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  1. Finally a repress! Even better, it got remastered so the flatness and imbalance in the original press should hopefully be smoothed over. There's white(x300) and candy corn(x700) plus a bundle to save $5 - get it now https://merchnow.com/catalogs/sponge
  2. Tey just need to pull a mofi- number the first 500 and make as many more as they want
  3. Right you are- they must have pulled them down when the reissues crashed everything. I had checked minutes before reissues went live and saw a good inventory. Guessing they will come back too this week
  4. yep, still up, but the most limited version sold out the day it went up
  5. Ordered from napalm eu- they had some patches I wanted and shipping wasnt that much more
  6. There's a shipping break- i own the float/odd combo and odd standalone, but these I'd play regularly vs sit on a shelf in plastic
  7. Wb, 12 bar and elts all have reworked artwork
  8. It's gonna be a blloooodd bbaaaattthh! I totally think they will drop the small and large pressings simultaneously- that's what they did for orb
  9. only 200 copies - these come signed on an exclsuive silk-screneed cover and the first s/t goes for a pretty penny, so worth grabbing the exclusive. More importantly, their music just rocks all the way through their albums, imo https://modernoutsider.bigcartel.com/product/missing-something-limited-edition
  10. I echo this as well- all about preference. I like float along and oddiments the best, while others here swear by their later records. I'm glad kgatlw has changed it up so much
  11. Sounds like he may be getting over his mid career crisis?
  12. The mix on the original press of rotting pinata was disappointing. Felt like the vinyl was a 90's after-thought release that didnt get the attention it deserved. Will definitely buy, candy corn color or not, but I just hope it sounds better. Wax too- definitely down with that
  13. Emanative's last release on Brownswood with Giles Peterson now fetches some $$ $, and is a great play for sure. Check this new one out- just a single edition and looks like it's self-released this time New album via his BC: https://emanative.bandcamp.com/album/earth The last one, The Light Years of Darkness: https://stevereidfoundation.bandcamp.com/album/the-light-years-of-the-darkness
  14. A few very limited screen print editions available still; see the video on the BC page for how they printed it: https://radiojuicy.bandcamp.com/album/gods-plan Three songs to listen to there, but also check out their last vinyl release, Nightmare city here: https://radiojuicy.bandcamp.com/album/nightmare-city