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  1. Mine still says "Arriving June 27 - June 28", but I was charged this morning and now it says shipped with an Amazon tracking number. Sooo, I may get it tomorrow?
  2. So, there were rumors that Vol. 3 and All Hope Is Gone were cancelled. My Amazon Vol. 3 is still on track for June 28 shipping, but my Bullmoose All Hope Is Gone is delayed to December 31, 2025. This being put up is a good sign, no?
  3. I think if you pay with a credit card, they put a placeholder charge on your account. Otherwise, debit or PayPal, they charge straightaway.
  4. Pre-ordered Follow the Leader, because I don't already have it.
  5. I've had a super tough time catching up on movies this year, buuuttt... I watched The Northman last night. Killer stuff. I'd put it right up there with the other 2 Eggers movies, which are a couple of my favorites of all time. Not horror, but I watched Everything Everywhere All At Once too, and holy shit!! What a fucking movie. I saw X last weekend and loved it. Planning to watch The Innocents and You Won't Be Alone over the next couple days. Also reeealllly want to see Men asap. Then I'll be caught up on my most anticipated movies of the year.
  6. CM Punk vs Hangman in a week Owen Hart Tournament coming to a close Sasha and Naomi walked out of WWE Wardlow might be getting "War Pigs" as theme music Lots of other stuff going on!
  7. All Hope Is Gone is probably my least favorite Slipknot album, but I'm all in at this point. Let's go!
  8. Mine is sitting in front of my door and from the delivery photo it looks like it's in a mailer. Maybe they shipped yours in a mailer IN a plastic bag. Fingers crossed.
  9. Iowa being delivered tomorrow from Amazon. Cancelled my stalled Bullmoose order.
  10. Did anyone order Iowa or Vol. 3 through Bullmoose? Both orders had an expected delivery date a couple days ago. Now they both say "Order should ship around" with no date and "This product is only available at store locations". And both item pages have been completely removed from the site.
  11. Pre-ordered Vol. 3 through Bullmoose this morning. Now it's no longer available.
  12. Amazon updated the "Violet" listing with the original promo pic. The other two still don't have pictures. I'm super skeptical that there's actually three different purple variants.
  13. Reminds me of how, like, Earache Records will repress everything on whatever color. Altars of Madness on green vinyl, Left Hand Path on orange vinyl, etc. These pressing colors aren't ideal, but I'll be happy to own them.
  14. My email from Rough Trade said it was delayed until Dec. 31 2022. It also had a disclaimer that said "Please note if the New Release Date is labelled as 31st December, this is a placeholder on our side and indicates that we do not currently have a confirmed release date. Once we have better information, we will update this accordingly." So who knows?
  15. Brother out here throwing out yuck slurs like it's the internet in the year 2000.
  16. I saw KoRn two weeks ago for the first time ever. Was a big fan when I was a kid (Follow the Leader, Issues era) but hadn't listened to them in forever. It was my first show since the pandemic started, so I really just wanted to go see a big show. They were seriously great. So was Code Orange. I think I'm gonna go see Limp Bizkit too. 2022 is the year I knock out all the nu-metal bands I grew up with off my bucket list. EDIT: Also seeing Slipknot for the first time in June.
  17. Soooo, Danielson/Mox/Regal gonna take over AEW or what? 👊
  18. The thing about this card is that I would be cool with either result for almost every match. If Kenny wins we riot though. I have a feeling the ending of the show will be one of the most emotional moments in wrestling (at least American wrestling) in a long long time and absolutely historic for AEW. 🤠
  19. Holy smokes, this PPV tonight is going to be an all timer. Omega vs Hangman Prediction: Hangman 100% Baker vs Conti Prediction: Baker 100% Danielson vs Miro Prediction: Miro Inner Circle vs ATT Prediction: Inner Circle Lucha Bros vs FTR Prediction: Lucha Bros Darby vs MJF Prediction: Darby Punk vs Kingston Prediction: Punk Christian/Jurassic Express vs Superkliq Prediction: (flip a coin) Superkliq Cody/Pac vs Black/Andrade Prediction: (flip a coin) Black/Andrade Shida/Rosa vs Hayter/Nyla Prediction: Shida/Rosa
  20. Don't really have any idea what this is, but he's coming here (KC) and it's fucking Bruce Dickinson, so I may go.
  21. Oof, I've only seen the clip of Finn flopping around like a fish. I hope we get to see "Prince Devitt is All Elite" someday.
  22. On the fence with this. I signed back up to VMP to get the Three 6 album and kind of want this, but I don't know if I'd ever play it.

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