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  1. Anyone posted Amarok yet? Crushing, epic funeral doom. FFO: Cough, Chrch, Bell Witch, Indian, etc. https://amarok.bandcamp.com
  2. Freki

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Damn. How was the shipping?
  3. Freki

    (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    I'd prob be down for Skarntyde if this gets traction.
  4. Nice heads up on getting Spurv from Canada. Ended up being $3US cheaper than ordering from the states, even with shipping.
  5. Hope you've recovered from your ordeal.
  6. Freki

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    They corrected the price and issued refunds. Can't argue with that.
  7. Yeah it seems financially unwise for him to release a trilogy on vinyl, considering the /300 of Anomie is still available. (And that album got a lot of acclaim last year.) If he were to issue an editted-down 2LP version of the new stuff, I'd buy in a heartbeat.
  8. Giant Squid was always an interesting act. Been looking forward to this.
  9. Freki

    PO: Kubbi - Taiga

    I stumbled on this album because I follow Unreqvited (Canada), who I discovered because they're on the same label as Violet Cold (Azerbaijan), and when the former posted it on FB I recognized the cover artist as a local (Colorado) that I've met a couple times and bought a few prints from. The internet is crazy. But yeah, good album.
  10. Yeah it gave me that notice as well. Then I got the text message from my cc company. *shrug*
  11. Anyone else have their cc flag Southern Lord as a fraudulent charge? No biggie as I could just PayPal but still weird.
  12. Yeah they don't do the big crescendo thing. That's not really a fault, imho.
  13. Check out Watter. They infuse acoustic & world sounds with occasional forays into heavier chords & drone-y stuff. Really lush textures and arrangements. And they only have 2 albums so it's not a big commitment.