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  1. I went last night and don’t regret it, personally.  Totally agree that Isaac started to rattle off the rails at the end – musically he felt on point but there were probably 3 different songs where he started the wrong lyrics on a verse and had to back it up / try again.  Not a huge deal but by the end I was rooting for him just finish it out.

    ⚠️ Ignore the rest of this post if you’re not an avid Modest Mouse nerd.

    Easily the funniest moment of the night, though, was Life of Arctic Sounds as an encore.  My immediate thought when they started playing it was “oh shit.  Isaac is gonna’ have to remember lyrics and do basic math at the same time?  This can’t end well.”  And sure enough… it did not. 😂 As anyone familiar with the song can tell you, each line of the song (before the finale) is “And X-hundred miles is a [real] long drive inside a car.”  With X starting at 100, and incrementing by 100 to reach 11 hundred miles – which is decidedly too far inside a car.

    Tallying the miles and going off his vocals, I’m pretty sure he referred to;

    100 miles

    200 miles

    400 miles

    500 miles

    500 miles

    600 miles

    900 miles

    1000 miles

    1100 miles

    1200 miles – Isaac ‼️ Alert: mile capacity exceeded; what are you doing? ‼️

    And he started to keep going after that, too, but probably realized “thirteen hundred“ is too many syllables that doesn’t roll off the tongue, so he just went quiet and omitted singing during that part with the rest of the band jamming behind him.  Then the song wrapped up as normal.  I know this doesn’t read as all that funny but if you’re intimately familiar with the band’s b-sides, it was definitely a “you had to be there” kind of moment.

    Extended outro of Cowboy Dan was god-tier. I loved what they did with JCWAOC.  Lighting felt really dynamic and killer.  Got Edit the Sad Parts as an encore… honestly, there was a lot to be happy with.  I probably wouldn’t catch them on a normal / new album tour, but I’m glad I got to see them play LCW in full.  Yeah, I would’ve loved to see the original lineup play.  But the few flubs didn’t tarnish the price of admission or the drive to make it happen, for me.

  2. Reflections had way better grooves, riffs, twists, and turns with the songwriting.  Moments of it feel like it dips into the post-rock well for me and I think that’s why it clicks so nicely for my ears.

    Omens feels a little more straightforward with nods to classic prog, which is not my preferred sound at all.  For folks who dig that sound, I can see why Omens would have huge appeal.  Just my 2¢ on where I’m coming from with my previous statement.

  3. Finally got a chance to listen to this.  Amazing.  Dude is completely omitting context, and skipping right over the part where he went off the fucking deep end with comments on completely unrelated, personal IG posts outside of relevant comment threads.  Really trying to play the victim, evidently?  “Well I mean it was a snarky comment so I replied with my own sass and now I’m a bad guy? 🤷‍♂️ Why?”  Clown world.


    “So we do this.  And we release the artwork for the re-releases.  I’m super stoked on it ‘cause it’s the first time that, like, I’ve actually executed what I want the aesthetic to look like on the covers.”

    Main problem underlined for emphasis.  Maybe just acquire and execute an aesthetic that isn’t completely tepid dog-shit and you wouldn’t have this problem to begin with?  Or, I suppose, just stick with your own (gross) artistic vision on this one, and then publicly broadcast how butt-hurt you are about any kind of negative feedback.

    Yeah.  That’s the play. 🤡

  4. 14 hours ago, mitchard said:


    Yeah, those 5x5s start filling up faster than you'd expect...

    What’s the story with all the panels on the left wall?  Obviously I see the cohesive theme with them, but are they a reference to anything in particular?  Or tie into the bands in any way?  I feel like I’m completely missing something and my curiosity outweighs the risk of embarrassing myself with ignorance here.

  5. …For the initial scramble.  Some autographed or lenticular tomfoolery with no mention that a more reasonable version is a week or two away from preordering.  And perhaps even then a modest, no-frill version some months down the road.

    Or it could be a DVD with a new music video, for a song off an album that’s 16 years old.  Fully prepared for either.

  6. 2 hours ago, ethanpricington said:

    We must be about the same age because my connection to 3EB was purely off the radio hits/singles too.  And beginning in 2001 with my discovery of Linkin Park and 'heavier' music, my listening to anything my mom listened to in the 90s was immediately "boring" lol. 

    To lean even further into the Spider-Man meme here, I neglected to mention that my mom had a copy of Blue that she kept in the car with a random assortment of CDs.  It was among the ranks of Bon Jovi, Puddle of Mudd, and Three Doors Down.  Maybe a Shrek soundtrack or something in there for good measure.  Suffice to say, teenage me had automatically nope’d away from all of those for obvious reasons.  So in a way, it’s kinda’ Blue’s own fault for having so much mom appeal and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  7. 26 minutes ago, ethanpricington said:

    Also, you can count me in the minority who liked Out of the Vein in '03. I also liked a few songs from Ursa Major & Dopamine. And they're cover of Happy Diving's "10" on Thanks For Everything was the most 3EB they've sounded in a while.  

    It’s funny you mention OOTV; in the late 90s and early 00s – as a preteen – I really gravitated towards the main singles from S/T and Blue.  But this was way before I started to appreciate full albums front to back, so I never actually checked out anything else by the band.  A shame, I know.

