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  1. I literally bought a few records off them a week or so ago and they arrived no problem. I've ordered a few before when it was Monkey Boy Records too. Answered their email within 2 days this time and never had issues with them before. Might be worth messaging them on Facebook and their website too, if you haven't already?
  2. Completely missed the ball on this one and it's absolutely cracking. On the lookout for any of the variants apart from black if anyone pops up in the UK!
  3. Looking to get this gone asap - will take offers around the 75 mark!
  4. I'm looking to get rid of my copy of The Devil and God by Brand New. I'll be honest and say I've got two copies of the record so I'm looking to shift one. The Record has barely been played and is it great condition - I can send over pictures if you're after them! Looking for £90 (Seems to be the going rate on Discogs) but send me over offers and I'll consider everything. I'm based in the UK but I'm more than happy to ship internationally but it would be at your own cost. Cheers!
  5. On holiday in Miami and picked up the UO exclusive in store. They had about 7 copies when I checked so should be pretty easy to get it in store elsewhere.
  6. Got this in the post today. I was expecting an opaque yellow but it's actually a clear yellow with a kind of yellow smoke. A lot nicer than I expected it to be! Can also confirm that my jacket isn't individually numbered (I got it from an indie record store).
  7. Got shipping confirmation on this from the KP store today. New track is great.
  8. I got a copy of this when I pre ordered the record and I genuinely have no need for a CD as I'm waiting on the record. I'm not really sure what to price this as so feel free to shoot me offers. It's completely unopened and I haven't really touched it at all, I don't even think I have a CD player haha I'm keen on trades for records too but i'm based in the UK so it might be tricky with you folks from the USA. I don't mind shipping to the US either!
  9. Just got one of the CD's through the post today! I ordered the record during the second wave/after the site went down the first time round. No.89/500
  10. http://www.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/lp5 Apparently it's limited to 5000. Regardless of that I'm stoked that I managed to grab one. Hope it's worth the £55 + import charges.