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  1. These have to be leftovers from the first press. There's no way they would be able to repress it so quickly and still have the same problem
  2. Got my replacements today, Disc 1 still has noise Lame
  3. These guys have just announced their European run and the UK dates are dire. The only show in the north is a festival in Manchester for which tickets cost £70. Nah. Actually, looking at it, this tour is kinda oddly skewed; 1 show in France, but 5 in Germany? Odd.
  4. jcllnsn

    Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    Nope. Haven't seen it in any stores, and can't see it on any UK webstores, not even UK Amazon.
  5. jcllnsn

    Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    Those that have it, what's the sleeve like?
  6. Apparently my violet copy is getting dispatched today. So excited for this record. Anyone know who Sargent House UK use for shipping? They've given me a tracking number but no company, so I don't know where to enter the number.
  7. jcllnsn

    Savages - Adore Life (1/22/16)

    Great band. Looking forward to this album.
  8. Pepto pink? Which variant is that? I don't remember seeing one of those, sounds sweet tho
  9. http://sargenthouse.awesomedistro.com/products/559476-deafheaven-new-bermuda-cd-lp-preorder I think this might be an exception to the rule? It appears to be an EU store selling a coloured deluxe cover. I can assume the description is correct as they're delayed like the rest of the deluxe covers.
  10. jcllnsn

    Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    Mastered by Bernie Grundman, nice. I've heard a couple of things from him, they've always sounded incredible.
  11. I don't think it's the same in the US, but in the UK most stores (including the official Deafheaven ones) describe a deluxe and a standard sleeve. To be fair, it does look incredible. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/114752-deafheaven-new-bermuda/?p=2361444
  12. IIRC there was some confusion much earlier in the thread (in the teens I think in terms of page number) as to which variants actually came with the fancy sleeve, where they were pressed, etc. I can't really remember the outcome.
  13. Cool, thanks. The thing looks like a damn painting, I'm looking forward to get it in the post. That green looks sweet too.
  14. I ordered one of these. Given that it was revealed that some of the US variants didn't come with the deluxe sleeve but were listed as such, do you guys reckon that this will be the same? The sleeve looks incredible, and I want to make sure I get a copy. http://sargenthouse.awesomedistro.com/products/559476-deafheaven-new-bermuda-cd-lp-preorder