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  1. Nothing confirmed yet but its still in the works, Smartpunk are talking about limited merch items, screen printed posters or special limited records.... Special limited records seems a bit counter-intuitive right?
  2. Havent heard anything yet? Really dont understand why they didnt just stick with the original numbers, even after overselling? Easy fix Looks like they've added extra pressings to accommodate the demand and just made up the numbers after the fact. Be interesting to see what they do with the test pressing numbers
  3. Stoked, mine is on the way too! Listened to the album a few times and love the sound, its proper LBDAS in form, but I find the lyrics a bit cringey sometimes. Seems to be a common problem in this genre though, so pretty used to it. New sounds are better than none
  4. Smartpunk have said on Insta that they are waiting to hear from the band about "hand numbered or limited items for those who ordered the /300 pressings first. Update to come soon"" "something a lot cooler than us hand numbering something" What a shambles, hate to think how many test press bundles they've sold by now?
  5. Wonder what the story with the test presses will be? Gutted if you shelled out $270 thinking you got an /10 test in the bundle and they do this to you. Shitty move overall, made even shittier by JRs response. Stoked Im finally getting these though
  6. Looks like these are finally coming out! Smartpunk are teasing both for Wednesday 12pm EDT LTJ teasing a surprise for the same time Stoked!
  7. Looks like B is for B Sides is going to be up too! Smartpunk on Instagram
  8. Smartpunk Wednesday 12pm EDT Anthem vinyl finally maybe hopefully?
  9. Hey Pat, any chance you could shed some light on the Decline Live pressing numbers? Theres some wild numbers out there!