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  1. 17 minutes ago, iDealélan said:

    No refund either, I’ve had two different support folks with different results. I’m just out the money, with no record. And now support is closed.

    The cloudy splatter is always a reliable option, I’ll admit. Didn’t find out they were out of the /200 until I sent the cloudy back to them (they got it today). Really hope they can at least send the cloudy back to me, but at this rate they won’t reply for at least another day or two. Who knows what the warehouse will do with the cloudy in that time…

    That’s such a weird (and shitty) limbo to be in, I would definitely be just as disheartened as you are.  Silver lining is that the transaction is so clearly bungled right now – the fact you don’t even have a basic refund is asinine to me – that it could potentially shake out a few different ways.  It does sound like I wouldn’t hold my breath for a /200 at this point, but hopefully they can at least rectify the situation without leaving you completely empty-handed or back at square one.

    I’ve never had that kind of luck with Relapse before.  Super annoying.  I get that mistakes do occasionally happen but it’s odd to me that more than 1 person got the wrong variant, too.  It’s not like they haven’t been doing this whole vinyl mailorder thing for 30 years now.

  2. 52 minutes ago, iDealélan said:

    They totally oversold the /199. Relapse replied to me asking me to send the Cloudy back. Then emailed me after they received it to tell me - they have no more of the /199. So now I have NO record. Fuck Relapse for this.

    So they just refunded you altogether?  That’s some trash, if so.

    I know it’s not what you paid for, especially since the /200 was more expensive, but I thought the cloudy variant turned out so nice.  (The blue especially is a much closer fit to the album art than any of the other variants – I opted for it over everything else and I’ve got no regrets.)  But I can’t believe Relapse wouldn’t let you keep it… or that they won’t send it back to you – on top of a partial refund – after admitting they oversold your intended variant.

  3. 1 hour ago, Shitty Rambo said:

    Gas, groceries, and taxes.

    I mean, yeah.  Hopefully you get what I actually meant though.

    1 hour ago, mitchard said:

    I'll often times buy something based on liking a couple singles or a good live performance, just to check it out the rest while supporting the shop, label, or band. Doesn't hurt too bad at $20-$25 or whatever for a single LP, but as prices keeping inching higher, it'll be hard to continue justifying it to myself. 

    Damn, I really do respect supporting labels, shops, and bands as best as I can… but it sounds like you’re far more receptive to new buys than I am.

    Not saying that my way is the best way to consume music, but I do have a specific glide path for an album to earn its spot on my shelf.  (Especially as someone who values quality over quantity, and just shelf space in general.)  I feel like it has treated me really well and kept me away from regrettable buys.

    I don’t know if it’d value you at all – and I’m hardly the only person who does this; not trying to say I’ve trademarked some perfect system to establish a record’s value or desire – but Curiosity to Purchase is a methodical journey that I follow pretty habitually.  Not that you or anyone asked, but curious if anyone does something similar:

    (I’d throw all this shit in one of those spoiler tags to avoid a wall of text, if I could.  But VC took those away for some reason.  So, sorry.)

    Someone will tell me to check out an artist or band.  I’ll Google them to see if they’ve got a bandcamp.  This lets me determine a few things right off the bat.  Like if vinyl even is available to begin with (or sold out), or what the price of the digital download may be, if there is one.  And most importantly, it lets me preview a couple of songs to make sure the album is within the realm of something I’ll even enjoy.

    I’ve decided I could be into the album, so now it’s off to Spotify to give it an open-minded listen.  Why not just start with a Spotify stream?  When I don’t have time for a full album, I’ll opt to just “play my library” (shuffle).  It works better when Spotify doesn’t remember all the junk I’ve decided is not for me.  I’m sure there’s a way to go in and clear your history / plays – and maybe some folks get value from exploring aimlessly and keeping a log of everything they’ve played – but I personally don’t.  Plus, if the stream treats me well, scoping out the bandcamp page helps me shift to…

    I’ve decided that as a whole, this album is a banger.  Or I think it is.  Maybe.  It could be.  I’ll need another listen or two in a different setting, and so now it’s time to secure a copy digitally.  There’s a number of reasons I do this, ranging from wanting to hear the record again – anything I download, I know I’ll be playing more than the initial Spotify stream – to wanting to hear it in a higher quality, like FLAC.  If the digital copy is < $8, or free, I’ll chip in a few bucks on bandcamp to add it to my collection.  You get permanent access to download it at any quality, and it supports the artist for the cost of an energy drink or two.  But the icing on the cake here is that sometimes it scratches the itch of “owning” the album.  Anyone else experience this, ever?  Having it in the digital library is sometimes enough for me, especially if the entire album is not as consistent or doesn’t grow on me as much as I’d hope after 2-3 plays.

