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  1. Im getting my LTJ preorders mixed up.... been so long!
  2. They should’ve used those covers for the /300 variant they oversold. Wonder if there’s still something happening for those
  3. I never been, I live in New Zealand, but if you pick up a Decline for me, I will reward you with cash! 👍
  4. Interested to see if you get the red with the bundle I still gotta what for these to ship to Australia, then New Zealand so might be 2021 before I find out....
  5. Its so fun seeing them popping up everywhere but my house... And where'd this one come from? Maybe the bundle variant? https://www.discogs.com/NOFX-The-Decline-Live-At-Red-Rocks/release/16019243
  6. Still got all 3 here https://24hundred.net/collections/less-than-jake
  7. Awesome! On youtube too, listening now I havent been a big fan since the Anthem era but Sound The Alarm got me interested again and excited for more I like this too, its solid, catchy LTJ, been on repeat for a while now Cant wait to see all the variants and merch tomorrow, its on!
  8. That’s such a cool looking record, well done Fat, now get em down to NZ!
  9. Stoked to grab an /300, still a few left here: https://24hundred.net/collections/red-city-radio How cool is the artwork and variant colours, cant wait for this!
  10. Red City Radio - Paradise (Dec 4th) https://redcityradio.com/ https://merchnow.com/catalogs/red-city-radio 300 - PN Webstore Exclusive - Electric Blue w/ Grey & Neon Pink Twist 400 - PN Webstore Exclusive 2 - Grey, Black & Neon Pink Aside Bside 400 - US Indie Retail - Clear w/ Heavy Grey, Neon Pink and Cyan Blue Splatter 400 - UK / EU Half Baby Pink / Half Neon Pink w/ Heavy Black Splatter 500 - Various - Neon Pink in Electric Blue New Single
  11. Still waiting for mine from ArtistFirst, delayed til September Anyone got a bundle version yet? Wondering if theres a different colour, the blue and yellow looks so awesome One for sale for 130euros ....
  12. Love everything they do, getting this for sure!
  13. Nothing confirmed yet but its still in the works, Smartpunk are talking about limited merch items, screen printed posters or special limited records.... Special limited records seems a bit counter-intuitive right?
  14. Havent heard anything yet? Really dont understand why they didnt just stick with the original numbers, even after overselling? Easy fix Looks like they've added extra pressings to accommodate the demand and just made up the numbers after the fact. Be interesting to see what they do with the test pressing numbers
  15. Stoked, mine is on the way too! Listened to the album a few times and love the sound, its proper LBDAS in form, but I find the lyrics a bit cringey sometimes. Seems to be a common problem in this genre though, so pretty used to it. New sounds are better than none