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  1. The mix on the original press of rotting pinata was disappointing. Felt like the vinyl was a 90's after-thought release that didnt get the attention it deserved. Will definitely buy, candy corn color or not, but I just hope it sounds better. Wax too- definitely down with that
  2. Emanative's last release on Brownswood with Giles Peterson now fetches some $$ $, and is a great play for sure. Check this new one out- just a single edition and looks like it's self-released this time New album via his BC: https://emanative.bandcamp.com/album/earth The last one, The Light Years of Darkness: https://stevereidfoundation.bandcamp.com/album/the-light-years-of-the-darkness
  3. A few very limited screen print editions available still; see the video on the BC page for how they printed it: https://radiojuicy.bandcamp.com/album/gods-plan Three songs to listen to there, but also check out their last vinyl release, Nightmare city here: https://radiojuicy.bandcamp.com/album/nightmare-city
  4. Typically recordstore.co.uk specifies upfront card, print vs vinyl. I am disappointed too-
  5. Happy to help unfuck your wallet and buy the tp from you
  6. Dont forget the reel to reel for $500
  7. They've had this up for a few months now.. kinda surprised it didn't sell out
  8. Darnoc

    PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    Arrival date, at least ^ Nothing else discernable from BC
  9. I would totally buy a single repress for the nightrider theme song
  10. Darnoc

    PO: White Denim - Performance

    Great opportunity for albums, but cant believe how expensive shipping is- completely outrageous. The must be shipped from some remote Nepalese village or something to justify those costs
  11. Well at least the VMP pressung wont change from 500. On red vinyl while it lasts: https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/kaamal-williams-the-return-red-vinyl-ltd-to-500
  12. 45 left now- Found oddisee when he released the odd tape instrumental album. Great beats; hopefully they repress the beauty in all as apart of the series too
  13. I'll take one as well if you're willing to help!
  14. Darnoc

    PO: FUEL - Sunburn

    Thanks for the heads up on that too. I have the original press for that, and also fuel it turns out, too. Just put them on, and I hope these get pressed with better quality/remastered. Not that my system's all that great or anything, but it doesnt feel like the 90's first presses got the love they deserved here..
  15. Darnoc

    PO: FUEL - Sunburn

    I remember fuel- had some good songs and yeah, this was never on vinyl before. Looks like red's the one to get at x300