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  1. Perfect timing – just today VMP announced that despite all the headaches and issues with GZ – who handled De-Loused – they'll actually be using that plant even more, going forward. 👍
  2. Damn, is there any mention of how limited that fanclub version is? I'll definitely be setting an alarm for 5 AM – actually works out great with my company's half-day Fridays – but unless I'm mistaken, this is the first time they've announced a set time for a -nyd- drop... and they usually sell out pretty quick as is. I'd have to imagine it's a small run if TMR cared enough ask for their copies back. Will probably be about $70 PPD, too. 😕 It's a good thing it's after Payday, I think there's a few things I'd potentially like to snag while I'm at it.
  3. I love a colorway that can accent the album art (or packaging) without jeopardizing sound quality, but yeah, I hear you on that. As years have gone on, I've found myself drawn to more subtle variants. Just gimme' 1 color on translucent vinyl that works well with the center labels / compliments the cover, and I'm quite happy.
  4. There’s like 1-3 of us who are over splatters. I’m just vocal about it.
  5. June 10th is closer to a 6 month PO than the usual 8-9 months we've been seeing. Half a year still sucks, and I'm not trying to dismiss the whole "just wait until release date is around the corner" approach, but it's worth noting that June 2022 is still closer than a lot of POs offer up these days. I'd love for the ~9 month waits to be behind us but that's probably being too optimistic at the moment.
  6. Speak for yourself – or general VC I guess – but I suspect a lot of folks here do catch those releases, and just don’t bother creating new threads or bumping ones that are 5-10 years old. I know I’ll often catch new drops before they’re posted here or on that sub, just from following bands and labels on social media. Since I don’t feel like I especially share a lot of musical ground with VC these days, I tend to just text the friends those releases apply to, assuming they’re not already on the ball or even more privy to drops. Makes way more sense than creating a thread in hopes they’ll see it in time. Plus I figure we already have one bot regurgitating links and Twitter updates all day – no need to saturate. tl,dr; social media was a mistake but using it to follow bands and labels almost makes it redeemable. Facebook, IG, and Twitter notably. They’re excellent sources for pre-orders and even announcements of upcoming pre-order windows, but I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re already well aware.
  7. Post a link to your collection, Boaty. Curiosity has been piqued.
  8. Yeah, the Chrome plug-in that enhances Discogs in general, with the dark theme just being icing on the cake. They could (should) just have little colored nodes or icons alongside the actual variant color name – separate from the rest of the descriptors. No one cares that something is etched when they’re trying to locate a specific variant and they’re all etched.
  9. 😎 I do agree it's due for a facelift. Especially when trying to access your variant in a slew of listed colors, and trying to guess based off descriptors that are cut off; "Ltd, S/Sided, Etch, Opa" is hardly helpful.
  10. Yup. It was somewhere around that part of the post where it became obvious that they shouldn't be taken seriously – and for their own sake, should probably have public posting access revoked.
  11. Oh, I seldom trust random Reddit rants, especially when we have no idea what their audio setup is. I was speaking more towards their disappoint with the actual packaging and presentation.
  12. I misspoke and it was actually 2016 that featured the Newbury exclusive. Can’t believe it’s been that long. All variants have been great for this reissue over the years, too, and it looks like that trend is continued. You certainly won’t regret it. I’m not one to jump aboard the “remaster” hype train every time it rolls into the station, but YFM’s was tastefully handled. It sounds way more massive without losing its sludgy character. Good buy, you’ll be pleased.
  13. Can’t please everyone but this person seems remarkably underwhelmed with the end product.
  14. The remaster is phenomenal and well worth your time to check out. Newbury’s was part of the first press of this reissue – back in 2018. I think these handful of new variants are all we’re getting for now.
