping!
  13. Anberlin is my all time favorite band and I'm looking to complete my vinyl collection, any of you care to help? I need: Feel Good Drag/The Perfect Tourniquet 7" Stranger Ways 7" Godspeed/Unwinding Cable Car Transparent Orange Let's talk if you're willing to deal!