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  1. Bro sent people postcards. He gifted me a few records he felt I was missing from my collection for being his plug for stuff he couldn’t have shipped directly. Definitely a pure soul. I’ve had a box of stuff for him for like eight years but I haven’t heard from him and have no way to contact him. Definitely hope he’s doing very well. Awesome guy.
  2. Yo that shirt doesn’t fit me anymore, it’s time to bring it back!!!!
  3. I’m not crazy about color vinyl, but since I have the rest of their albums in the color/theme of the album, it’s a little lame I have to settle for black this time. Oh well. Thoughts and prayers.
  4. This one seems to be readily available, but I still haven’t listened to it. I need to find a reasonable copy of this and Crash Love.
  5. I really enjoy this EP. it’s the first thing I’ve really gotten into since I sort of quit following AFI after decemberunderground. that said, Crash Love really grew on me lately, and I sort of regret not picking it up on vinyl. AFI were one of my favorite bands from high school into my early 20s. I haven’t listened to Burials or the “blood album” yet.
  6. My local shop has this listed. Before I drop $30 on it, how does it sound?
  7. I celebrate their entire catalogue. I finally picked this up. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet as I moved and haven’t set up my stereo. anybody gone to the shows? What kind of merch are they selling?
  8. I have a rough copy of Kick Out The Jams, but I don’t own the other two. I was holding out for a major deal on represses or original copies to come into my hands. This is pretty much a no-brainer for me. anybody seeing any of the shows? I’m going to the State Theater date in Detroit and possibly the Saint Andrews date as the budget allows.
  9. MC5 TOTAL ASSAULT: 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is a limited boxed set that features all three of the band's albums pressed on colored vinyl. Available September 21. Pre-order your copy here: https://Rhino.lnk.to/TotalAssaultLP $55 isn’t too bad considering represses are about $20 each. I’m probably going to get one. MC5 rules.
  10. Yeah, I mean, pretty much fuck that guy for what is implied here. I don't need the details.
  11. Yeah...yikes. Somewhere in here is a line that isn't super well defined. at first I sort of read it as him saying he recognizes this behavior in himself and is working to eradicate it. Which, kudos I guess. It's part of learning and growing. But the implication is that he's done something ugly someone else is going to have to live with and that...too much. i will freely admit that my reading of this was very much colored by my past experiences with Ian and Adam, which have all been very positive.
  12. I have an original team thundercougarfalconbird shirt, but i would buy another.
  13. I am 21. Is this like the Stonecutters? Is it better to have a lower number? Patience, Steve...climb the ladder...
  14. I just suggested the name. I still wear that shirt sometimes! I do wish I had another one, though. I don't remember who designed them, but I think Eric printed them.
  15. I ordered two from dhgate. One came quickly and turned out really great; the other shipped quickly, but tracking showed it never left the country. The seller refused to refund me, but dhgate did anyway.
  16. I have twice tried to order the first four Ramones records when they were in stock...the most recent time, months later, I got an email saying that my order was cancelled because they were out of stock. I have had other orders cancelled after the fact for being "out of stock," but that one really bummed me out. It was a pretty solid deal. Kinda soured me on ordering again. Kudos for listening to feedback and trying to improve, anyway!
  17. What sites are people using now? It looks like AliExpress has cracked down on jerseys. I'm considering dhgate.
  18. I saw some old school VCers at a show recently. It was loud so I wrote TEAM THUNDERCOUGARFALCONBIRD 4 LYFE I STILL BELIEVE! and held it up for them. that got a pretty big laugh. I'm better at VC irl.
  19. Ah! Thanks anyway. A few people messaged me to try fiverr, so I went with that. Thanks though!

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