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  1. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - Soul of a Woman - is out November 17th. Pre-orders begin shipping November 13th. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings' final studio album, Soul of a Woman is a lush, orchestral masterpiece. A true testament to the life and career of Daptone's fearless leader and one of the world's greatest performers. In the year prior to her death from pancreatic cancer in 2016, Sharon Jones toured and performed tirelessly, and was also the subject of Miss Sharon Jones!, an acclaimed documentary by Oscar-Winning director Barbara Kopple. Yet somehow, the beloved and heroic soul singer found time to complete a studio album. Soul of a Woman features eleven songs which reveal that the emotion, dynamics, and drama of Jones' voice remained at full power until her final days. Pre-order Options Include: Limited Turquoise color vinyl LP - 1 Per Customer Turquoise Color Vinyl LP with choice of slipmat (single, not a pair). - 1 Per Customer Men's Grey and Navy Blue T-shirts w/Standard (Black Color Vinyl) LP Soul of a Woman Slipmat (Single / Pair) Sharon Jones High School Portrait Slipmat (Single / Pair) Soul of a Woman + It's A Holiday Soul Party Album Bundles daptonerecords.com
  2. Did anybody that ordered the black on black version on day one actually get any stickers or patches as promised? Got my copy in and there were none.
  3. Was going to wait to pick it up at my local shop, but just pre-ordered this version. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Barnes & Noble appears to have signed copies of the deluxe edition for $30.99 + shipping! Beast Epic [Signed Edition] [Includes Download] [B&N Exclusive]
  5. I messaged DME on Facebook and they said the Defenders singles will be up on the site either at the end of August or beginning of September!
  6. This should be good for another couple downloads. Noah Gundersen - The Sound sendowl.com/orders/download
  7. So excited for this one! Really digging the singles released so far. These guys have been one of my favorite bands ever since I saw them back in 2006!
  8. Anybody need one of the blue copies? I ordered one from Amoeba for $35.98, but ended up picking one up at my local shop too to get the lithograph. Happy to let go of my sealed extra for cost + a couple $$ for shipping.
  9. Preorder for Noah Gundersen's new album, White Noise is now available with test pressings, signed copies and other bundles! Preorder Link
  10. Local shop here in Orlando has some blue copies to sell, and lithographs, stickers and posters to give out!