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  1. i'm just gonna write Kanye's name on the ballot
  2. anyone successful in shipping from amazon.jp to the USA?
  3. oh, nice. didn't know they were being reworked.
  4. where? the three box legacy set is showing up as a $194.99 preorder for me.
  5. yeah, Weather is a great track and the other two tracks without Saint Sinner (Easy & Into the Woods) sound like classic Tycho to me. i'm totally fine if their sound never "evolves" and we just get classic Tycho for years to come. interested to hear what the instrumental version sounds like, but even the music on the Saint Sinner tracks sounds a little unfinished to me, almost like they had some scraps that they just tossed her vocals on.
  6. man, i thought this album went full vaporwave but then realized i was listening at the wrong speed for all of side A. the album should've been called Tycho + Saint Sinner, or under a different alias altogether. was kinda disappointing to see them break the aesthetic of the earlier album designs and add another artist to the album while still under the "Tycho" moniker. seems a little out of place when compared with all their other works.
  7. record arrived from Amazon Japan. they just tossed the record in a bigger box, so it got jostled pretty good coming from Japan and has the obligatory 2 inch seam split on top of the jacket.
  8. oh wow, they have Mariah Carey - Daydream in the store.
  9. wow. didn't realized they moved all 6k copies of the new albums from flightless. guess i slept too long on those. thought they might stick around a minute like Fishies.
  10. i wasn't the biggest fan of Migration, but that's a solid tune. ordered from bleep thinking there would at least be another track. somehow i missed the "single-sided" part in the item description. welp, hope this proves to be a $17 banger. appears to be a limited run of 500.
  11. derp. of course it is. shoutout to @Charles Barkley tho for helping me grab a copy.
  12. anyone willing to help me get a copy of Trust In The Life Force Of The Deep Mystery - THE COMET IS COMING from the VMP store? VMP link: https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/the-comet-is-coming-trust-in-the-life-force-of-the-deep-mystery pls PM me
  13. does anyone know if the Slide pressing in the bundle is the blue on blue splatter? or the black repress? or a different version altogether? edit: looks like it's probably the blue on black Slide repress: https://music.georgeclanton.com/

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