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  1. This seems to be present on a lot of the albums that I am re-sleeving. Is this normal? Or maybe because of something I’m doing wrong in storage?
  2. Cool. Regarding inner sleeves, I bought MoFi “Original Master” sleeves...is it a good idea to use these instead of the normal paper sleeves whenever possible?
  3. Forgive the ignorance, but I just want to be sure I understand what you mean when you say to stack records “vertical”...did you mean #1 or #2?
  4. Hey everyone, I’m somewhat new to the vinyl world, especially when it comes to storage practices. I’ve done some research over the past few days and was surprised at how much thought goes into vinyl storage. I have around 50 vinyl albums and I’m sure that my collection is going to continue to grow larger. Some of these albums are really special to me...limited editions, special pressings, etc, and I really want to make sure that I keep everything in great shape. What do you guys suggest? I would assume that although there are tons of different strategies, there are a few golden rules that everyone agrees on. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance. Really enjoying the forum so far.
  5. Thanks very much everyone. Going over your options and purchasing something today.
  6. Hello everyone, I’m relatively new to the vinyl collection world. I’ve already researched this topic and have gotten some good ideas, but I still think that enthusiasts giving current answers from a respected forum is hard to beat. I have some albums with 4+ records and a thicker cover as a result. I’m looking for clear outer sleeves to use for protection and storage that will fit these larger albums. Any suggestions for particular brands?
  7. As I mentioned, I already did and I found it very useful but I was hoping for more recommendations than the short list in there. I ended up buying an Orbit by U-Turn...maybe they're just great salesmen but everything they described sounded like exactly what I was looking for. The ability to upgrade down the line is great too. Now to find out why on earth anybody would pay over $1,000 for a cartridge...
  8. Everything you guys are saying makes sense. I absolutely already know that there are few reasons to try and justify built-in speakers. It was more of a novelty for me, and for some reason hooking up a set of nice speakers took all the "magic" away from playing a record. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but in any case, I completely understand. I have some nice speakers already, so that can open up some room for a higher quality turn table. Now that you guys have revealed that a sub par piece of equipment can actually damage your vinyl over time, it's going to be eating away at me, so let's talk about how I can get a decent setup going. With speakers already taken care of, I guess I need a nice high quality turntable...suggestions for models that won't break my wallet? Edit: This U-Turn Orbit looks like it's exactly what I need...
  9. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to the boards. I'm a professional musician and started collecting vinyl about a year ago. I totally fell in love with it and want to get a bit more serious. I have a pretty simple question, but let me start by saying I did read the sticky thread about buying entry level turntables. I figured at almost two years old, I'm sure there are new models out there for suggestion. Here goes... My current turntable was a gift, a Jensen JTA 460. It suits my basic needs but there's one thing really bothering me. It's playing records a bit too fast, causing playback pitch to be about a half step too high. Besides noticing a slight difference in sound, this bothers me because I can't play along to any records. Jensen has offered to service it and try to repair the issue. This made me think about buying a new unit altogether. This model was about $80. I don't need something that produces killer Hi-Fi sound quality, nor do I need it to posses the ability to convert records to a digital format. I really just want something that is dependable, plays at the correct speed, sounds decent through its built in speakers, and is under $200... So is it worth sending in for a repair or should I look at getting a new unit?

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