    If the album is not on bandcamp or the digital is $10+, I obtain it through less savory methods.  Because at that point, if I revisit the album and it’s just not clicking, I’ll remove it from my library [no longer in possession of it, even digitally] or I’ll move to the final phase…

    Self-explanatory.  The record has proven itself over repeat listens; the entire experience is a treat or there is a far larger portion of the album that is more enjoyable than not.  This helps filter out albums with some really nice tracks that fall short as a whole experience for me.  I won’t go into details on hunting down my preferred variant or researching to see what sounds best, but you get the idea.  Sometimes this means paying $1-7 more if I’m unsure of the album, kinda’ like it - enough to buy digitally - and then ultimately feel confident in, only to loop back and buy it through bandcamp.  (How rad would it be to receive a discount on vinyl buys through bandcamp, for the cost difference of the digital download, if you had previously purchased it digitally?)  But that’s a rarity and honestly, double-dipping on bandcamp is not something I’m going to lose sleep over.

    I feel dumb for even writing all this out because who gives a shit?  I’m sure someone will try to call it an unnecessary or elitist approach to consuming music but in a way, yeah… it touches exactly on what you called out.  I don’t buy singles and I listen to albums front to back, so they’ve got to earn their spot on the shelf.  I’m not in the business of buying stuff I’ll only play the first side of and then get bored with.  This whole process has served me well for probably a decade or more.  Just food for thought I guess.  May be fun or interesting to consider how much that varies from the overwhelming “stream culture” we face today.

  4. 4 hours ago, hallowken78 said:

    You’re thinking of me - and I’ve been a proud Soulseek user for about 3 months now!  I should get a chip or something! 

    The good ending. 👍 You’re right, it’s all coming back to me.  But… right on, that’s great to hear.

    Some folks are saying this album is bloated but I don’t know if I hear it.  It seems pretty consistent to me.  I’m also a little surprised there hasn’t been more griping of it being too “one note” or lacking spacey elements.

  5. Stings hard for anyone looking to buy some new Beatles represses or something, but I don’t know that it’s the calling card of a collapsed economy or hobby.  The shit that jumps $10+ may just gather dust on the shelf until UMG gets the hint.  Additionally, it seems to me that a lot of folks have appeared to be fine with $35 as the norm for double LPs anyway…?  It’s sad that if anything, this will just continue to fuel Amazon as the go-to for new presses of “the classics”… indie shops take the brunt of this hit.

  6. I may’ve confused you with someone else, my bad if I did.  I do think it sucks to secretly omit downloads if you’ve been offering them for years – even if they’re just printed on a little scrap of paper and redeemed through a basic downloaded online, they must figure that everyone just streams when they’re not spinning the vinyl.  I’m sure that someone in the business was hired to trim all possible fat and maximize profit margins, so switching off the servers to support downloads was likely one of the steps in doing so.

    I sympathize with where you’re coming from though, and it’s why I love buying through bandcamp unless I absolutely need a specific variant that’s not sold on there, or something.  No one bothers with digital collections anymore, it’s really sad.  (Surely you’ve heard they’re discontinuing iPod manufacturing, right?)  We are of a dying breed.  Fortunately slsk has just about everything you’d want in 320, at minimum.  99% of the time, anyway.

  7. 30 minutes ago, prowl20 said:

    It’s on soulseek currently. 

    I feel like he – or maybe another user I’m confusing him with? – has repeatedly complained about the lack of download codes in the past.  Across numerous threads, each time being met with at least one person [sometimes myself] suggesting slsk.  Teach a man to fish… only works if the man is willing to fish in the first place. 🤷‍♂️

  8. 21 minutes ago, ZeroNowhere said:

    Got this today as well.  Can’t wait to jam it tonight.  I love how they put a barcode sticker on the slip mat which left a sticky residue after peeling it off.  That was smart of them.

    They must figure no one is going to use those slipmats – they're not there for practicality so much as a means of up-charging the price of a 2LP "bundle".

  9. Some poor saps out there are going to whine that this Cave In record isn’t “dynamic” or varied enough, but the energy and riffs are simply relentless in the best way.  It’s too early to confidently gush but first impressions have me feeling like the album’s momentum stays consistent front to back… which is impressive when you consider the runtime.  I enjoy[ed] Final Transmission but this is a different kind of monster altogether.

