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  1. Sincere question; what is the most annoying aspect of added dates? Is it feeling slighted that the band wasn’t upfront about the full touring potential? Or seeing a new date thst works better for you? To me, more dates = more band revenue = greater likelihood of more touring or new material / reissues / passion projects. Anything to keep the [fake] train chugging along – why not? I guess I would feel miffed if I paid $50 for a Thursday night show, and they added a Friday night or Saturday night right after. Because those are way more convenient to swing for obvious reasons. And I would definitely feel pretty peeved if they straight up added a smaller / closer venue as a pit stop between their sold-out shows. I’m making the trek to SF and have no problem with that, but a Sacramento show would be bliss and save me on some driving. (I just know it’s not realistic.) Fortunately my show lands on a Friday night and that couldn’t really be more ideal for my schedule, so anything else is icing on the cake. 🤷‍♂️ I get that not everyone is as nonchalant or cool with added dates though, so I was just curious.
  2. Truth be told, I’ve been able to avoid it this entire time – and may keep that streak alive if there is a repress in the works – but from what I’ve read and what I understand, it’s just a budget approach to save money and (arguably more importantly these days,) time. Instead of waiting for the exact order of colored pellets to achieve the desired variant, the plants are able to just sweep excess pellets from unrelated vinyl presses, and make them work in this “eco”[nomic] variant. This isn’t an entirely new thing though; you surely remember those “mystery color” presses that ended up being a marbled sludge / brown? They were big in the mid-late 00s but I haven’t seen them in a minute. They’re notorious for sounding like butt. Some of these eco presses resemble those, visually, but it seems like there is maybe a little more attention and though given into lumping certain pellets together… because we are seeing a variety of colors come out of it. Not just a slew of grey putty marble garbage. But of the releases featuring this eco option, I haven’t read a single review that gushes about quality. A lot of complaining (par for the course) and some comments that insist their copy is passable or acceptable. Which… when these things were like $40 to import, nah. I’m gonna’ want a little more than that. I am sure someone out there has an eco press that turned out stunning, or maybe one that’s mostly clear and sounds phenomenal or something. But it’s too much of a dice roll and I’d hate to wind up with something that is going to look whack and sound less than desirable. So I’ve been avoiding them as a rule of thumb. That’s super annoying. If you get a chance to spin it, I’d be very curious to hear what you think of the quality on yours.
  3. So what the shit even happened with this? Does anyone know? I guess it does exist but here in the US, I finally got a hold of Burnt Toast who confirmed they still don't have any of their stock, and they have no idea when they're getting it – nothing on the horizon. According to them, their allotment was lost in transit so they just gave me a refund. They did, however, say that a repress is in the works. Probably later than sooner with the state of vinyl production. I encouraged them to do literally anything other than eco / marble-mix vinyl, even if it prolongs the wait. We'll see if Burnt is able to actually pass that along to the powers that be.
  4. Sucks to hear that the Scarlette LTIY presses were so spotty. I heard a lot of people got scuffed jackets and vinyl that was less than ideal – my copy initially showed up with 2 A/Bs – but replacements sound like a success story across the board. I know my second copy plays pristine and sounds killer. I’m actually really pleased with all of the color choices. An “old school gold” would be nice for NPI, especially if they’re keeping the theme of trying to match the variant to the color of the album title. But I wanted some kind of purple for NPI and got it. Wanted some kind of murky red for LTIY and got it. Wanted something monochrome for TFOW and got it. The only thing I’d change is the Fake Train, actually – I feel like some kind of magenta or fuchsia would be so rad. The silver turned out nice and I get why they chose it… but with how similar TFOW is, a little variety would’ve been nice.
  5. I just placed a new order with both and e-mailed them to refund the previous. They're usually super quick to accommodate that kind of request... like often the next day.
  6. Yo. It definitely wasn’t available last week, great catch. Another silent color reissue – I can’t believe how quiet Numero was about the silver Fake Train, and this seems to follow suit. Damn.
  7. I’d probably feel similarly if I wasn’t so late to vinyl / Unwound in general. I own no OG copies at all, and didn’t really start collecting vinyl early enough to obtain them at a reasonable price. Anyone who’s late to the band and obsessed with colored / limited vinyl is eatin’ good as of 2021 or so.
  8. Is the coke bottle /2,000 also the standard indie variant? Bundling it at Bull Moose seems like the play to me. I’m not wild about any of the variants, but that feels clean and I always enjoy the look of a good coke bottle variant. If BM has it for $30 like WB does, it means Revolver is charging you ~$20 for black pellets. (Which may or may not be of the gross, streaky nature.)
  9. I regret not hopping on that CD set when it was wildly discounted too. I have a few family members who are very guilty of a “wow that sale is too good, I can’t afford not to scoop that up” mentality, and so I’ve always combatted that by asking myself if I actually need or will get use out of the sale in question. For CDs it’s tough to justify, but there’s no denying that was a killer value.