    By 2005 I was listening to a lot of VC-core, and really deep-diving “modern” genres, labels, artists, etc.  As a 16 year-old, anything I was listening to at 11 felt prehistoric and corny.  So I didn’t revisit any 3EB for a long while.

    It wasn’t until 2011 that a [now] ex of mine was adamant that OOTV is the best 3EB album, and was still held in high regard by her.  So one shift I threw it on to soak it in, and found myself surprised at how fun it was.  It actually kind of inspired me to check out S/T and Blue, end to end.  To this day I hear the singles from those records and think of walking home from school, firing up Winamp on Windows 98 / XP, and procrastinating homework with MSN Messenger.  They’re kind of nostalgic but also kind of ugh.  I think there are far better songs on each album that I enjoy today.

    Anyway.  All this to say that I can actively enjoy those first 3 albums quite a bit today, for when that alternative / pop mood strikes.  Ironically enough I had listened to all of OOTV for the first time in a bit, on a drive this past Saturday.  It’s still a very consistent, fun album… I’m surprised it doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as the S/T or Blue.  I’d maybe argue that it’s better than the latter.

    Still haven’t even tried out Ursa Major after a decade+.  I couldn’t really tell you what I’m waiting for; maybe I assume(d) with such a large gap between it and OOTV, it must surely not hold up to the first 3 albums.  I’m not really sure.

  8. 2 hours ago, ParallelofDeath said:

    Fortunately my goals are neither ascendance nor respectability.

    Oh yeah, I didn’t figure as much.  More than ever with newer users on this forum, it’s pretty apparent who’ve been a part of this hobby and who are pandemic collectors that crawled in from Reddit.

    1 hour ago, Sad Heart said:

    They remind me a lot of Daylight / Superheaven. 

    That’s a name I haven’t seen in a minute.  VC was all aboard the Superheaven train with OIC back in the day – or so it felt like.  Even though I was never fully sold on them, just seeing the art for that album has me feeling a smidge nostalgic.

  9. Interesting dilemma.  Often times for me, adding vocals reduces the margin of error.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a new band set up a promising song before stepping up to the mic and laying down some cornball vocals or just singing with distracting pronunciation / strain.  Way too many “man this was good but now it’s kinda’ ruined” moments.

    I do think something like CODY’s sparsity or “skeletal” atmosphere contributes to its identity though.  Could really just be a case of different strokes for different folks, because Barrens’ Penumbra does little for me.  (In full transparency, I think a lot of Pelagic’s roster is a snooze these days.)

    Post-rock is a broad-enough genre that offers enough for everyone to co-exist as fans of it, but I know I’d be pretty miffed if I could only cherry-pick select cuts from various Mogwai albums.  Wishing you the best in someday figuring out the rest, if that’s in your cards.

  10. That seems like some pretty valid speculation, Gumbo.  I love me some Isis… they and Mogwai are easily in my top 10 bands and have been for a while.  Both have great discographies and while I would have loved to see Isis keep going, I will always (always) respect bands who know when to call it quits.  Even if it’s in the interest of just 1 member that consequently impacts the future of the band… I’d rather see bands leave behind a legacy of 2-3 great albums instead of “hanging in there” and phoning it in for 5+ more uninspired ones.  think it’s safe to say that we all wish our favorite bands stay active and stay consistent until the sun goes down.  The sad reality is that you usually get to pick only one of those things.

    But then there’s bands like Mogwai who somehow dodge catastrophe and stay relatively fresh as the years go on.  Did you know they lost one of their founding guitarists back in 2015?  Dude was with the band for 20 years and contributed to arguably my favorite era of Mogwai.  They could’ve crumbled without him but they’ve moved on and released some real gems in his absence.

    To answer your question, which Matt already did, I don’t think there’s any reason to sweat their webstore being sold out of YT or CODY. I’ve been seeing preorders for them all over the place but I suspect inventory isn’t super high if sites like BM sell out quickly.  Maybe get in touch with your favorite indie shop and see if they’ve got it or can order it for you.

    16 hours ago, Sad Heart said:

    I can’t express my love for HSfHP and THiH enough. 

    Yeah these are great, though I will admit they took me a bit to warm up to.  I always thought HSFHP felt a little too vocoder-heavy up until recent years.  And THIH, for as many killer songs and moments as it has, has always felt a little “off” given the soundtrack history of its origins.  It definitely works though and I do dig it… it just took me a little bit of work to accept it for what it is and where it sits in the discography.

  11. I’m not doubting or downplaying the impact of Covid on bands and the music industry by any means.  But in the past 2-3 years, I feel like State Faults is probably the only one I follow who’s been teasing a new material - either done or “so close” - that actually hasn’t delivered it, or dropped a single, or… anything.  Everyone else seems fine dropping new music with “vinyl coming later” or a 9 month PO. 🤷‍♂️ Not trying to be an asshole here, there could be a number of personal reasons preventing them from actually pulling the trigger on a new album drop.  They’ll do it when and if the time is right for them, and no amount of whining on the internet will adjust that timeline.  I get that.  Just hope they’re not waiting for some stars to align where Covid is nonexistent, all venues are open, and pressing plants are miraculously freed up with no delays, before announcing a new album or single.