  15. That’s cool and all if that’s a principle artists want to apply to their music, but I’ve found that 99% of them eventually go back on that idea, because money. Life happens, expenses happen – I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard an artist or label say that there are zero plans to ever repress a certain album, only to see it as a limited drop or RSD exclusive within 2-5 years. Bootleg markets – especially those priced this excessively – are everything wrong with modern vinyl though. Someone in another thread speculated that the kind of music that gets posted on VC – shit from the last 30 years, colored vinyl, limited editions – are more or less the NFTs of music enthusiasts. That seems exemplified with boots. These are all sourced from MP3s and can sound serviceable at best… but jokes aside, you can legitimately stream the same music at 320 or even 192 kbps, while simultaneously playing a YouTube video of “Vinyl Crackle Sound FX”, and you’re going to get the same result. From a listening perspective, it’s a total meme to willingly pay $70 for this junk. What that leaves is the satisfaction people get from having the spine of this record visible on their shelf. Or the option to have it framed, I suppose. Or the opportunity to snap a photo of it for Instagram (perhaps alongside the more affordable albums in the band’s discography) to larp as a devout fan and flex a complete collection, I guess. “But OG copies are $600. I’m not paying that.” Then don’t, as you shouldn't. Anyone who has been collecting vinyl for more than 6-7 years is probably aware of how everything eventually gets a reissue or repress. There’s been stuff that I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined would get repressed; albums from bands who’ve been defunct for 10+years, with labels no longer in business, and seemingly no demand to have the music pressed again. Patience is a virtue, etc. I would rather have a gap where that album will eventually go, than a garbage copy that “sounds okay” as MP3s on wax. But I’m me and you’re you. Maybe I value shelf space more than you do. Maybe $70 means more to me and the new releases I buy than it does to you and the prospect of saying you can finally own something that resembles a coveted album. People buy pastries with the sole intent of sitting on them and ripping ass so who am I to say what the world should or should not be spending money on at the of the day?
  16. Even as a fan of instrumental bands, I would be so annoyed if I bought tickets for a full band show and the vocalist was just not available. It's surprising to me that they're not cancelling and refunding tickets, but I guess the rest of the band needs to put food on the table? This all feels like it's right on the heels of someone – or multiple people – coming out with claims of sexual misconduct against Keith. Cut ties and create space as early as possible for damage control.
  17. Especially since with those 2, you no longer even have to interact with anyone to get a cancellation through. But for your Contortionist PO, how far out was the delivery date from the time of ordering? If it was more than a month and a half, you could have definitely responded to their refund-denial with "Okay thanks anyway. " and then opened up a Paypal claim after 45 days. They'd have no choice. If copies were immediately shipping though, that's another story, and there's not much more you could do if they said nope.
  18. Spied this on Reddit earlier; looks like TBIITO isn't far off now. Hopefully it gets paired with at least 1 more album to save on shipping with these reissues. Someone in the thread also confirmed with Polyvinyl that they'll be doing their own exclusives for each reissued album, too. You'll want to hit up both Numero and PV when they start popping up, to either decide on your preferred color [or to grab both].
  19. I'm sure you're both aware of it but Bull Moose, Zia, and Rough Trade – probably others out there, too – do not charge until they ship, and are 1-click cancellations so long as you check out while logged in, and not as a guest. If I'm unsure about whether or not I'll truly keep a PO, I try to order through one of them just for the sake of convenience. When it comes to smaller labels who rely on selling all copies of a product, I understand that cancellations are kind of shitty. I definitely take an apologetic tone to the e-mail and ask for a refund – not demand one – which is a big part of why my few experiences have been pleasant, I imagine. But I also think that if a seller is stubborn or aggressively denying your request, you can probably get a Paypal refund if it's been months. Given the nature of POs these days, I always try to use Paypal so long as the release date isn't 6+ months out. Their refund policy is bulletproof if things ever get nasty – if you don't have the product in hand after something like 45 days, the claim / refund goes in your favor, no further questions needed.
  20. Why not just cancel the order? Do you feel bad or something? I don't know if it's frowned upon, but on the very rare occasion that happens, I've had 0 issues sending a friendly e-mail to the label or web-store and asking for a cancellation. It makes more sense to me to have them re-list it (if it's sold out), offering up my reserved copy to someone who may enjoy it more and can now buy it as MSRP. Versus me having to up-charge on Discogs or something just to break even, months later. From a label owner's perspective I guess I could see how it'd be frustrating to issue refunds left and right, but I think I've cancelled 1 or 2 POs at most in the last year.
  21. Really though, they seem to be in the tradition of releasing a run of < 200, pricing it at $40+ PPD, and dropping it before sunrise in California. None of which are particularly convenient. Looking forward to having a break next year.

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