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  1. All my lowest PPD prices for VC peeps. Still welcome to offer for multiples, but don't lowball, thanks. X SOLD 50 Cent - Get Rich Die Tryin' (2xLP EX/EX Lenticular Cover) - $15 As Tall as Lions - S/T (12" Baby Blue NM/NM Sealed one side open to verify colour) - $25 As Tall as Lions - S/T (12" Baby Blue NM/NM Sealed one side open to verify colour) - $25 X SOLD Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto (12" Black VG+/VG) - $10 Copeland - Eat Sleep Repeat (12" Clear NM/NM Sealed one side open technically) - $20 X SOLD Copeland - Ixora (CD Twin Edition Box Set NM/EX) - $20 Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (2xLP Black EX/VG+) - $80 Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (12" White NM/NM Sealed one side open technically) - $30 X SOLD Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (CD Special Edition Box Set NM/VG+) - $15 X SOLD The Dear Hunter - Color Spectrum (CD Complete Collection Box Set NM/VG+) - $10 Death Cab for Cutie - Keys and Codes Remix EP (12" NM/VG+ 108/500) - $20 Death Cab for Cutie - Prove My Hypotheses (7" Black EX/VG+) - $15 Death Cab for Cutie - Prove My Hypotheses (7" Clear NM/VG) - $15 Hellogoodbye - When We First Met (7" White NM/NM) - $15 Innerpartysystem - S/T (2xLP VG+/VG) - $10 X SOLD Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams (12" Black VG+/VG+) - $10 X SOLD Kill Bill - Vol. 1 (12" Black European Import NM/VG+) - $15 X SOLD Kill Bill - Vol. 2 (12" Black European Import NM/VG) - $10 X SOLD The Lulls in Traffic/States Split EP (10" Clear Yellow /300 NM/EX) - $25 X SOLD Maroon 5 - Hands All Over (2xLP EX/VG+) - $120 X SOLD Nas - Illmatic (12" Black VG+/VG+) - $10 X SOLD Pharrell Williams - Girl (12" Black VG+/VG+) - $10 RJD2 - 2002-2010 (6xLP Box Set Black w/ Autographed Print #1129 NM/EX) - $40 X SOLD Sam Sparro - In The Lonely Hour (12" Black NM/VG+ Autographed on Cover) - $30 Sia - We Are Born (12" Black European Import NM/EX) - $20 FREE/OBO Autographs to throw in: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/119373-26-autographs-up-for-grabs-or-best-offer/ Photos are all on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Music-/11233/m.html?_ssn=angie4life14
  2. All 10 for $60ppd for VC users only. They're in excellent condition, no screws included, but I've left half a black command strip on back (a few bucks on Amazon). It costs $107ppd for 10 new ones on their website. I have it up on eBay for $75 ppd. (feel free to look at the pics) http://www.ebay.com/itm/EXCELLENT-USED-LOT-OF-10-Black-RECORDS-ON-WALLS-FRAME-w-COMMAND-STRIP-/191824777193?hash=item2ca9a5cfe9:g:g90AAOSwll1W0l7u Also willing to break them up, though mailing one is hardly worth it... I'm happy to do one for $15, and every additional one you want +$5 (i.e. 5 for $15+(4x$5)=$35). On their website, one is for $21, and +$10 for each one up to 8. I really like that I can look at my records AND take them off to play without removing the glass from a ordinary frame. In fact, I am keeping another 30 for myself, but can't use them all. I've already sold 6 on eBay, but I prefer VC people! (also willing to throw in any of the free autographs from here: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/119373-26-autographs-up-for-grabs-or-best-offer/) Thanks