  10. 1 minute ago, natenomm said:

    Damn, didn't know they lost the masters to the 2002 Heavy Rocks.

    Don't quote me on this but I believe I read – more than once – that they were lost in a fire.  (Maybe even the one that made headlines some years back, and destroyed a shit-ton of master tapes.)  Between that and whatever legal gridlock the album has been in, they're almost better off re-recording it note for note at this point.

    I was always skeptical that we'd ever get Flood on vinyl, so... "never say never" and all that.  But that OG Heavy is the last piece of a Boris vinyl collection that I desperately want to fill in.  Hopefully someday.

  11. If I had the malice, time, energy, and access to one of those DIY cellophane re-sealers… I would legitimately sell you a “mint” copy of that Thursday album in your wantlist.  Just throw it on Discogs with the option to take offers, and accept only yours.  It would bring me great amusement to know someone out there would be stoked to throw down ~$100 or more for a gatefold stuffed with 12” freebie fodder, and would never be the wiser.

  12. 1 hour ago, heyjoespin said:

    lol at all the salt here. Not that I have to justify anything to any of you, but for albums I love I try to own 1 of each variant. I like collecting physical music from bands that I love and I keep the majority of them sealed. Because I'm a collector. The records aren't on my wall and my better half would rather me buy her a bag. 


    Here's my discogs - 100% buyer rating, 0 seller rating because I haven't sold anything, nor do I have any intention to - https://www.discogs.com/user/heyjoespin Happy to also share my ebay account to see 100% buyer feedback, nothing sold. Or my reddit posts looking to buy records. Or search my profile here. 


    Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and did something positive! 

    No need to get extreme with it; no one is asking for a background check here.  It’s just a weird inquiry on account of a weird approach to consuming vinyl, so you’re getting to get some weird replies.

    But while we’re on the subject and I can’t be the only one who’s curious… if you keep everything sealed, how do you actually know you’re getting what you ordered?  And not the wrong variant?  Or a black copy?  Or a completely different album?  Which absolutely does happen, and has been reported by VCers over the years.

    Or that there’s no major defect like an off-center label or a record that’s scratched to hell?  Like I know you’re not playing them, but even if you’re only getting off on saying you own the vinyl, wouldn’t you want it to be playable?  And potentially sellable down the road, if you decided that you didn’t want to own multiple copies of a sealed record you’d never spin?  I’m just wondering what the endgame may be, assuming you’re not intending to be buried with a stack of records that may or may not contain the music you think they do.

  13. The bigger cringe is that our man Joe could open one and - with a pretty comfortable level of assurance - determine what the remaining sealed copy contains.  Unless you’re looking to flip both, why would anyone need 2 sealed copies of a NFG record?  I get maybe vinyl tourists and newbie collectors wanting 1 copy to frame or gift to their better half, but I’m really wondering how one may justify 2.  (Outside of eBay or Discogs resale.)

  14. 5 minutes ago, mcpherson123 said:

    I haven't listened to this in a long time but I have an original white/gray copy and always wanted to grab the original black. I remember thinking it reminded me a bit of Hum's YPAA. Will definitely grab the black one from TRR though. Glad this was cut from original tapes. I didn't realize this was a thing until I saw it on discogs with a release date of yesterday. Totally blew me away that this was in the works.


    My Maserati collection pretty much ends after Inventions For The New Season. Pyramid of The Sun just didn't do it for me and everything I've heard since that feels similarly undesirable. I have the Pyramid of The Moon 12" single but I don't even know why I got it.

    Inventions is probably my favorite Maserati record, and what got me into them to begin with.  Everything after it is certainly... different.  They're such distinct sounds, they could be released under different project names.  The first 3 LPs feel way more rooted in post-rock and the last 4 have been some blend of 70s tinged, synth heavy, vocoder-loaded dance tunes... with a smidge of post-rock passages here and there.  Quite a directional leap.  More often than not I think I'll probably favor the first half of their catalog more but I can enjoy their later sound when I'm in the right mood.

  15. This was such a good drop, alongside the Language Of Cities repress.  They were the only 2 missing from my Maserati collection.  I appreciate that they were only a month out from placing the order, instead of 8+.  I should be getting mine sometime next week, and can’t wait to throw on 37:29:24.  That I Have A Dagger, It's Shaped Like A Lightning Bolt is a top-tier Maserati track for me.


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