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  1. Exactly. You could spend literally half as much and go to a 2-3 day festival and spend the other half to travel and accommodate there and have, like, more bang for your buck. People massively stressing out to ridiculously overpay (for a show that's part of a massive tour and not a one of a kind sort of experience) to be surrounded by tens-of-thousands of rich white teenagers in a football stadium for 3 hours is super weird to me, but if you got it like that and your spouse won't leave you over it and you won't massively regret your decision immediately, more power to you. Honestly not judging, just baffled by this whole Taylor breaking Ticketmaster thing.
  2. I can't imagine telling anyone I know in real life I spent almost $2k on two Taylor Swift tickets.
  3. I haven't been able to keep up with new music this year at all. What are the best metal releases of this year?
  4. You're literally complaining that everyone who wants a copy will be able to get one. If you actually want it to own it and not sell it for triple the price on Discogs, why do you care how many copies get pressed?
  5. There will be multiple pressings of the same variants. That's why there's no numbers. If they announced 2500 copies or whatever, and then repressed them, people would be pissed that they announced 2500.
  6. Absolutely both! Wasn't talking shit. Just justifying one by mentioning another.
  7. Yeah, with all the people who ape old emo/pop punk stuff on here, it would be kind of silly to call this a guilty pleasure. There is def a market for this reissue in 2022. I have been on a huge nostalgia kick this year and Limp Bizkit def holds up for me.
  8. Is it stupid that I'm fucking excited to try and get that pinwheel variant? Need some Limp Bizkit in my collection.
  9. I'm glad I already saw Blink with Tom in 2002 and 2009. I can't imagine paying the price these tickets are going for to see this shit in 2023.
  10. My .5 from Bullmoose is scheduled for delivery today! AHIG looks like August 26 release now, based on two of my pre-orders.
  11. Mine still says "Arriving June 27 - June 28", but I was charged this morning and now it says shipped with an Amazon tracking number. Sooo, I may get it tomorrow?
  12. So, there were rumors that Vol. 3 and All Hope Is Gone were cancelled. My Amazon Vol. 3 is still on track for June 28 shipping, but my Bullmoose All Hope Is Gone is delayed to December 31, 2025. This being put up is a good sign, no?
  13. I think if you pay with a credit card, they put a placeholder charge on your account. Otherwise, debit or PayPal, they charge straightaway.
  14. Pre-ordered Follow the Leader, because I don't already have it.
  15. I've had a super tough time catching up on movies this year, buuuttt... I watched The Northman last night. Killer stuff. I'd put it right up there with the other 2 Eggers movies, which are a couple of my favorites of all time. Not horror, but I watched Everything Everywhere All At Once too, and holy shit!! What a fucking movie. I saw X last weekend and loved it. Planning to watch The Innocents and You Won't Be Alone over the next couple days. Also reeealllly want to see Men asap. Then I'll be caught up on my most anticipated movies of the year.
  16. CM Punk vs Hangman in a week Owen Hart Tournament coming to a close Sasha and Naomi walked out of WWE Wardlow might be getting "War Pigs" as theme music Lots of other stuff going on!
  17. All Hope Is Gone is probably my least favorite Slipknot album, but I'm all in at this point. Let's go!
  18. Mine is sitting in front of my door and from the delivery photo it looks like it's in a mailer. Maybe they shipped yours in a mailer IN a plastic bag. Fingers crossed.
  19. Iowa being delivered tomorrow from Amazon. Cancelled my stalled Bullmoose order.
  20. Did anyone order Iowa or Vol. 3 through Bullmoose? Both orders had an expected delivery date a couple days ago. Now they both say "Order should ship around" with no date and "This product is only available at store locations". And both item pages have been completely removed from the site.

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