  3. I'd happily send 1/2 of the ones listed for free to people if they cover shipping/fees via paypal. BUMP!
  4. These autographs want to hang on your pretty walls, or make a nice present. They don't want to be thrown out as garbage, or sold on eBay soul-less. Heck, I'll even send some for FREE if you cover shipping and fees...($3) But for the nicer stuff, offer something reasonable and it's your's ($8+?) Authenticity? Obtained via A. Official preorders; B. Shows; C. Work in Music Biz //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Academy Is... - Autographed/Signed "Fast Times at Barrington High" CD Booklet FREE Barcelona - Autographed/Signed "Absolutes" CD Booklet FREE Basement Jaxx - Autographed/Signed "Scars" CD Booklet/Foldout Mini Poster FREE Circa Survive - On Letting Go (CD w/ Autographed/Signed CD Booklet Excellent) Cute is What We Aim For - Rotation (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Booklet Excellent) Eye Alaska - Autographed/Signed "Genesis Underground" CD Booklet FREE Innerpartysystem - S/T (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Cover Excellent) FREE Jack's Mannequin - Autographed/Signed "The Glass Passenger" CD Booklet Kimbra - Vows (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Booklet Excellent) The Limousines - Hush (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Cover Excellent) FREE The Limousines - Handwritten Autographed/Signed "Very Busy People" Lyric Sheet FREE The Morning Of - Autographed/Signed "The Way I Fell In" CD Booklet FREE OneRepublic - Autographed/Signed "If I Lose Myself" Lyric Sheet OneRepublic - Autographed/Signed "Native" 12" Numbered 33/1500 Lithograph Owl City - Autographed/Signed "Ocean Eyes" CD Case (No CD) Sam Smith - The Lonely Hour (CD Brand New Sealed w/ Autographed/Signed CD Booklet) Sam Smith - Autographed "The Lonely Hour" CD Booklet FREE Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots (CD Digipak w/ Autographed/Signed on Sleeve Very Good - some shelfwear) Shiny Toy Guns - "III" Album Autographed/Signed 12" Album Flat Print (Website Excellent) Sia - Some People Have Real Problems (CD w/ Autographed/Signed Cardboard Sleeve Excellent) Story of the Year - Autographed/Signed "The Constant" CD Booklet FREE The Temper Trap - Autographed/Signed "The Temper Trap S/T" CD Booklet This Century - Autographed/Signed "To Love and Back" CD Booklet FREE X SOLD Thursday - Autographed/Signed "The House Lights" CD Booklet Wale - Autographed/Signed "Attention Deficit" CD Booklet FREE
  5. Less than 12 hours!!! Price drops and sale updates. BUMP!
  6. Less than 12 hours!!! Price suggestions indicate that they're pending, but also the suggested lowest market value (not asking). BUMP!
  7. Some of the records/items are up on eBay...get them at a lower price than asking here if you wanna have a go. Links are posted above next to items that are up. If there are no bids, you are welcome to still take the VC price I've listed here, as well as be eligible for free items. Thanks for for looking!
  8. One more bump before I start putting stuff up on eBay. Need to sell quicker and move...today's the last day of the month! Thanks all.
  9. Willing to offer $80ppd or...trade from my list here: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/119133-crazy-sale-vinyl-rarities-autographs-cds-5101520free-shipping-stuff-over-30/#entry2534810
  10. MAJOR UPDATE Thanks buyers and lookers for all the support! I've just updated sales, added 100 CD's, and put up some more rarities like my second copies of Juturna and The Barsuk Years. I've also dropped significantly on some prices!
