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  1. The official fattest of all things fat, whos got the fattest wallet?
  2. Stoked to grab a colour, this and PunkoRama started the obsession for me way back
  3. That’s fast! I’ll have to have a look again, trouble is im a sucker for the colours
  4. I’ve pretty much given up on getting anything posted lately, last Artist First purchase I tried to make, they said no postage to NZ? Put together a youpost package ex US in December of a few releases, cost a fortune and still hasn’t arrived?
  5. https://consequenceofsound.net/2021/02/nofx-single-album-track-by-track-stream/?new=true NOFX stream 4 new songs... thoughts?
  6. No doubt they’ll be more polished versions, but still not new. After bragging about 30+ new songs, this just kinda sucks. I thought linewlium was exclusive to the live Decline vinyl too?
  7. I’m gonna pass. 4 new songs, is this another bad Fat Mike joke?
  8. Up at Artist First https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/fat-wreck-chords/products/rarities-vol-2-the-originals-colour-vinyl
  9. Not the box set but still cool! https://fatwreck.com/products/rarities-vol-2-the-originals?mc_cid=0b25072aac&mc_eid=0832f6d72e https://fatwreck.com/products/no-use-for-a-name-rarities-vol-2-color-vinyl-bundle?mc_cid=0b25072aac&mc_eid=0832f6d72e
  10. I know not to hype myself up on a new NOFX based on the last few releases but theres a teenage, nostalgic part of my brain that just wont let them go... Damn, the only reason I ever talked to my future (now) wife was because she was wearing a Punk in Drublic tshirt! Yea Im old. Anyway, where'd these fuckin ads come from? Sorry for spamming the thread.... I should be getting paid for that shit Ha!
  11. Hope they wait til they're in hand like Never Trust a Hippy, that was an awesome surprise and went out super quick, but Im guessing we'll see preorders for bigger sales I really wanna have high hopes for this one considering how many tracks they had and how long they've sat on it, but Im not confident after hearing this on the podcast....... "The first song on the record is 6 minutes, called “The Big Drag” and it has no pattern, crazy chords played at different measures and Smelly said they could never pull it off live lol." ....or are they just messing with us cause 6mins of no pattern, crazy chords etc... does sound like a Big Drag?
  12. Ordered that sweet looking rasta stripe /300 variant through 24Hundred the moment they went up and they just emailed me today to say they oversold and I miss out. Gutted.
  13. I emailed them because I got a shipping notification saying Indie variant and they said my order was still “Noted” as /300 variant? confusing I know...
  14. I got the same result. /300 koozie bundle, now Indie variant bundle.... I questioned them on it and they reckon its still /300 variant but after seeing the notification above, I doubt it
  15. Theres more NOFX variants coming... Green Hell had a link to a yellow Check story below about a yellow black version https://www.instagram.com/tmom.merch/?hl=en
  16. Green Hell had it listed as a yellow variant, so may be some more popping up yet?
  17. Keep an eye on this https://greenhell.de/NoFx-Never-Trust-A-Hippy-Reissue Link worked earlier
  18. I love the fact that these arent an open pre-order and are on hand ready to ship, stoked on this, cant wait! 150 NOFX left, hurry
  19. Yea, no preorder, these are ready to go. 530 left of NOFX
  20. https://fatwreck.com/ NOFX - Never Trust A Hippy! Finally! And a couple others
  21. Pretty sure the first /300 were the colour in colour variant, its been a while though, dunno Heres hoping they come up with something better than matches!?

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