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  1. Anyone know the cheapest shipping option for the new Saor to the US?
  2. Anyone posted Amarok yet? Crushing, epic funeral doom. FFO: Cough, Chrch, Bell Witch, Indian, etc. https://amarok.bandcamp.com
  3. I'd prob be down for Skarntyde if this gets traction.
  4. Nice heads up on getting Spurv from Canada. Ended up being $3US cheaper than ordering from the states, even with shipping.
  5. They corrected the price and issued refunds. Can't argue with that.
  6. Yeah it seems financially unwise for him to release a trilogy on vinyl, considering the /300 of Anomie is still available. (And that album got a lot of acclaim last year.) If he were to issue an editted-down 2LP version of the new stuff, I'd buy in a heartbeat.
  7. Giant Squid was always an interesting act. Been looking forward to this.
  8. I stumbled on this album because I follow Unreqvited (Canada), who I discovered because they're on the same label as Violet Cold (Azerbaijan), and when the former posted it on FB I recognized the cover artist as a local (Colorado) that I've met a couple times and bought a few prints from. The internet is crazy. But yeah, good album.
  9. Yeah it gave me that notice as well. Then I got the text message from my cc company. *shrug*
  10. Anyone else have their cc flag Southern Lord as a fraudulent charge? No biggie as I could just PayPal but still weird.