  11. Over $30, free media mail. Over $60, free priority. Under $30, flat rate $5 for media mail. About to re-do this sale...a few sold, but easier to have people make their own lot's :]
  12. EVERYTHING SOLD OUT, THANKS EVERYBODY!!! THE SALES PITCH Moving sale...need all the funds I can to "start over" and avoid bankruptcy. Everything is negotiable, but don't be a lowballing jerk please. A lot of the same items are posted in Discogs, but I've reduced prices for VC and DF specifically. I will start selling the highest priced items on eBay soon, you are welcome to bid! I am often the original owner, and have obtained all autographs/rare items in person or through pre-orders. I keep all my records upright, controlled climate, many of them unplayed, or played only once/twice. The rating usually pertains to the outside cover and sleeves. Photos available upon request. Most damage, if any, occurred from shipping to me, and from normal shelfwear. I usually ship within 24-48 hours. Sometimes a weekend happens. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// --> EVERY $30 YOU SPEND, GET A $5 ITEM FOR FREE!!! <-- THE DEAL WITH SHIPPING... All orders under $30, flat rate shipping $5 for media mail. All orders over $30 will include free media mail shipping. All orders over $100 will include free priority mail shipping. (i.e. $60 = free media mail shipping, and either 2 $5 items, or 1 $10 item) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// HANG UP YOUR PRETTY STUFF! X SOLD Records on Walls (Website - no screws, but one half of the Command Black Strip left on) - $5/frame + shipping (I have 22) or A RACK FOR YOUR STACK? X SOLD Black Record Stand ($100 USD/75 GBP at Urban Outfitters Very Good)...$80ppd (eBay) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THE "PRICEY" STUFF - ALL PPD PRICES (OBO, or Best Offer) X SOLD The Academy Is... - Almost Here (12" Kelly Green /1000 Very Good - some minor spine tear)...$30 (eBay) X SOLD The Album Leaf - One Day I'll Be On Time (2xLP Black Excellent)...$50 X SOLD Anberlin - Blueprints for the Black Market...$60 X SOLD Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal (12" Black RSD /1000 Excellent)...$100 (eBay) X SOLD Anberlin - New Surrender (2xLP Clear Orange/Green Excellent - mint vinyl, minor spine tear/creases)...$180 (eBay) X SOLD Anberlin - Vital" Stretched Canvas Print 49/50 (Website Excellent)...$50 X SOLD Anchor & Braille - Felt (12" Black /100 Excellent)...$35 (eBay) X SOLD Circa Survive - The Inuit Sessions (CD Excellent)...$35 X SOLD Circa Survive - Juturna (12" Picture Disc Excellent - never played vinyl, slight wear/creases to cover sleeve)...$180 (eBay) X SOLD Circa Survive - Violent Waves Painted Jacket (40/111 Excellent)...$250 X SOLD Circa Survive - Violent Waves Collector's Box (Working Hinges Excellent)...$200 X SOLD Coldplay - The Singles 1999-2006 (13x7" Near Mint interior/vinyl, Very Good outside box)...$80 X SOLD Copeland - Ixora (12" Blue Splatter /300 Excellent)...$80 X SOLD The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum (12" Clear Excellent)...$40 (eBay) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie - The Barsuk Years (8x12" Black Box Set 566/1500 w/ Correct Labels Unused Download Card and Autographed Print Near Mint Never Played Records, Very Good Outer Box - some scuffs and 2" oil damage)...$180 (eBay) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes (12" Marble Light Blue w/ Red Label 1st Press Very Good - slightly creased sleeve)...$50 (eBay) X SOLD Death Cab for Fiver (7" Black Excellent)...$40 X SOLD Dredg - El Cielo (2xLP Black Excellent)...$90 (eBay) X SOLD Dredg - Leitmotif (2xLP Black Excellent)...$200 X SOLD Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion (2xLP Black Excellent)...$60 X SOLD Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You? (12" White First Pressing /1000 Excellent)...$50 (eBay) X SOLD Maroon 5 - Overexposed (12" Black with Collector's Packaging Excellent)...$200 X SOLD Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2xLP Green 62/1000 Excellent)...$40 (eBay) X SOLD The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die (2xLP 2013 Reissue Black Excellent)...$50 (eBay) X SOLD OneRepublic - Native (12" Black Very Good)...$50 X SOLD OneRepublic - Native (2xLP Black Special Edition Very Good)...$80 X SOLD The Postal Service - Give Up (3xLP Loser Edition Red/White/Clear /3750 Excellent)...$45 X SOLD The Rocket Summer - Hello, Good Friend (2xLP Clear Blue Very Good)...$35 X SOLD Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu Soundtrack (2xLP Red/Blue Excellent)...$100 X SOLD Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History (12" White Excellent)...