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  1. https://gripsweat.com/item/143631744387/melvins-electroretard-for-leo Money laundering?
  2. Album available on your favorite streaming service!
  3. Not yet i still see an option to order. Maybe try to get there not from my link, in the first minute the server crashed
  4. New version foe Cherry Tree limited to 1500 https://cherrytreeshop.americanmary.com/featured/tn050063-the-national-high-violet-expanded-edition-lp-cherry-tre/
  5. Anyone that looking for a copy now it's open to non members also just grabbed one!
  6. Pre order Long -awaited Reissue Of Their Classic Album from 2003. 2xLP Limited Edition of 500, Blue Colored Vinyl Double Gatefold Sleeve with High Gloss Finish Printed Inner Sleeves . Sleeve designed by Doron Edot. All Orders will be shipped not later than February 1th
  7. Any one knows if it will be released at this RSD?
  8. I’m pretty sure they said everyone who sign up before 1/1/19 will get the vol. 1, after this date you will get vol. 2. It was a guy who work for Cherry tree said that.
  9. Kind of a weird question but those someone know about a FB page that raffle Mondo prints?
  10. Can you tell me more about the record club? I can not seem to find info about it.