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  1. anyone willing to help me get a copy of Trust In The Life Force Of The Deep Mystery - THE COMET IS COMING from the VMP store? VMP link: https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/the-comet-is-coming-trust-in-the-life-force-of-the-deep-mystery pls PM me
  2. does anyone know if the Slide pressing in the bundle is the blue on blue splatter? or the black repress? or a different version altogether? edit: looks like it's probably the blue on black Slide repress: https://music.georgeclanton.com/
  3. got it. that makes sense. i pulled the trigger on the amazon version, so will see if that goes through.
  4. yeah, i'm gonna have fun with this one. i've been trying to find the original albums for some of these tracks at a good price and it's not easy.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/90S-Dance-Anthems-Various-Artists/dp/B07QJ7V4W3
  6. no kidding. appreciate it. i gave you some fake internet points.
  7. apparently clicking the wrong button. i hit pre-order instead and didn't notice the larger BUY button. trying now... now it's showing out of stock, but i was able to complete and pay for my order.
  8. not taking orders anymore. that price also seems really low for 3xLP. any other links you know of? would love to grab a copy.
  9. damn. forgot to check VMP for april and got stuck with coal miner's daughter.
  10. just FYI that 000069, 000420, 000666, and 006969 are already taken