$35 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// $5 X SOLD The Album Leaf - The Red Tour [EP] (CD Excellent) X SOLD Anberlin - "Vital" Album Cover 12" Album Flat Print (Website /350 Excellent) X SOLD Anberlin - "Someone, Anyone" 12" Album Flat Print (Website /350 Excellent) X SOLD Copeland - 3x Ixora Art Postcard Prints X SOLD The Dear Hunter - Act I: The Lake South the River North (CD Excellent) X SOLD Jason Mraz - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things (2xCD w/ DVD Limited Edition Excellent) X SOLD Saosin - Autographed/Signed "In Search of Solid Ground" CD Booklet X SOLD Sons - Autographed/Signed "Keep Quiet" Poster $10 X SOLD Barcelona - Not Quite Yours (12" Black Very Good - some creases on cover, vinyl unplayed) X SOLD Circa Survive - Appendage [EP] (CD RSD Excellent - very slight crease/shelfwear, unplayed disc) X SOLD City of God Soundtrack (12" Black Very Good - very slight cardboard sleeve damage) X SOLD Coldplay - Up with the Birds/UFO (7" Black Very Good) X SOLD Copeland - Autographed/Signed Screenprinted 12" "Ixora" Print Poster Limited to 300 X SOLD Girls Volume 1: Music from the HBO Original Series (12" Pink Excellent) X SOLD Foals - Antidotes (12" Black Sealed) X SOLD Grizzly Bear - Shields (2xLP Black Excellent) $15 X SOLD Anberlin - One Million Miles of Photographs (Ten Years on the Road with Anberlin) Book (Excellent) X SOLD Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful (2xLP Very Good - 2 inch tear on top edge of outer sleeve) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie by Autumn de Wilde (Book w/ Fold-out Print Poster Excellent) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie - Underwater! (7" Black Very Good - some slight water warp on sleeve) X SOLD A Fine Frenzy - The Story of Pines by Alison Sudol (Book with Print Excellent) $20 X SOLD The Album Leaf - An Orchestrated Rise to Fall (12" Black w/ 7" Blue Very Good - some normal shelfwear) X SOLD Anberlin - "Modern Age" Hand Written Lyrics Autographed/Signed by Stephen Christian (/50) X SOLD Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (2xLP Root Beer Brown /1500 Sealed) X SOLD Copeland - You Are My Sunshine (2xLP Root Beer Brown /1500 Sealed) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie - Kintsugi (2xLP White/Gold w/ CD Sealed) X SOLD Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt (2xLP Black + 10" Excellent) X SOLD Straylight Run - S/T (12" Brown Marble Very Good) X SOLD Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon (12" Black Excellent) X SOLD As Tall as Lions - S/T (12" Baby Blue w/ Die Cut Cover /500 Semi-Sealed - opened to see colour, slight creases) $25 X SOLD Anberlin - Dark is the Way, Light is a Place (12" Black Excellent) X SOLD As Tall as Lions - S/T (12" Baby Blue with Die Cut Cover /500 Semi-Sealed - opened to see colour) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes (12" Black w/ Red Label 1st Press Very Good - faded sleeve) (eBay) X SOLD Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes (12" Marble Blue w/ Blue Label 2nd Press Excellent - minor crease in sleeve) (eBay) X SOLD Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist (2xLP Black Gator Skin Box Set Excellent) COLLECTOR'S ITEMS X SOLD The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum Complete Collection (CD Box Set Excellent) X SOLD Hoodie Allen - All American (CD Excellent) X SOLD Hellogoodbye - OMGHGBDVDROTFL DVD (Very Good) X SOLD Hellogoodbye - Would it Kill You? Plastic Wallet (Very Good) (eBay) X SOLD OneRepublic - Eddie Fisher Drumsticks (From Dreaming Out Loud Tour)
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    Weeknd still available? Inbox full can't send ya anymore messages
  14. Yes it's a rare limited OOP book and print (with a printed note from Alison Sudol) that I got with the preorder of the CD - no vinyl pressing as far as I know! Don't think you can buy this book...anywhere?! I have a different cover than the one here: http://jenlobo.com/the-story-of-pines-book/ And it reads very nicely with the album playing :] Screenshots of the eBook: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-story-of-pines/id566407128?mt=11 Here's the short film:
  15. Thanks all for the response and purchases! A couple of bundles sold, a couple of prices dropped - BUMP! Help me clear out this post :]
  16. Got a little complicated, so moved to... http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/119133-crazy-sale-vinyl-rarities-autographs-cds-5101520free-shipping-stuff-over-30/
  17. I have a few on my list http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/118568-moving-out-sale-100-records-for-sale-circa-survive-copeland-death-cab-jacks-mannequin-etc/
  18. Bump, added a few more records and dropped a few more prices. Thanks everybody for buying 61 records so far 119 more still listed!