  10. For sure. A lot of it is the timelines, too. There’s been a slow crawl campaign for a couple of years now – as I’m sure you know – to reissue Unwound albums individually, on colored variants. It’s been such a trickle but really cool to follow, especially since many of us never really expected to see their catalog pop up on colored vinyl in the first place. Like you said though, that’s night & day different from CH dropping an overpriced boxset of TMV’s catalog, using tricky verbiage to imply it’ll never be manufactured again (the box, that is). Then releasing everything individually, on black vinyl. And then releasing 2-3 colored variants for each of those, months later. I feel like all of that went down in the span of a year? And what’s worse is that CH absolutely refused to answer questions about colored vinyl coming down the pipeline, which is super shitty. Compare that to Numero, who were not at full liberty to divulge details of what they had in the works, last year, but were still able to tease colored reissues for LTIY and future Unwound records without spilling too many beans. Great example / contrast, for sure.
  11. Same here, especially with how encompassing it is. I’m glad it’s OOP (to my knowledge) so I’m not as tempted. As streaming takes more of a monopoly on the way the world consumes music, I’ve gotten more and more serious about having FLAC rips of the music that matters most to me. Having a flawless rip on hand at any point is really enticing, but I also know that it would probably just collect dust until I “needed it”, since I hardly ever spin CDs these days. It’d also open a can of worms in trying to back up the rest of my library with CDs over time, too… as if I didn’t spend enough on music already.
  12. I suppose we may have wavering opinions of what “taking advantage of the fans” actually entails. Keeping stuff in print is really cool, especially when you price it reasonably. I have friends who’ve wanted to own Fake Train without the extra content from Rat Conspiracy – which is bizarrely overpriced on the aftermarket – and before this 2022 press, your best bet was a 2017 repress which was starting to climb up in price. I hardly think it’s scummy of Numero to reissue it on colored vinyl, 5 years later. Compare that to someone like Newbury who seem to price their exclusive based on the OOP aftermarket value established today [“yeah $40 MSRP for a single LP is high but it beats $100 on Discogs, right?”]. Or who also press 800, sell 700, and “find a box” of 100 to sell for double the original MSRP, later on in the same year. To me, that is infinitely scuzzier. tl;dr I’m not sure Numero is actually doing anything, really, to vilify here. There was probably not enough interest to justify colored variants for Unwound vinyl in the early 00s. The individual box sets could’ve been colored and that’d be cool, but I think their presentation and content offer up enough for fans to double-dip. At least this way, the catalog is staying fresh and in print, and reaching a wider audience at a fair price. The ol’ “black vinyl first, color vinyl later” sale approach is so tried-and-true at this point. I half expect to see (and re-buy) anything in my collection that I currently own on black wax, at some point, on a colored variant. Even stuff I’m convinced will never get reissued or see the variant treatment.
  13. This checks out. If there’s one thing I can confirm – generalization be damned – it’s that ~85% of Discord moderators are mouth-breathers with little else to control in their lives. I don’t actively participate in them, myself, but just lurking and reading stories… the drama and pettiness seems to be unrivaled compared to any other platform I interact with.
  14. There’s a few of us with that problem. MyEnemy would be in the same boat, I’m sure. There’d have to be some real bells and whistles to make me prioritize it though, especially since that kind of theoretical package would not be cheap.
  15. “This record is meant to be considered a piece of art more than an audio recording. Because of how it was pressed [it] will not sound as good as the other variants. There are no returns for this release. Limited to: 50” I’m sure some goober will have a great time unboxing it for an obscure YouTube channel, but even as an ~art piece~, no one is going to frame this thing or show it off as a talking point outside of having it in their Discogs collection or Instagram feed. Not knocking Geoff for making that money - especially since it costs more to print these kind of variants in the first place - but it really feels like a $75+ token for someone who absolutely needs you to know they’re a bigger Thursday fan than you are.
  16. We're so close to finally having a full colored set for the main albums, too. Just need the S/T, TFOW, and – my most anticipated – NPI. Having the boxes on top of colored LPs is more than enough to be content, but I still don't trust myself if a full discography box ever surfaced. You'd have to squeeze blood from the stone to find some extra content that isn't already on those box series – maybe some unreleased songs that still haven't seen the light of day? – but if the presentation was tops, I'd probably be inclined to go in for it. Maybe. I'm way happy with all the options we have thus far though.
  17. The emphasis on live footage and shot of the van really sells me on a tour announcement. It’s tough to imagine it could be anything else. I can’t imagine them writing brand new material without Vern, but who knows. Hopefully we’ll get some more info soon.
  18. Posted to all socials today. I know not everyone has IG or FB, but this link should work: Let the speculation commence.
  19. I want to grab that Excelsis but I’m so iffy about “mixed color” vinyl. It sounds like it could be the same thing as that trash “eco vinyl”, which is just leftover color pellets at a discounted price to the plants. I haven’t seen a single good review for any record pressed with that approach. The label themselves weren’t able to confirm if it’s the same thing or not, which bodes well. 👍
  20. The potential is there but I just feel like labels (or plants, more specifically) haven’t totally figured out how to make it work. Until technology can suspend and play a record in midair, in front of a light source… the whole “at least it looks cool held up to a light” means very little to me, personally. A clear acrylic platter with some LED lights behind it would seem a bit more grounded with the reality or timeline I’m on, but also kinda’ spendy just for extra vinyl aesthetic while it spins. Ah well, guess I’ll just whine about it instead. Excited for a new HF album all the same.
  21. With the “Gospel” text horizontally flipped and the label’s logo in the bottom corner, I’m pretty sure the inverted art you’re seeing is just the back of the jacket. Matches up with any other mock-up on their website, too.